Lola Desmole

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Paris, France
ISCPA Paris, IEJ Paris
Contemporary Art, Home Design, Lifestyle Trends
  • In her over five years of experience, Lola has written for all types of print and web media, prioritizing quality content and lifestyle-related topics.
  • Lola loves to share her own experiences in her writing and having gone through the home décor process too many times to count, as she's moved around the world, she knows all the tips and tricks.
  • She believes in taking good care of your space in order to lead a healthy lifestyle and is always trying to learn how to do so.


Lola has been a print and web journalist for five years both in the United States and in France. She got both her bachelor's and master's degrees in the latter, and then decided to stay while being a freelance journalist in both countries. She's worked for Whitewall Magazine and 7x7 Bay Area. Her areas of expertise are art and interior design.


Lola got her B.A. in Journalism from ISCPA in Paris and her M.A. in Lifestyle and Magazine Journalism from IEJ in Paris.
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