The 5 Best Sustainable Furniture Brands For A More Eco-Friendly Home

As we fight to save our planet, eco-friendly initiatives are taking place and encouraging us to change our ways. For years, experts have warned us about how our purchases and habits could damage the world. The fashion industry has been a major target as its adverse effects on our planet are one of the worst. As a result, many brands have been switching to eco-friendly fabrics or using scraps from their old collections and repurposing them. Similarly, the interior design industry is leaning toward eco-friendlier options. Brands have started using recycled materials, working with local providers and artisans to limit air travel, making use of eco-friendly packaging, and embracing a slow and mindful production cycle. 

Purchasing your next couch, curtains, bed skirt, or placemats in one of the highlighted stores is a great and easy way to support change for a better world. In fact, according to Parul Mittal, director at Greenlam Industries Ltd, "While designing a sustainable living environment, green products are the most important element. They are energy efficient, free of ozone-depleting chemicals, and made of recycled or sustainably sourced materials," per The CRS Journal. Green products are a part of this conscious living initiative. They will be marked with a green product label to make them easy to find. Every single one of the stores listed below has unique and beautiful options and something for your tastes that will match your home.


Where design meets purpose, or at least that's what their slogan says, GOODEE was founded in 2017 by twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart. They wanted to create a place where you could buy anything from wall décor and curtains to rugs and bedding; in clear, anything you could need to decorate and furnish your home. The Peart brothers, however, didn't want just any store — they wanted to work with local artisans and prioritize sustainable products and their environmental and social impact.

The black-owned business is committed to working with a diverse group of creators and making their store a safe place where the rush and pressure of the world could disappear, states The Cut. In a discussion with the news website, the twin brothers explained, "We began to imagine a world of slower living, where communities could consume responsibly created products, connect with loved ones, and find respite from the distractions of our modern world." According to The Spaces, the site's best-sellers include hand-made bicycle baskets, recycled plastic stylish coffee tables, and upcycled pendant lamps.

2. VivaTerra

Inspired by nature and all the positive effects it can have on us and the world, VivaTerra sells eco-conscious products in hopes of saving our beautiful planet. They've been around for almost 20 years, so you could say they were ahead of their time. According to The Eco Hub, VivaTerre uses environmentally-friendly materials like recycled cotton and FSC woods. That alone makes them an eco-friendly brand. However, there is more. They also source from artisan communities that use sustainable production methods. Finally, VivaTerra allows customers to select "climate-friendly shipping" for 1 dollar at checkout.

You'll find recycled glass accents, block-printed textiles, and reclaimed wood furnishings among their most popular items. The founders truly believe there is no need to compromise –you can have a home with a décor you love while also being conscious of the environment. Their California-inspired designs are perfect for contemporary homes or even barn-like styles.

3. Obakki

In partnership with world-class artisans, Obakki prides itself on offering ethically-made home décor and goes above and beyond to ensure everything that could make the Canadian brand eco-friendlier is there. The founder Treana Peake has traveled around the world for over 30 years, helping those in need and understanding through experience how harmful our practices can be to the world. That's why creating Obakki was so important to her. Peake creates unique bonds with the artisans that make each piece sold on the website and firmly believes that the works of artisans naturally sustain economically vulnerable areas.

Blankets, pillows, rugs, and such are all made from organic cotton, linen, and wool. Their lighting is usually made from palm leaves, and they also have a large selection of pottery that create functional and fabulous pieces. According to Sustainably Chic, production is small to avoid waste, and every craftsperson is paid fairly.

4. 54kibo

This Brooklyn-based brand sells everything from furniture to linens and baskets. Highlighting Africa's craftsmanship, 54kibo offers designs from 54 countries. The founder Nana Quagraine had the idea come to her after the birth of her twins when she hosted a traditional Ghanaian naming ceremony. She realized that although African designs often inspire the world, the artisans aren't often recognized for their work. And with that, this sustainable business came to life.

In conversation with The Zoe Report, Quagraine states, "I've never really considered sustainability a 'nice to have,' but a 'must-have' in my business." The brand uses ethically sourced materials and prides itself on being transparent. As a matter of fact, the website tells you exactly who the designer is and where each piece was made. On there, you'll find plates made in Dakar, textiles made from 100% Ethiopian cotton, or even ottomans loomed by specialized fabric makers and beaded ostrich eggs.

5. The Citizenry

At The Citizenry, everything is handcrafted, hand-numbered, and available only in limited amounts to ensure it stays unique and limits the negative effects of production. Founders made it a point to meet every artisan of every piece sold. By doing so, they don't only create relationships with the people that make everything possible but also eliminate the middleman, making it possible to sell their goods for cheaper than they typically cost.

With every piece, The Citizenry has tried to use a more sustainable alternative to what a regular brand would have used, for example, handwoven alpaca wool instead of cashmere. According to the Sustainable Jungle, their work has paid off since they were just accepted as a World Fair Trade Organization member. The selection is probably one of the largest on the list, and the products are probably the most affordable. The Dallas-based brand offers everything from décor to furnishing to kitchenware.