5 Creative Ways To Upcycle Your Empty Wine Bottles As Décor

When the weather starts to cool and the holidays draw nearer, dinner parties and cozy nights with bottles of wine to keep us warm becomes a welcoming norm. Unfortunately, while folks enjoy the wine, the bottles will be left behind to serve as a reminder of these eventful nights. Wine bottles are regularly recycled if folks don't need them anymore, but there are a few ways to reuse them at home, such as using them as flower vases, lamps, or water bottles.

Environmental blog Rescued Glass claims that upcycling bottles can benefit the planet. Even though upcycling isn't the same as recycling since the materials aren't being broken down, they're still helpful. Folks can turn the wine bottles into beautiful décor that they could display in the living room, dining room, or bedroom. Upcycling wine bottles can bring a luxurious look to your space. We know you have a wine bottle or two that could use a home next to other décors, so we rounded up clever ways to repurpose them.

1. Wine bottle as a candle holder

Do you have a lot of candles that don't have a place to catch the wax? Even though some candles look better without a holder, it can be messy when the wax spills onto the surface underneath it, especially if it's a table you love. You'll definitely want the best candle scents in your kitchen for guests visiting. Dressing up candles with part of a wine bottle gives them color and turns any dull table into an elegant one, per wine blog La Crema. They're perfect for holiday dinners or a romantic evening with a partner. A few materials are needed, such as your choice of a wine bottle, boiling water, a bottle cutter, sandpaper, and pliers.

First, you'll want to remove the wine labels and set up the bottle cutter. Depending on which bottle cutter you own, you might have to use pliers to loosen any bolt that widens the length to fit the bottle. Next, secure the bottle in the cutter and rotate it once to score it. Avoid turning it twice, or else it can break, claims La Crema. After outlining the bottle, run it under hot water, then switch to cold water about five times until the glass separates. To smooth the edges, use sandpaper. Finally, dry the bottle, place the candle inside, and display it on your table with a flower bouquet.

2. Wine bottles as flower vases

The simplest way to reuse wine bottles is to turn them into beautiful flower vases. It's perfect for adding charm to them, and styling vases around the house is easy to do. Then, incorporate them on your nightstand in your bedroom or a coffee table for guests to rave over. Instructables Craft offers an easy beginner-friendly project. You'll need acetone, sisal rope, a candle, a hot glue gun, a 3D print wine glass cutter, masking tape, sandpaper, ice, and a choice of spray paint.

Start by cleaning the wine bottle; enjoy the wine first before decorating it. Once it's all done, Instructables Craft states to remove the label and use a cloth and acetone to wipe off the excess glue. Next, using the 3D print glass cutter, cut through the neck of the bottle carefully without breaking the entire bottle. Then, use the candle and ice to burn and cool the outline to make a clean cut. After removing the neck, sand the edges to smooth them out with sandpaper. To decorate the bottle, create a design using the sisal rope to add texture and paint for color. Lastly, place the flowers in the vase and enjoy the display.

3. Wine bottle as a dish soap dispenser

Washing dishes can be a chore, especially if there's a new pile of them daily. Mom 4 Real claims that a wine bottle used as a dish soap dispenser can make the daunting feeling of cleaning the dishes disappear and be more fun if the wine is somehow involved. The process takes a few hours, but you need a few materials, such as an empty wine bottle, stencils, paint, a stopper, and liquid dish soap.

If your bottle has a wine label, remove as much of it as possible. Then, use acetone and a cloth to take off the rest of the glue, or cover the entire bottle with dish soap and let it soak in warm water for two hours, notes Mom 4 Real. Next, dry the bottle after removing the label and decorate it with the stencils and paint. You'll want to let the paint dry for two more hours before removing the stencil. Once everything has dried, peel off the stencils to reveal the design, fill the wine bottle with liquid dish soap, and place the stopper.

4. Wine bottle serving tray

If you enjoy putting together a tasty charcuterie board with sweet fruit, exotic cheeses, and fancy meats, wait until you see how wine bottles will elevate the look. Sometimes it can be hard to level the boards within arm's length of everyone, but using wine bottles can come in handy by adding some height. DIY Designer JenniferMaker created personalized serving trays with wine bottles to give as holiday gifts. To make your own, you need a few things, such as wine bottles (empty or full), one sixteenth-inch basswood, a cutting machine, sandpaper, food-safe wood stain, foam brush, and food-safe polycrylic finish.

Making a serving tray with wine bottles is extremely easy. Start with cutting your wood into a unique shape, such as a curvy oval, and cut a hole the size of the wine bottle's neck, via JenniferMaker. After everything has been cut, sand down the edges to smooth them out. Then, use a cloth to clean the wood debris. Next, start staining the wood with the foam brush layering it evenly, wiping away the excess stain with a clean cloth, and allowing the wood to dry before applying it to the opposite side. Then, use the polycrylic finish on one side, let it dry, and apply it to the other side. Once each side has dried completely, wash the wood boards with detergent before using. Finally, place the panels on the wine bottles and fill the tray with goodies.

5. Wine bottle bird feeder

Whether you have birds as pets or get regular visits from them in your backyard, making a bird feeder from an empty wine bottle is an excellent way to reuse the bottle. Blogger ChickenStreet claims that to attract birds to your garden, you have to feed them. All you need is an empty wine bottle, a saw, a three-foot tall seven-inch wide plank, sandpaper, tape measure, hammer, drill, screws, and panel pins.

First, cut the backboard, measuring 5 inches longer than the bottle, per Chicken Street. Next, cut a piece of plank a half inch wider than the bottle, saw a hole through it to fit the neck, and sand it down. Then, drill one of the new planks that will be the base of the backboard to hold the food. To prevent the food from spilling out, measure small thin edges to fit evenly around the base and pin them in place. Next, put the plank with the bottle's neck attached to screw it along the backboard. Ensure it's an inch away from the base to allow the food to come out. Finally, measure out another two pieces of plank, an inch wide, around the bottom of the bottle, and screw the pieces around it, connecting them with extra wood. Find a spot to place the bird feeder and watch the birds enjoy the setup.