What Is The Best Color For Kitchen Countertops? - House Digest Survey

Every part of your kitchen can be considered an integral, stylish element necessary to create a harmonious design. For example, the color of your countertop can be used to either create contrast, add a pop of color, or serve as a neutral base while complementing other hues. However, it can be difficult to choose a countertop color because of all the options available, therefore, House Digest has conducted a survey asking participants which color they prefer for their kitchen countertops. We gave them six options: solid white, marbled or flecked white, dark or black, mid-tone or gray, brown, and a statement color.

Additionally, choosing the right countertop color the first time can prevent homeowners from spending more money down the road. The average price of a countertop installation is usually anywhere between $1,866 and $4,106, according to Marble Granite World. So, if you're on the fence between a few options, check out the results of our survey to find out which color is the most favored and why.

Balance against bright colors

Out of 606 respondents, 40.24% (244 people) chose marbled or flecked white as the color they'd choose for their kitchen countertops, according to our survey. Marble countertops are oftentimes a popular choice due to their durability against high temperatures, and because of their low maintenance requirements, according to CMP Stonemason Supplies. Although the design of the marble changes throughout the countertop, the muted tones will not distract from the rest of your kitchen decor. Marble is also a good choice for homeowners who have vibrant colors present in their kitchen because marble is capable of balancing against them to create harmony.

According to Arch City Granite and Marble, flecked white countertops are also popular because the stone is speckled with clear quartz, which introduces a bit of sparkle to your kitchen. Furthermore, the white background makes this a versatile option that can harmonize with most interior design aesthetics.

A neutral backdrop

Additionally, 22.11% (134 people) chose mid-tone or gray. Midtone countertops are usually either cream, beige, golden yellow, or gray, and are a good choice for homeowners who want something more neutral, according to Distinctive Marble & Granite. This is also a great option if you want your kitchen to have a soft and muted aesthetic, or if you want a nice contrast to your colorful cabinetry. Mid-tone countertops can also help soften the look of kitchens filled with black and white decor, or complement warm, metallic accents.

Gray quartz countertops are popular due to their ability to complement most design aesthetics, according to Granite Selection. Quartz comes in a variety of styles, such as fieldstone quartz, which is a solid gray countertop that can act as a neutral backdrop for your other kitchen decor.

The following are the other options from the most to least amount of votes: dark or black with 95 votes (15.86%), solid white with 80 votes (13.20%), statement color with 30 votes (4.95%), and brown with 23 votes (3.80%).