The Best Way To Clean Your Memory Foam Mattress

Your memory foam mattress might be your best friend — it gives you great a great night's sleep, holds you comfortably, doesn't poke you with irritating springs, and shapes perfectly to your form. There isn't much else a person could ask for out of their mattress, so taking good care of it in return is imperative. However, because memory foam units differ so much from traditional mattresses, it may be unclear how to care for them. Daily wear and tear, spills, and even pets can contribute to dirtying your bedding, and eventually, they will need to be cleaned.

So how do you wash a memory foam mattress? Because of the material and size, it isn't as easy as throwing it in the washing machine. Over time, skin cells, bacteria, dander, and other detritus will start to accumulate, despite using covers and toppers. According to Leesa, dust mites can also be found on it, but by cleaning it and then rotating it with each new season, you'll be able to keep all of these to a minimum. The following tips will help you keep your sleep space tidy and fresh every night.

Vacuum the surfaces and sides

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to clean your memory foam mattress is by vacuuming it. Using an attachment or a handheld device will allow you to get across the surfaces and the sides, picking up any dust, dirt, and other refuse that has accumulated there. In addition, Eachnight recommends paying attention to buttons, crevices, and other less obvious areas (like borders, if there are any). Making sure these get vacuumed will ensure the mattress feels even fresher than before and won't allow dust mites to cluster in one area.

With a memory foam mattress, you should be completely flipping it twice a year (or once every six months if it is easier to remember that way). When you do flip it, make sure to vacuum on the side that hasn't been facing upwards, too, as detritus can still cling to surfaces that aren't as accessible. If you wash your sheets once a week or once every two weeks, take that time to vacuum everything and then replace any covers or toppers. Always wash these items, too, or anything sticking to them will just get back on the clean memory foam.

Don't forget to spot clean

Spills and stains are just a part of life. Whether you enjoy coffee or tea in bed in the mornings or a late-night snack was upended by mistake, these things can lead to unsightly marks on your memory foam. In order to protect the integrity of the material and ensure bugs or pests don't come searching for the leftovers, spot cleaning is your best option. Slumber Yard suggests mixing water and detergent in equal parts, then using a clean cloth or towel to pat the stain away. Make sure to give the mixture a chance to soak in before using another clean towel that has been dampened to wipe it off. Wait about 15-30 minutes before removing the detergent, then pat the area dry.

Spot cleaning is a fantastic way to remove more noticeable spots and smudges, and it will leave your mattress looking like new. Always read the care instructions on your memory foam to ensure it can tolerate mild detergents and vacuums, as some materials might be more fragile, depending on the brand. However, most should be able to withstand these methods, and will get you back to snoozing through the night without a second thought to mites, dirt, dander, or the like.