5 Bedroom Window Treatments To Elevate Your Space

When it comes to decorating your bedroom, you may first find yourself considering the larger and more obvious items. That might include things like what kind of bed you want, not to mention dressers, as well as possible chairs and light fixtures. However, there are various other details that will not only make the space seem more complete but will also help to enhance the style you have in mind. For instance, you'll need to decide on the ideal kind of window treatment.

In fact, how you choose to dress your windows is an important aspect of any space in your abode, according to The Interior Design Advocate. If your window treatments aren't contemporary, then your rooms risk looking like they've been left in the past as well. Beyond that, if you don't take the time and effort to choose the right window treatments, then your décor overall will be missing a key element, and any money you put into decorating the rest of your home won't really be worth it.

As for deciding on what kind of window treatments will work in your home, start by figuring out what suits your particular aesthetic and what might be a popular option at the moment (via The Interior Design Advocate). Of course, you likely can't go wrong with the following bedroom window treatments, which will definitely help to elevate your space.

1. Bamboo reed blinds

Putting blinds up in your windows is a practical choice thanks to the fact that they can often fully block out any light that tries to come in, especially if they're perfectly fitted to the space and are made of a thicker material. The surface area of the blinds also gives you an opportunity to display different colors, patterns, or textures. While this works well with various fabrics, you can take the look up a notch by opting to use bamboo reed blinds in your bedroom.

Beyond the fact that they can look fantastic and add a natural element to the area, there are a few other good reasons to use bamboo blinds, according to The Wood Grain Cottage. Although you might think of bamboo décor as something that's lighter in color, it can actually come in a wide range of wood shades as well as colors. That means they can work with pretty much any aesthetic. They can also be used alone or with curtains, which makes them even more versatile.

Suburban Pop, meanwhile, notes that bamboo blinds can suit various budgets and are relatively easy to put up. Also, once you have them installed, they're simple to clean, which will keep them looking their best.

2. Barnboard window panels

Whether you want to end up with a bedroom that boasts a charming country vibe, a traditional cabin-like feel, or a trendy bohemian style, barnboard panels can enhance your space in a unique way that would perfectly suit each aesthetic. Indeed, by using wood that's been repurposed for your home, you can achieve a look that's either chic and contemporary or a little rough around the edges, according to Kelly Anderson of Simple Home, Simple Life, Simple Work. On top of that, adding wood around your windows will offer your bedroom a natural touch that you'll surely adore.

As for how to use wood panels in your home, Anderson suggests you keep things straightforward and don't go overboard. Fortunately, because the wood will likely boast an eye-catching natural design thanks to its grain, just a little of it can make a big impact on your interior. That's why you'll want to use barnboard in specific and striking spots. That's also why opting to pop them up as window panels work so well.

Of course, if you're using wood in your home that was once used in a barn or in another building that might have left it in a less-than-pristine condition, then you should make sure it's been properly cleaned before you install it. Per Anderson, you'll also want to ensure it's not damp in any way before you transform the pieces of wood that you've found into gorgeous window panels.

3. Indoor shutters

Shutters are a detail that you might be used to seeing on the outside of a home. However, you may find yourself intrigued and delighted to find out that shutters — which come in a range of designs and can be whatever color suits your style — can also be used as interior window treatments.

In fact, they're an ideal choice for your bedroom due to a few practical reasons, according to The Shutter Shop. Along with the fact that they help to create a certain kind of relaxed feel in a room, they can let through a bit of light even when closed which adds to the atmosphere. Granted, you likely don't want too much light to come into your bedroom while you're trying to get some sleep. That's why you might want to use thicker blinds or blackout curtains along with your shutters. That will allow you to simply close the shutters when you want your bedroom to have a little glow but close everything up when you want to create a serenely dark space.

It also turns out that putting shutters up around your bedroom windows can block out more than just light. Per Soundproof Central, shutters can also block out annoying and unwanted sounds. For anyone who lives in an area that gets a lot of noisy traffic or is perhaps by a public space, shutters can dull random sounds before they reach you, which will allow you to get a restful sleep.

4. Glass block windows

If your parents or perhaps even your grandparents had glass block windows in their homes while you were growing up, then they had taken advantage of an enduring interior décor trend. The current popularity of glass block windows is one reason why you may want this type of window treatment in your bedroom. Of course, glass block windows can offer the space a number of other benefits.

For instance, glass block windows are often on the thicker side, as well as frosted or wonderfully warped in ways that will make them a focal point of any room. Their makeup will also give you privacy but still let in light, according to Window World. That makes them a fantastic option for windows in homes that are located in areas where bright and sunny days are enjoyed on a regular basis.

For anyone who'd love to have glass block windows in their bedroom but doesn't want to fully block out the view outside, Next Luxury suggests using them instead for interior windows or doors between the spaces in your residence. This will keep the areas relatively open while allowing light from one particularly bright room to flood into a room that is on the darker side.

5. Stained glass windows

Add a touch of creativity, color, and elegance to your bedroom with stained glass windows. Although they're a style of window treatment that's been used for ages, stained glass can definitely be incorporated into a contemporary style, according to Cumberland Stained Glass. If you're curious how and why that might work, apparently the complex designs of the window can be a stylish contrast to a sophisticated and minimalist modern look.

Stained glass can also be the main eye-catching aspect of your bedroom. As MYMOVE points out, stained glass can even be a jumping-off point when it comes to designing the rest of the space. You can let the image, pattern, and particularly the colors inspire your design choices and pick out items for your room that'll enhance and complement the window treatment.

To truly make your stained glass look its best, you can try pairing it with metal details and subtle shades, suggests Cumberland Stained Glass. You might also want to consider painting your window frames bright white in order to make any colors in the stained glass fully pop. This will also ensure the look of your windows fits perfectly within the design of the overall room. On top of that, while stained glass can look great in any window that gets even a little light, you may want to save your stained glass for windows that get hours of full sunshine each day and maybe even moonlight as well.