30 Affordable And Chic Throw Pillows You Can Pick Up At Amazon

When picking out home décor, don't neglect any smaller items that can accent the overall style of each room. That includes wall art, storage options, and pillows and blankets. Just the thing you need to add a little extra coziness and elegance to your bed, chairs, or couch, throw pillows are also eye-catching pieces that add visual interest to any space. That's why you'll want to take some time to choose fabulous options for your home.

Of course, there are a few factors to keep in mind, according to Ballard Designs. First, decide which colors pique your interest. Keep in mind it's best to stick with one shade or only use colors that are complementary to each other. Intrigued by the idea of having a throw pillow that boasts a print? Then you can go with a trio of options. Specifically, choose a solid color version, along with options that have a complicated pattern and feature something a tad more straightforward, respectively.

You'll also want to opt for throw pillows that can be arranged in an eye-pleasing manner and won't overwhelm any furniture pieces. For instance, check out the following affordable and chic options.

Chunky cable knit throw pillow

Thanks to its comfortable texture, this throw pillow might remind you of your favorite sweater, which is why you'll love to snuggle up with it at home. The $29.99 Cheer Collection Chunky Cable Knit Throw Pillow comes in a range of colors, and you can surely find an option that suits any existing décor.

Flower-shaped throw pillow

Coming in five different color combinations and two sizes, this flower-shaped throw pillow that's regularly $15.99 is the perfect addition to any space that could use an accent and is both adorable and functional. With a velvety exterior and PP cotton filling, it's well-made and cuddle-worthy. You can also machine-wash it or keep it clean by hand.

3D succulent throw pillow

If you can't get enough of gorgeous plants, then you might not be able to resist this 3D Succulents Cactus Pillow that you can regularly grab for $19.99. As pretty as it is plush, the exterior of each petal — which all happen to be sewn by hand — is wonderfully puffy and soft.

Knotted plush throw pillow

It's easy to imagine this attractive throw pillow in any elegant, modern, or supremely chic room thanks to its unique and appealing design. The handmade ZANYB Knot Plush Throw Pillow comes in various shades and regularly sells for $37.99. While it's totally worth every penny, you can also find it on sale for just $27.99.

Plush ball throw pillow

You might not be able to put down the Ashler Plush Ball Throw Pillow because it's so puffy and fluffy. Soft on your skin, machine-washable, and available in two shades up to $30.99, you'll want to add these throw pillows to spaces where you want something that looks and feels fabulous.

Mediterranean-inspired throw pillow

Capture a cool Mediterranean-inspired vibe with the help of the Nautica Home throw pillow from the Fairwater Collection. Boasting 100% cotton, the fabric features lines and solid sections in shades of gray and sits over an insert that can be removed for easy cleaning. A little pricier at $44.99, you can nab one on sale for $21.99.

Mid-century modern throw pillow

Enhance a classic style with this INK+IVY Sofia Mid-Century Modern Throw Pillow. The gray design embroidered on the front gives it an artistic touch, while the hypoallergenic polyester makes this a practical choice. Coming in two different sizes, you can get the 18-by-18-inch option for $38.99 or on sale for $33.74.

Boho-chic geometric throw pillow

Anyone who adores a boho-chic aesthetic will likely adore the YoTreasure Decorative Geometric Cotton Poly Filled Throw Pillow. Featuring a subtle yet striking triangle-filled design with a cream-color material, you'll surely appreciate the look, along with the fact that each throw pillow sells for just $34.99.

Corduroy throw pillow

The only hard part about picking out the PILLOW DÉCOR Wide Wale Corduroy Throw Pillow that's only $29.95 might be deciding between the various colors that range from understated to wonderfully vibrant. A style that's perhaps surprisingly versatile, you could add these throw pillows to a room with a retro vibe or something much more contemporary.

Shiny spandex throw pillow

If you love the idea of an atmosphere that's full of glam in your home, then you might want to grab a Tress House Inc. Soft Throw Pillow. Made in five shades of shiny spandex, each has been formed into a flowery shape with extra sparkle in the middle. On top of that, it's only $34.99.

Colorful boho throw pillow

Enjoy both geometric designs in shades of cream and gray, as well as colorful knotted weaving from this handcrafted LR Home Boho Geometric Throw Pillow. Including an outer cover, along with a removable insert for cleaning-related convenience, each throw pillow would normally cost you $51.30. However, you can get one on sale for a mere $22.50.

Blue and white throw pillows

Featuring an ornate artistic blue image on white fabric that would look incredible in an elegant abode, you'll likely love that you can find the gorgeous design on both sides of the Thideape Blue Throw Pillow Covers that run for $12.99.

Modern farmhouse throw pillows

The Mecatny Boho Throw Pillows are the perfect choice for a modern space that also has a charming country vibe. With a patchwork of white fabric, faux leather, and lined material, they have a look that's both traditional and trendy. Get a set of two regularly for $39.99 or on sale for $35.99.

Artistic floral throw pillows

The Pillow Perfect Zoe Citrus Throw Pillows feature a floral design that will bring a pop of color to your home. Grab two for $62.99 or just $45.49 while they're on sale, which is quite a deal, especially since they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Chevron pattern throw pillow

The sophisticated textured pattern on the MAUBY HOME Plush Chevron Throw Pillows is just as desirable as the soft fabric that's been used. For just $24.88, you can get one in blush, blue, aqua, cream, or gray. Although, at that price, you might be able to afford a few for each room.

Zebra pattern throw pillow

When it comes to styling your space, let yourself go wild by opting for the indoor/outdoor Fabritones Zebra Pattern Throw Pillow. Running just $19.99 per pillow, it would match a residence that leans into fun, bold décor or could also be the one stand-out item in an otherwise minimalist room.

Embroidered throw pillow

The INK+IVY Daria Embroidered Throw Pillow may look delightfully dainty; however, the delicately embroidered embellishment offers a lot of charm. Suitable for a sweetly-styled living room, it would also work in a princess-like bedroom. Of course, it doesn't have a royally high price and is instead regularly found for $24.99, but is $21.24 when on sale.

Abstract design throw pillow

While there's no doubt the Violet Linen Victoria Abstract Pattern Throw Pillow is an artistic option that would look incredible in a sophisticated residence, the gold details also make it a regal accent. Just $23.46, you can choose the gold and cream version or ones that feature either a beautiful burgundy or trendy taupe base.

Flower print throw pillow

While your throw pillows can feature pretty patterns or fabulous textures, they can also boast impressive images. For example, check out this Stupell throw pillow with a Pink Flowers Design by David Pollard. An almost serene piece that could be the artistic hint your room needs, one of these pillows will only cost you $30.11.

Burlap crab throw pillow

A unique choice due to the material and silhouette of a critter that appears on the front, you might very well adore this Small Burlap Crab Pillow. Costing only $9.78 and on the smaller side, it might be just what you need to finish off a room in your beach house.

Cabin-themed throw pillow

If you're not into the beach and would rather spend time in a forest, then the $16 Moose Lake Rustic Cabin Sherpa Throw Pillow is the perfect choice for your home. Featuring animals, an Adirondack chair, and canoes along with appropriate plant life, this pillow will remind you of the woods, even if you're in the city.

Decorative bee throw pillow

A contemporary take on a classic design, the Comfy Hour Spring Bee Throw Pillow features a sweet black and yellow flying friend in an antique-like frame. Beyond that, the checkered section and yellow lines are both classic elements. At just $23.52 each, you might want a couple of these cute pillows in your home.

Buffalo plaid throw pillow

The black and red checkered woven cotton cover of the SARO LIFESTYLE Buffalo Plaid Throw Pillow is not only cozy, but it also has a traditional look. A fabulous choice for a room with a country or cabin aesthetic, the $34.76 pillow also has a down-filled insert that makes it even more comfortable.

Fringe-covered throw pillow

Why opt for a throw pillow that has a little fringe when you can have one that takes fluffiness to the extreme? The cool denim-like base of the Artistic Weavers Throw Pillow, which costs $32.42, is covered with shallow beige fringe in a diamond pattern, with a long blue fringe that makes it both soft and stylish.

Fluffy heart-shaped throw pillow

Potentially giving off the impression of the cutest monster around, the Vctops Soft Fluffy Heart-Shaped Throw Pillow is as wild as it is adorable. Costing only $25.19, the front is covered in deep purple faux fur, while the back has a soft suede fabric. Inside, a removable insert keeps the pillow nice and puffy.

Circular knitted pom-pom throw pillow

The design in the center of the Vctops Pom-Poms Knitted Throw Pillow is not only pretty, but it also looks like an ideal place to lay your head for a cozy nap. Beyond that, the cute pom-poms create a soft snuggle. Grab one for $33.99 in pink, blue, green, yellow, or cream.

Hand-woven macramé throw pillow

Macramé can be used for more than just wall art or plant holders. In this case, it adorns the Bloomingville Hand-Woven Cotton and Jute Macramé Tassels Pillow. An artisanal piece that would suit any natural or boho style, it regularly costs $21.21; however, the sale price brings it down to $15.76.

Design and tassels throw pillow

While the YoTreasure Decorative Cotton Poly-Filled Boho Throw Pillow, which costs $29.99, may seem a little simple, the black dotted designs and knotted tassels on each corner are really the only flair it needs. Ideal for a minimalist space, it could also be a piece that tones down vibrant furniture or a bold area.

Letter throw pillow

If you're decorating a child's room, then you might want to pick up some Meideli Letter Throw Pillows in the shape of the little one's initials. A plush item that would also work in a cozy office, each letter is $17.99, which means you could spell out an entire name or phrase if you have the budget.

Spring birds throw pillow

Both bright and colorful, the PILLOW DÉCOR Spring Birds Throw Pillow will bring a cheerful vibe to your home during any season. Purchase it in one of three sizes, which run in a range of prices, including the 15-by-15-inch pillow for $24.95, 17-by-17 for $29.95, or 15-by-20 for $39.95.