20 Bathrooms With Inspiring Light Fixtures

Lighting, while sometimes overlooked, is an important design feature in any room — even the bathroom. While some may consider bathroom lighting to be an afterthought, this design choice can make a huge statement in your space. Whether you add smaller pendants or a large chandelier, any type of lighting will change the atmosphere in your bathroom.

Digs Talk says that chandeliers are best used in larger bathrooms with high ceilings, while pendants can work in rooms of just about any size. Adding interesting lighting can make your area feel more sophisticated and add a sense of personality it may lack otherwise. Additionally, adding a feature that matches the style of the rest of your room is important. Chandeliers are typically placed either above the bathtub or in the center of the room, while pendants are usually placed on either side of the vanity.

If you're considering adding a light fixture to your bathroom, below are 20 styles you could choose from.

1. Delicate appearance

Choosing a light fixture with many different hanging pieces will provide a delicate appearance. The above large chandelier looks perfect in the rustic and bohemian space. 

2. Farmhouse feel

To create a farmhouse feel, choose lighting with a criss-crossed design and wooden elements. Because the rest of the room is neutral, the above piece acts as a focal point. 

3. Elegant chandelier

For a more glamorous look, choose a chandelier with clear crystal pieces. This piece looks great with the tufted ottoman and the large white bathtub. 

4. Traditional appearance

If you're going for a more traditional look, pick a chandelier with a darker color and a candle-like appearance.

5. Modern style

Lighting fixtures made from metal materials with a simple design will give your space a modern look. This round piece works perfectly above the unique round bathtub. 

6. Unique design

If you want a design that really stands out, choose one that's extra distinctive, like the above cluster of round, clear bulbs. 

7. Crystal details

Any chandelier that's mostly made out of crystal details will provide a luxurious and modern look. To include a larger light fixture on a lower ceiling, you could install a tray ceiling. 

8. Bohemian look

Woven chandeliers will provide your space with a bohemian look, especially when your bathroom is also filled with lots of plants. 

9. Cozy design

If you like the bohemian look but want a more simple design, choose a smaller, light tan piece that appears woven. 

10. Exposed bulbs

Exposed bulbs on either side of your vanity will give your space a modern look with an industrial flare. 

11. Whimsical pendants

These whimsical pendants give this space a softer and more dynamic look without making a huge statement. If you want to add subtle interest, take a tip from the above space and add pendants that match the background but still add texture. 

12. Chic black

For a chic and sophisticated look, add black pendants above the vanity. Placing both pendants on the same side of the mirror will provide your space with an asymmetrical design. 

13. An art piece

Lighting doesn't only have to be used for practical purposes; it can also become an art piece and focal point in the bathroom. The above lighting fixture adds interest above the bathtub. 

14. Luxurious sculpture

The above modern piece looks like a luxurious sculpture that adds lots of character to the space. This small style would be great to add to a cramped bathroom as it wouldn't appear too oversized. 

15. Floral-inspired style

For an extra-unique appearance, choose a piece that's inspired by something you enjoy. For instance, someone who loves gardens or flowers would adore the floral piece above. 

16. Bird cage-esque

The above lighting fixture is another farmhouse design that looks more like a bird cage. It provides the space with extra character and really brings in the farmhouse style. 

17. Cloud chandelier

Another unique design you could choose is a cloud chandelier. This will make your bathroom feel cozy and comfortable. 

18. Industrial pendants

To add the industrial style to your bathroom, utilize pendants with exposed light bulbs and dark metals.

19. Round globe

A round globe will add a softer look to your space. If your bathroom is mostly cool-toned with straight lines, this will provide your bathroom with some cozy warmth. 

20. Glamorous gold

Pendants with gold hardware will give your bathroom a more glamorous look. To make your space appear cohesive, include gold hardware and faucets.