15 Paint Shades That Won't Overwhelm A Small Laundry Room

When you give your small laundry room a bit of a makeover, you might consider how to organize it to make use of the compact area and may even want to feng shui the space. On top of that, you'll surely want to pick out an ideal paint color. While you want to choose a hue that's on the lighter side so that it doesn't make your room look smaller, it turns out that paint can affect the space in other ways. Athena Calderone, interior designer and founder of Eyeswoon, explained that paint is "one of the tools I use often to add contrast, depth, and texture, especially in a diminutive space."

Beyond that, when it comes to a laundry room, you may want to opt for a shade similar or identical to one that's been used in a common area that's not the main living space, such as the hall or a foyer, according to Andrew Picone Painting & Paperhanging, Inc. You could also find inspiration in the colors found in your laundry room's counters, cabinets, or floor. If you need ideas that are a little more specific, apparently, natural tints like blue, green, light brown, and tan can create a serene vibe, while using monochromatic colors is another way to make the room look bigger. While that might have sparked a few ideas already, be sure to check out the following paint shades that will look super stylish but won't overwhelm a small laundry room.

1. Classic white

Using classic white paint in your laundry room is a great choice if you want a crisp and clean space. It will also help make the small area look bigger than it would if you were to choose something darker. If you want to dress it up, you can opt for some colorful accents or patterned flooring.

2. Very light gray

With the same brightening effect as white paint, a very light gray will look just as good in your small laundry room but add a little more character to the space. While you could pick out a light shade that has a touch of a blue tone, you could also consider one that's a little rosy.

3. Pale sand

Think of a beach with the smoothest, softest sand, and you might envision a color like the one used in this small space. A wonderfully relaxing option that can be enhanced by wood details and pretty plants, it might also help to hide the occasional splash or stain that ends up on your wall while doing laundry.

4. Icy blue

Anyone who lives in a place where it gets cold will know that winter can bring out stunning colors like this icy blue. A shade that's light but not bright, it's a color that you might also find in a fresh pool of water and gives off a squeaky-clean vibe that's perfect for a small laundry room.

5. Smoky light green

If you like the idea of a color that is light but not too bright, then you might adore this stunning shade of smoky green. A color that embraces a natural tone that is both chic and calming, it's a fabulous choice for a laundry room that has anything from a modern look to a bohemian vibe.

6. Deep greige

Taking all the benefits of cool gray color and warming it up by adding a touch of beige, this shade of deep greige is a little darker than others. While that might make you a little wary of using it in a small laundry room, it's still light enough to keep the space from looking too cramped.

7. Soft lavender

Make your little laundry room a peaceful place to get a few chores done, along with being a pretty space, by choosing this shade of soft lavender. While it will add a light hint of color to the small area, it can also work with a charming country style or cute contemporary aesthetic.

8. Light brown

The light brown that's been used in this space is a safe yet sophisticated choice. In this small laundry room, the color has been enhanced by cupboard doors and window frames in light-colored wood. That's not to mention the granite countertop with brown flecks and tiles on the floor that are also shades of brown.

9. Pale sunny yellow

If you have a larger laundry room, you might want to choose a vibrant sunny yellow that will brighten up your mood whenever you wash your clothes. However, if your space is a tad small, then this pale sunny yellow shade might suit the room a little better.

10. Light pink

While you might think of pink as a color that suits a princess' bedroom, it can also be a fabulous choice for your small laundry room. An ideal color to reinforce an existing sweet style, it could also act as the main visual interest in an area that you don't want cluttered with décor.

11. Baby blue

Baby blue is a color that will boost your mood and keep you calm as you try to track down the socks that go missing when you do laundry. A fantastic choice for a home that boasts bright colors in bigger rooms, this shade is a fun option that will in no way overpower a small space.

12. Subtle tan

Another classic option for your laundry room, tan is both a practical and stylish choice, especially for a smaller space. While it will prevent any dirt from standing out, it will also help make the area feel comfortable and open. Pair it with white appliances and a wicker basket to keep things even lighter.

13. Light salmon

Opting for orange paint might be a bit of a bold choice for a small laundry room. Instead, try something with the same vibe, but that's much less in-your-face, like a light salmon. With a relatively pale orange base, this shade is softened with the help of a hint of pink.

14. Toned-down turquoise

Turquoise might not be a color that you thought of using on your walls; however, it can make a big impact in a small space. When it comes to using this hue in a tiny laundry room, it might be best to use a toned-down version alongside white or silver appliances and lighter details to keep things bright.

15. Light mint green

This minty green paint will add a fresh flavor to your laundry room. A natural shade that will look amazing in a space where you can find minimalist décor and perhaps a few unique (and useful) plants, it can add just the right amount of flair to a small area.