60 Benches You Can Use As Seating In Your Dining Room

Benches are instrumental pieces of furniture in a number of areas in the home. In the entryway, benches can be used for storage. In the bedroom, they can look great when placed at the end of the bed. They can also create a cozier and more functional space beside the bathtub when used in the bathroom.

Benches can also be used for additional seating in the dining room. According to Arrow Furniture, these seating options create a less cluttered appearance and are sometimes a helpful way to store items. For those who live in small homes, benches are also fantastic space-saving solutions, as they may take up less room than traditional chairs. Not only that, but because benches come in countless design options, they are also a great way to bring out your desired style. If you're thinking about adding a bench to your dining room, below are attractive options you could choose from. 

1. Modern wood

Because almost every dining room table is made of timber, a common bench material is also wood. The above space looks modern, with clean lines and a simple design. 

2. Raw wood finish

You could choose a table and bench duo with raw wood to give your space more character. 

3. Wraparound design

If you'd rather the bench be placed in the corner, you could choose one that wraps around the wall. This will provide additional seating and make your space feel homier. 

4. Cozy appearance

While wooden benches look beautiful, they're not always the most comfortable. Add a cushion and a soft covering to create a cozy feel and appearance. 

5. Warm wood tone

In a cool-toned space, warm dining room furnishings can give the room a more dynamic appearance. The above furniture stands out against the muted walls and dark flooring. 

6. Pop of color

An open floor plan is a great way to connect two spaces using the same accent color. The above area matches the blue dining room bench with the living room couch. 

7. Mismatching table and bench

If you already have a dining room table and are adding a bench, don't feel they need to match perfectly. In the above space, the bench has a warmer wood tone than the table, but the room still looks cohesive. 

8. Rugged farmhouse style

Benches are a great addition to any farmhouse-styled room. The above-rugged farmhouse room has two wooden and white benches that add character to the space. 

9. Long benches

Long benches will be able to accommodate many guests and will give your dining room a simplistic appearance. Since so many people can fit on each bench, you might not even need chairs on the two ends of the table. 

10. Focal point

Choosing a bench that stands out, like one with a high back or one that's been painted a fun color, will make it the focal point in your dining room. 

11. Built-in design

Built-in benches in the dining room give the space a more purposeful appearance that will cater to your needs. You can also add throw pillows to these large benches to make them more comfortable. 

12. Moody leather

A leather bench will add a little dash of moodiness to a lighter space, as it does in the dining room above. The dark wood table and chairs really stand out against the warm wood floors and white walls. 

13. Glamorous farmhouse

If you love the farmhouse style but don't want your home to appear rustic, you could create a more glamorous appearance. Do this by mixing pure white elements, like the bench above, with tan upholstered chairs and warm wood features. 

14. Cozy dining nook

If you live in a small home, perhaps your dining room is crammed into the corner. If that's the case, you could surround your table with built-in benches that conserve space.

15. Elegant farmhouse bench

This farmhouse bench has an upholstered top and intricate details on the legs, and it would be a great addition to any dining room setup. 

16. Mixing and matching

You can mix and match many different furniture pieces to create an eclectic appearance. The above space uses primarily neutral colors and has two matching armchairs but a table and bench that don't perfectly match. It's cohesive but still very interesting. 

17. Nautical feel

If you have a beachy and airy home, create a nautical feel by adding light-colored benches to a wooden dining room table. 

18. Woven texture

Some benches have a woven cover on top that provides the space with a more interesting texture and makes the bench feel more comfortable. 

19. Glamorous upholstered

An upholstered bench, especially one with a button-tufted top, will give your dining room a luxurious and glamorous appearance. 

20. Country whitewashed

Choosing a whitewashed table and chairs will give your space a country feel. You could add subtle color through the walls or the cushions, as in the above dining room. 

21. A fun color

Painting a dining room table and bench furniture set a fun color will make your space feel cohesive while infusing personality.

22. Benches and stools

Instead of pairing your bench with another bench or armchair, you could pair it with a set of stools. 

23. Luxurious look

Long wooden benches with installed leather cushions will appear luxurious, especially surrounding a large, dark wood table. 

24. New and fresh

The above white and tan upholstered bench would give any dining room set up a new and fresh look. 

25. Wooden bench with a back

You could choose a design with a back to provide more support for your guests.

26. Mixing styles

There are plenty of ways to mix styles in a dining room. The above space combines an airy, farmhouse feel via the table and bench with a more modern appearance (as seen in the black velvet chairs). The result is a very dynamic design. 

27. Rustic wood

Rustic wood has many different tones and appears rugged. The above table is surrounded by benches and stools of all different wood tones. 

28. Traditional style

Choosing a large table, chairs, and a bench made of warm redwood will give your dining room a traditional feel. 

29. Juxtaposing with different styles

The above dining room creates juxtaposition by mixing a rustic dark wood table with an upholstered glam bench and plastic chairs. 

30. Individual cushions

To designate seating areas on a bench, you could place multiple cushions along the surface, keeping the bench from getting too overcrowded during dinnertime. 

31. Scandinavian-style bench

A Scandinavian bench will add an airy and sophisticated feel to your dining room. The above seater has a muted wood tone and pure white cushions. 

32. Whimsical metal

Choosing benches with a whimsical metal design and a fun upholstered pattern will give your dining room a unique look. 

33. Maximizing space

Long benches will maximize the space around your dining room table. You could make them more comfortable by placing a soft cushion along each one. 

34. Bohemian flare

Choosing a bench with light-colored wicker will give your space a bohemian feel, especially with other light wood elements. 

35. Skinny design

A skinny bench can be a great space-saving solution for small dining rooms. If the bench is smaller than the table, it could even be tucked underneath to save even more space. 

36. Industrial style

Choose a bench with metal legs and a wooden top to give your dining room an industrial flare. If you have a huge table, you could place multiple benches on one side. 

37. Outdoor rustic

Choose a table and chairs made of wooden logs and a metal frame to create a rustic outdoor dining room setup. 

38. Two storage benches

If you're limited on the dining room or kitchen storage space, you could choose to add built-in benches with lifting tops. These could hold tablecloths, napkins, small appliances, dishes, or anything else. 

39. Simplistic wooden design

This simple wooden table with two matching benches would add a natural feel to just about any home style. 

40. Industrial style bench

Industrial benches typically have a metal bottom and a wooden top. This bench could be added to a dining room setup to give it a more sophisticated look. 

41. Mixing wood tones

Mixing different wood tones always add interest to a dining room's design. The above room has a lightwood bench, medium wood chairs, and a black-painted table. 

42. Juxtaposed with the room's design

To make your dining room bench and table stand out, you could juxtapose them with the rest of the room's design. The above kitchen is white and blue but has a dark wood table. 

43. Colorful cushions

An easy way to add color to a neutral setup is by using vibrant cushions on your dining room bench. 

44. Rounded back

While benches are typically used with square or rectangular tables, they could also be placed around a round table, as long as the benches are also curved. 

45. Creating cohesiveness

A bench could be used to create cohesiveness between a dining room's chairs and table. For instance, the above wooden table and black chairs are brought together with the black wooden bench. 

46. Monochromatic space

To create a monochromatic dining room, add a table and benches that perfectly match the rest of the space. 

47. Patterned upholstery

A bench can be a great way to include a pattern in your dining room, like the gray and wooden bench above. 

48. Delicate design

Benches with skinny wooden legs and a slim format create a delicate appearance. This design would look great with floral decorations or muted colors. 

49. Matching bench and chairs

Choosing a bench that matches your dining room's chairs will create a different cohesive design. 

50. Modern skinny legs

The skinny legs on this dining room table and bench give this space a more modern and less traditional feel. 

51. Colorful room with traditional furniture

While uncommon, you could create contrast by pairing a traditional bench-style dining room set up with bright, colorful walls. 

52. Small benches

Small benches could be added around a small table to save room in a cramped home, like in the above space. This could also be a great way to create a breakfast nook in the kitchen. 

53. Along the wall

Another way to save floor space is by placing the bench along a wall. This would still allow for a walkway between the dining room and the kitchen. 

54. Large leather bench

A large leather bench could be used to create a more chic appearance in a modern, rustic, or industrial design. Leather always goes beautifully with natural wood as well. 

55. Industrial setup

Choosing a metal table and benches will give your space an industrial flare, especially when paired with warm wood floors and neutral decorations. 

56. Crisscrossed back

A bench with a crisscrossed back will add a farmhouse feel to your room. This could be placed along a wall or be used to create a walkway in the dining room. 

57. Solid wood slabs

An attractive design idea is to use solid wood slabs as benches. If you look closely, you can see that indents designate individual seats, which would make the benches feel more comfortable. 

58. Comfortable cushions

Cushions can also be a great way to make a solid wood bench more comfortable. The above white cushions cause the warm bench to stand out. 

59. Cabin vibes

If you live in a cabin or have a cabin-like home, a bench made out of dark wood would probably be your best choice. 

60. Timeless choice

Whether inside or outside the home, a wooden dining room set with a bench is a safe bet that won't go out of style.