The Easiest Way To Fix Your Loose Electrical Outlet

If you've got a loose electrical outlet, it is very important to fix it right away, as the consequences can be severe. According to Rockwall Electric, a loose electrical outlet can cause a fire, which can result in property damage, injury, and even death. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association notes that about 430 people died as a result of electrical fires between 2015 and 2019. In addition, electrical outlets can become loose as time passes by or if you are continuously rough with them. This can result in the wires slipping off the connectors, and the threat of a fire can increase if left alone for too long.

We, luckily, have found an easy tip to help you fix your loose electrical outlet. When working with electricity, it's always advised to handle with caution to avoid injury, so if you're not confident in your skills, it may be a better idea to hire a professional for the job.

It's a 10-minute process

Before you get started, you'll need to ensure you have outlet shims, a wire tester, and a screwdriver, per Mike Diamond Services. This task should only take about 10 minutes, and you should start by turning off the power of that outlet in the circuit breaker. Then, as an extra layer of precaution, use the wire tester to make sure the power is off before you begin your repair. Once you're certain the power is off, you'll have to use the screwdriver to remove the outlet screws and cover. Next, pull the outlet from the box and allow it to hang out.

You'll then grab your outlet shims and put them onto the screws. The purpose of the shims is to cover any gaps between the screws and the recessed box. More shims may be needed if the box is pushed way back. Once your shims are secure, you can switch out the outlet in the housing box and tighten the screws; if anything seems loose, add more shims. Once you've done this, you can reinstall the outlet cover and turn on the power.