20 Stylish Butcher Block Ideas For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling a kitchen can be a long process, but once you have an idea of how you want the walls to be painted or whether there will be a backsplash, everything comes together flawlessly. One of the most important features to focus on is the counters, claims Supreme Stone. Aside from kitchen appliances, such as the fridge or stove, countertops are used more frequently for prepping and cooking food. So, of course, you'd want them to look beautiful. Supreme Stone also mentions how countertops can add value to your home. New homeowners love an aesthetic kitchen; it's where they'll spend most of their time. If you're having difficulty figuring out which countertop will fit best with the kitchen look, consider a butcher block as a countertop.

There are various styles and designs to choose from. For example, you can choose between the end grain or edge grain styles; both are great but have different appearances, according to Hardwood Lumber Company. The end grain comprises small squares placed side-by-side, while the edge grain has long stripes that make up the surface. Butcher block works perfectly for any style kitchen, such as farmhouse, modern, contemporary, etc., since they're versatile. We've rounded up striking butcher block ideas to get you excited about your kitchen remodel.

1. Wood interior kitchen

The all-white cabinetry allows the wood features to pop into this kitchen. The wood backsplash and flooring are a lighter finish than the mahogany butcher block diverting the eyes straight to the counters. A small white table with brown leather chairs fits the two-toned aesthetic; overall, it's clean and balanced.

2. Farmhouse-style kitchen

This farmhouse-style kitchen is rustic yet cozy, and the butcher block counter is the perfect touch to the brick wall. The matching cabinets give the space a cohesive look, along with the wood finish appliances, such as the cutting boards and bread holder. The white ceramic sink breaks up the counter instead of making it look symmetrical.

3. Scandinavian-style kitchen

The neutral wood adds color and texture to the white interior by keeping the same finish in every feature. For example, if the butcher's block had a dark wood finish, it would look unstylish with the other light finish features. Likewise, the wooden shelving makes the wall look attractive and perfect for a Scandanavian-style kitchen.

4. Green kitchen

This kitchen has many bright colors with green cabinetry, white shelves, and red appliances that the butcher block serves as a neutral countertop. If it were to be a white tiled countertop, for example, then it would overwhelm the look. Instead, the butcher block creates a sleek, clean look.

5. Modern kitchen

This kitchen proves that an all-black interior deserves butcher block countertops. The dark cabinetry and natural wood finish are a match made in kitchen heaven, with the simple details of the wood backsplash and greenery sprinkled about the counters adding charm to the area. Of course, any dark-colored cabinetry would work with the butcher block countertops.

6. Chic kitchen

The white cabinetry gives this kitchen a traditional look, but the purple wall, the tiny colorful tiled backsplash, and the simple hanging light fixtures make it chic. The butcher block countertops work well on the island and the counters, and the interior would look uneven if either surface were a different material.

7. Grand spacious kitchen

We've seen multiple kitchens with white cabinetry, and while it's versatile, it can feel repetitive. This white interior is the exception with the intricate details, such as the bold black and white hardware and multiple kitchenware shelves. The butcher block is a darker finish that stands out against the white.

8. Contemporary-style kitchen

Dark-colored cabinetry complements a light wood butcher block creating a soft look like this kitchen. The gray base adds color to the white interior instead of being washed with more white cabinets. The countertops work best as a natural finish to stand out, whereas a dark finish would blend in with the gray.

9. Mid-century kitchen

While dark and light colors look better together, you can still use a light finish butcher block with a cool tone if there's a neutral background that isn't white. This striking mid-century kitchen has glacial green cabinets with an oak wood butcher block against a brown wall, and the space feels warm and homey with the color choices.

10. New England-style farmhouse

Too many textures or colors in a room can overwhelm the space, but for a farmhouse style, they're crucial. This New England-style farmhouse has beautiful white cabinetry, tile backsplash, and green accent cabinetry, all enclosed by mahogany wood flooring and ceiling that match the islands' butcher block surface. Every section joins together to create a cohesive look.

11. Minimalist kitchen

The wood material is classic and timeless, making any room look clean and sleek. The oak finish cabinetry and countertops make this all-white kitchen attractive and enhance its simplicity. The butcher block surfaces are minimal but match the kitchen table and the wood frames on the pictures hung on the wall.

12. Country-style kitchen

The oak finish butcher block countertops stand against the rustic wood flooring and draw the eye towards the wood backsplash. Neutral cabinetry allows room for the finishes to be the main focal point. The butcher block extending past the island's edge makes a great place for a couple of bar chairs.

13. Gray and white kitchen

This kitchen is another excellent example of light colors working perfectly with a neutral background. The natural wood butcher block adds a rustic yet warm look to the space against the gray shiplap and white cabinets. Likewise, the pastel-colored kitchenware and décor give a soft, delicate feel.

14. Monochromatic kitchen

A good monochromatic kitchen is rare, yet this one gets the job done right. The beige cabinetry with tan ceramic backsplash tiles suits the walnut butcher's block. The combination of the brown shades creates a classy look.

15. Lavish kitchen

Sometimes kitchens have overlapping similarities, such as tiled backsplash, but this one has gorgeous marble and fits beautifully with the cream cabinets and natural butcher block. On the other hand, the black marble countertop on the island across the butcher block clashes together — it would look better if they all had the same wood finish.

16. Boho kitchen

This bohemian-style kitchen is stunning with patterned backsplash and charcoal cabinetry. The gray finish on the butcher block matches the rest of the interior's furniture, such as the tables, chairs, and décors. The plants add color and life to the rest of the space.

17. Deluxe upscale kitchen

The black and hardwood cabinetry complement one another in this kitchen, even though they differ. Having two islands gives so much room to prep and cook, and the mahogany butcher block fits next to the white counter. Also, since there are a lot of darker tones, the maple flooring adds brightness to the room.

18. Rustic Spanish-style kitchen

This kitchen boasts beautiful maroon cabinetry with multi-colored backsplash tiles and granite countertops. The butcher block island has the same maroon base pulling the color from the cabinets to the center of the space. It's rustic yet classy all in one.

19. Black and white kitchen

Using a black tile backsplash can be tricky, but the white cabinetry is a great neutral background with black hardware. The butcher block counters add color to the space and are perfect for separating the backsplash from the bottom cabinets.

20. Cozy kitchen

A unique way to incorporate more color in a space, especially in a full white kitchen, is taking one that's already used. This kitchen has an oak wood butcher block, and while the extra shelves beneath the cabinets aren't the same finish, they add contrast and color to the area. In addition, the wood features make the kitchen feel inviting.