The One Fall Decor Element People Can't Live Without - Exclusive Survey

After a smoldering summer, the cooling and changing rhythms of September and October bring excitement. For fall fanatics, sweater weather should have a place on the calendar next to the return of pumpkin spice and pick-your-own-apples. Oktoberfest and Halloween loom jubilantly large. As a runner-up only to our home's festooning for the glittery winter holidays, fall decor is perhaps the seasonal decorating we most look forward to. Inspired by nature and its bounty of satisfying color and texture, these elements bring a little of the outdoors to our indoor spaces and increase curb appeal.

The Glamour Nest calls seasonal decorating an act of love; it makes memories, marks the passage of time, and creates a sense of wonder within our daily environment. And it can be budget-friendly too; many items can be foraged or repurposed. Branches dotted with berries, acorns, or colorful leaves contribute an organic component to indoor bouquets, while produce provides gorgeous hues and diverse textures for the kitchen table. Ruby and sepia pears, pumpkins and squashes, or a mix of apple varieties look, smell, and taste scrumptious. Outside, colorful autumn annuals impart new life to flagging gardens and landscapes.

With such an abundance of amazing options, we were curious; How does everyone most love to decorate for this season? House Digest conducted a survey of 612 people and asked them which type of fall decor is their absolute favorite. Here's what we found on the subject.

There are only winners in fall decor

After 612 people were polled, decorative linens received the least votes at 4.74%. However, it should not be forgotten that textiles are an effective means of adding warmth, color, and pattern. A tablecloth, runner, and napkins are sure ways to layer in texture and rich colors that complement the mood (and food) of the season. Furthermore, linens help protect the tabletop and can last for years. Parachute recommends a neutral palette where tones can be combined and serve as a base for accent colors as a way to decorate your outdoor tables for autumn.

Festive wreaths make a wonderful and welcoming first impression for visitors, yet were rated near the bottom with 7.35%. Don't count wreaths out though; they're a simple DIY project and can be crafted to match your front door color or decor theme. A fabric bow will tie in hues and patterns appearing on the home's porch or exterior, while dried corn, feathers, and faux fruit are stunning add-ons for a fall wreath.  

The next choice for our respondents jumped drastically to 17.16% (105 of 612 polled), and that is the art of putting out pumpkins everywhere. Who can argue with that? Found in several shades and sizes, pumpkins are an economical and powerful fall decoration that connect us to the season with their harvest and rustic presence.

Most people fall for this nature-inspired element

Vibrant plantings look spectacular with the changing leaves and bold blue skies of autumn. They elevate our outdoor areas, beckoning us to stay for just a little longer. Perhaps that, and a love of gardening was the reason 111 respondents stated seasonal plants like mums are their top preference for fall decor. Costa Farms suggests fall annuals such as asters, celosia, and flowering kale. Feature them in containers and along borders for a pop of color and cheer. 

Scented Candles, with 21.9%, of the vote, were the penultimate favorite among people surveyed. The flickering flame contributes soft lighting and a sense of hygge (or coziness) and romance. Furthermore, scented candles add to feelings of serenity through aromatherapy. Young Living notes that clove, cinnamon, patchouli, and cedarwood, among others, are ideal accompaniments to the fall season.

Finally, over 30% of participants said colorful leaves were their number one fall decor choice. Similar to pumpkins and other natural elements, a variety of shapes and colors, from saturated to subtle, make leaves a perennial favorite. Plus, there are several methods for incorporating them, including in vases, garlands, and wreaths. They can be displayed alone or combined with additional flowers and greenery. Fall is synonymous with fleeting colorful leaves, so it's no surprise they're such inspiration.