The Viral TikTok Hack That Turns Your TV Into A Literal Piece Of Art

Gold-framed TVs, the ones that seemingly every Instagrammer and TikToker shares on social media, are all the rage. Who wouldn't want one that looks like a piece of art that blends in with their gallery wall?

If you're like us, you love checking out the latest trends in home design, and if you're on TikTok, then you know the social site is gold for trends that become somewhat of an obsession. For instance, we were on the hunt for this charming spice storage system for our kitchen, but we have now moved on to a new project in the works for our living rooms, man caves, or family rooms: Digital creator Anna Page shows her hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers how the gold-framed TV trend makes her home unique. She has one gilded option in her living room in the form of a gallery wall and another smaller TV in her bedroom, surrounded by other art — and let us tell you that you may have to do a double take. According to Pure Wow, the influencer used a Baroque-style frame and added a Hellenistic screensaver so it looks more like a museum-style art piece. So get ready to be inspired to transform the area where you watch movies.

So how much does it cost to install the gold-framed television?

If you want to go in on this popular trend by installing a gold frame around your TV, it can really cost a lot, we've learned. For example, if you buy an antique gold frame at Deco TV Frames, options that fits a Samsung TV purchased in 2021 or 2022 can set you back $299 for a 32-inch frame or cost up to $999 for an 85-inch frame, which is quite a bit of money. Now, if you have a model purchased from 2017 to 2021, it can run you anywhere from $299 for a 32-inch frame, but products only goes up to 75 inches, costing around $749.

If you're wondering if it's worth it, it was for Anna Page, who did call the frame a splurge (via The Page Edit). But if you're on a budget (and who isn't!), don't fret because you can get a similar look for much less with a little DIY savvy.

Go for a DIY version

Curious about alternative options? Look no further than TikTok user @localsoccermom, who shared with her thousands of followers, "I have frame TV taste, but not a frame TV budget." To that end, this influencer went the DIY route. First, she measured her TV and then headed to Lowe's to look for an ornate, L-shaped molding for her television. Once she got home, she cut the wood pieces to fit her TV and finished framing it. She used a clamp and gorilla glue to put it all together, and to get rid of any splinters, she lightly sanded the frame. She also used wood filler to make the project look seamless to fill in any cracks.

But what about getting that gold look? Well, @localsoccermom gave it a day to make sure all of the glue dried, and then used a gold paint concoction and rubbed it into the frame. The influencer said it was tedious, but it was necessary for the finished project, which looks so similar to the ones you can buy. So how much did this project set her back? All in all, because she already owned the miter saw and gold rub, it cost her around $58! What? We think we might tackle this popular project over the weekend.