Why TikTok Loves This Charming Storage System For Your Favorite Spices

TikTok is well-known for finding the latest home decor trends and best cleaning hacks and bringing them to the masses. It's no surprise, then, that the popular social media site has discovered a new way to house (literally) your spices. According to Forbes, the love of spices has grown over the years, with most Americans having just 10 on hand in the '50s to over 40 today, which is significant growth. The reason? The outlet notes that many of us (around 83%, in fact) are cooking at home more. Per Hospitality Insights, the most popular selections in many households are black pepper, cinnamon, oregano, garlic powder, thyme, rosemary, paprika, nutmeg, cumin, and cayenne pepper.

So it's no wonder people are looking for creative ways to keep and display their spices. To that end, here's one of the latest TikTok trends for doing precisely that in your kitchen — and why the masses love it so much.

Introducing the Lenox Spice Village

TikTok user @kennygoesantiquing shared her Lenox Spice Village haul after searching for the set for more than a year. Her 24-set collection was crafted in 1989, and she found it at an antique store. She added that the unique part about this village is that each tiny home has been hand-painted and the name of each spice can be found written underneath the lid; that way you'll always know which roof goes with the house, which is a helpful detail. Plus, you don't need to worry about your spices staying their freshest as each lid completely seals, which is good for preserving aroma and flavor.

Another TikTok user, @maxinemunroe, also scored the set, and you can watch as she unpacks each house one by one. Since they are both decorative and functional, it's easy to see why some people want to have them in their kitchens.

But where do you find this quaint little set?

If you are interested in buying the Lenox Spice Village for your kitchen, you aren't alone, and now you may wonder how much it costs and where you can find it. According to the Food Network, TikTok influencers recommend scouring estate sales, garage sales, and antique or thrift stores. 

You should also be able to find a set online. For example, Etsy is one resource that yielded over 40 pages and over 1,000 items, which we were shocked about. While we found entire sets with all 24 spice houses, you can also purchase a solo house or three if that suits your fancy. But if you do end up going for the entire set, we suggest snagging the wooden rack to display the Lenox Spice Village and make it a centerpiece in your kitchen. Happy hunting for a trend that has clearly stood the test of time!