The Best Way To Wash Your Mattress Protector

Mattress protectors are an additional layer of bedding that goes under a fitted sheet and over a mattress. They protect mattresses from accidental spills, bacteria, allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs. Since people do not sleep directly on top of mattress protectors, they don't need to be washed as frequently as other bedding. Early Bird by Amerisleep recommends washing them every month or two, while other bedding should be washed every other week.

Depending on how often the mattress protector is used and who sleeps in the bed, you may want to wash it more frequently. If you are sensitive to allergens like dust mites and dander, you will want to clean it as frequently as your sheets. This is because mattress protectors can hold onto those allergens. If you are sick, you should wash all your bedding along with the mattress protector once the illness passes. If you have a guest room that is not frequently used, you can wash it less often. However, it should be washed before and after guests sleep over. No matter how frequently you wash your mattress protector, you will want to choose the best method.

Hand wash and air dry

When deciding how to wash your mattress protector, the first step is always to read the care tag. Many mattress protectors can't be put in a washing machine and need to be washed by hand. Hand-washing is the best method because it will prevent them from shrinking and making them almost impossible to fit back over your mattress, according to Casper. There are different types of mattress protectors, so you will need to either unzip them to remove them, pull off the elastic straps from the corners of the bed, or lift them off like a fitted sheet.

Using a mild laundry detergent, you should first tackle any stains. Fill a sink or tub with cold water and dab the detergent on any stains to spot clean them. Once the stains are removed, you can add some of the detergent to the sink and wash the mattress protector by agitating the soapy water with your hands. Then rinse the soap from the mattress protector with clean water. When it is thoroughly washed, air dry it on a clothing rack. Always remember to wait to put the mattress protector back onto the mattress until it is completely dry.