3 Colors Fall Decor Is Revolving Around

One of the best parts about interior design and home décor is the abundance of options in both accents and color palettes. While once autumn revolved around oranges, yellows, and reds, as the years pass on, people are experimenting with their colors, veering away from the traditional collections. This makes decorating for the holidays even more fun and allows you to play with everything from blankets and pillows to ornaments and exterior additions.

Fall 2022 is seeing a variety of hues and tones outside the norm, and these include some unusual choices that might not have crossed your mind. Adding these in with more traditional sets can make them pop, or you can opt to decorate with the new palette instead, leaving out colors that would normally appear. According to Fashion Network, this year's palette is leaning heavily into a retro vibe, but you'll also notice designers using bright pops of color to contrast and compliment the muted earth tones. Combining these will definitely create an eye-popping décor scheme, so don't be afraid to test your boundaries.

1. Sage green

Sage green has long been a coveted color in home décor and design, but it is making a big debut in fall themes this year. Whether it's adding small ornaments that feature the moody shade or plants that feature this tone, bringing it in for your seasonal change is sure to create a unique vibe. Because it is a more muted color, it can match well with oranges, reds, yellows, and browns, but it also goes nicely with neutrals. So if you tend to prefer subtle aesthetics, this option is a great one for bringing in the spirit of autumn without going over the top.

Olive tones are also ideal for this color scheme if you want to play with the earthy green palette. According to Shutterstock, they are chic and stylish but also bring a natural feel into any room, keeping it grounded. Combine several shades of moodier greens to create a welcoming autumnal vibe that can last through the winter, too. What could be better than getting to enjoy your décor longer?

2. Raspberry

Red is a fairly standard color to use in a fall décor scheme, but exploring different shades might transform your home this coming season. Framboise or raspberry is a warm tone that adds a brighter pop of color without feeling too summery. Even though it leans more into a pink shade than red, it can easily be combined with burnt oranges and deep purples to make it less "Barbie-based" and subtler. Darker hues are reminiscent of autumn, and this deeper color strays far enough away from being too jewel-toned.

Pink has actually become more popular in fall interior design over the past few years, with stores like Walmart and Target offering everything from pink pumpkins to raspberry throws and candles. According to The Mood Guide, cottagecore themes are taking over the orange, yellow, and reds that usually dominate this season. You don't have to give yourself an ultimatum, either. You can easily use a little of everything; just stick to shades that compliment one another, like raspberry and plum, rather than going with a super light pink and a bright yellow scheme.

3. Soft neutrals

Neutrals have long held court in nearly every interior design theme in some form or another. As a result, these shades likely already appear in your home décor, be it a white or beige wall, a simple throw blanket, or a tan basket. This fall, however, they are making a big debut, coming out to play more and more. Incorporating everything from beige and tan to even subtle browns is the ideal way to create a classic, chic aesthetic that also feels very autumnal.

Using neutrals in a space helps soften it, making it feel welcoming and approachable. Combining these with brighter, more intense colors is a great way to balance them out, but you can also just go with a completely neutral theme, too. According to Maison de Cinq, incorporating these shades is relatively simple and can come in the form of small, white pumpkins or wicker baskets. Use pampas grass in vases, and opt for white floral bouquets that feature wood accents for a stylish, elegant touch.