Why Blue Is The Perfect Color For Your Bathroom

Blue is an ideal color for a bathroom, and that's not just an opinion. There is data to support this and why it remains such a highly desired color in home design. For example, Illumination on Medium notes that this hue is the most liked color by more than a third of the world's population. It is a tint that invites a feeling of relaxation and serenity, unlike some others. Its primary contemporaries, red and yellow, come with more rules when incorporated into a home, as these colors, in their purest forms, can lead to feelings of anxiety, overstimulation, and even nausea.

Moreover, the dynamic nature of the color blue is impressive. A light, baby blue can be a great backdrop for creating that calm, peace-inducing powder room everyone is happy to stop at the party. On the other hand, navy blue can achieve a wildly different effect: Deep blue walls can add real sophistication and drama to a bathroom. Here's more on why this color is perfect in bathrooms and why you should consider it when remodeling.

Aesthetic variety

Blue is a color that works with almost any style of home, but it's mostly associated with Mediterranean décor fashion. For example, Kallista notes that a sky or powder blue bathroom tile is one of the most popular selections for a modern farmhouse bathroom. This is a strong option for bringing personality into a clean space without disrupting the style. A darker royal hue can be an excellent possibility for bringing some intrigue and excitement into a bathroom, Mediterranean included. Given the beiges and warm colors that dominate that style's color palette, the contrast can be striking and quite beautiful when done well, HomeDesignLover explains.

You can also utilize stronger pops in a mid-century modern bathroom. Whether it be in the turquoise tile work for that quirky touch or cerulean faucet finishes for an extra flavor, blue can add that fun quality most people look for, Curated Interior notes. It is also the default hue for a more traditional Craftsman home when designing a child's bathroom (via Arts & Crafts Homes) but not only.

Finish flexibility

Some bathroom colors can limit the types of finishes that you can successfully install without compromising the look of the space. But not blue. Laminate flooring, marble, granite, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl flooring — all of these finishes can be utilized with blue bathroom paint choices (as noted by Pursuit Decor). In contrast, a lot of warmer colors, such as reds, beiges, and oranges, will not pair well with certain stone materials unless the stone is also a warm hue.

Thus, starting a bathroom with this color can open up options for the types of materials you can work with. Gold and brass faucet finishes pair excellently with navy paint, while silver faucet finishes go nicely with a light blue tint. White walls complement lighter finishes, and black walls match navy finishes. In addition, this color can also be an excellent option for concealing dirt and minimizing maintenance with grayish hues. Timeless, versatile, and soothing, you should not sleep on blue! It will always be a great choice when designing your bathroom in whichever style you like.