What Is Stoneform Flooring?

There is something special about hardwood floors, including their texture and the beautiful wood grain. They may add value to the home but sometimes come with a few significant drawbacks. According to Moisture Meter Experts, some of those concerns include gapping, buckling, and crowning, often caused by excessive moisture under the floorboards. Even if you manage to keep the floor materials under dry, there's the need to deal with scuffs and nicks in the wood. But also, since they tend to be a valuable investment, you don't want to replace them very often.

You may be looking for an alternative, a flooring material that may have more resilience built into it that can look great and last longer doing so. There is a wide range of options on the market today, and many of them can give you the look of a wood floor. However, one of the options you may wish to consider is called stoneform.

How does this flooring work?

Stoneform is a type of alternative wood product, one that can provide you with the look and feel of hardwood floors that you want, but a lot less of the hard work that goes into them. Becki Owens, who recently launched a line of stoneform flooring through Hewn flooring, says that these products are more resilient, but they are also quite affordable.

There are numerous things that stand out about this product. First, they look a lot like traditional wood floors in function and feel. What makes them different isn't the long, wide planks but the durability and design that is built into them. In fact, they are built mostly from stone rather than wood. Stepping on them, you wouldn't know it, though, as the flooring is supple and comfortable like most wood products. Ultimately, these floors tend to offer a number of core benefits other types don't.

Will this product work for you?

Stoneform is made up of 70% limestone and 30% virgin PVC. According to Becki Owens, that makes them a mixture of natural stone and a plastic-like material. The use of this type of flooring material can offer a number of benefits, including a very stable and durable surface that is not likely to suffer from dings or damage from dropping an object. It feels soft and more like wood than stone, but cleaning it requires just a bit of water and a mop rather than polish and wax, like you would need with some woods.

To achieve these benefits — which might seem to be impossible for one product to have — stoneform has a wear layer on the uppermost surface. This layer isn't noticeable to the eye, but it does create a level of protection from the dog's nails, dents from the kid's toys, and normal wear and tear. That's what helps this type of product stand out over hardwood floors, so you might want to consider it when it comes to your home's flooring.