20 Luxe Spaces That Seamlessly Bring Nature Indoors

There are plenty of reasons why you might find yourself inspired by nature. For instance, there are seemingly countless varieties of gorgeous flowers in gardens, meadows, and fields, not to mention just as many kinds of stone, wood, and spots of water that are equally as stunning. Beyond that, there's no doubt that clouds are majestic and rainbows are downright magical. Indeed, it's no wonder that many people want to be surrounded by natural elements whenever possible.

Despite that, a fair share of people aren't able to get outside as much as they maybe should. In fact, due to the fact that folks tend to spend a large amount of time indoors and in front of screens, they don't get out into nature as much as they used to, according to the American Psychological Association. This is unfortunate, considering the fact that nature can help us in a range of ways. That includes boosting our mood, reducing stress, and having positive effects on concentration, among other mental health-related benefits.

Of course, it's not necessarily easy to simply rearrange your daily schedule in order to give you more time to take a walk in the forest or sit by a river. That's why you can do certain things to bring the outdoors into your home and decorate with nature. While that might be something that's possible in pretty much any home, these luxe spaces happen to do it in a way that's an interior design dream come true.

1. Plant-filled green wall

If you adore aloe, fall in love with ferns, and can't get enough of ivy, then you might appreciate a room that has embraced nature with a plant-filled green wall. In this space, various kinds of potted plants have also been placed around the room to continue the look and enhance the main circular design.

2. Raw stone wall

Using the walls in your home as a space to display earthy touches and organic materials is a fabulous way to bring nature into the area. It can also be done with much more than just plants. For instance, this living room opts to use an unpolished, raw stone to create an eye-catching wall.

3. Pristine pebble floor

While you might not think of pebbles as something that can go on the floor inside of your home, this bathroom shows how it can be done to create a nature-based spa-like space. It does so by opting for pristine white pebbles along with tiled spots on the floor to make walking comfortable.

4. Massive aquarium

Anyone who loves to swim in idyllic settings, scuba dive in the waters of a tropical paradise, or simply appreciates the beauty of sealife would surely love to have a sizable aquarium in their home. Of course, if you don't have room for a massive aquarium like this, then you could still opt for a reasonably sized fishtank.

5. Oceanview surround windows

This stunning room offers residents the opportunity to stare at the ocean all day from the comfort of bed thanks to the windows that surround the space on at least two sides. Those inside also get to enjoy the look of the massive rock that almost becomes a part of the interior thanks to the floor-to-ceiling glass.

6. Bathroom window and tub-pool duo

Why choose between having a soak inside and taking a dip outside when you can do both? The wide window in this bathroom opens up the wall to an exterior space to merge the interior and exterior. The design allows the pool, grass, trees, and even distant mountains to become part of the room's charm.

7. Indoor water fountain

Enjoy the serene sound of running water inside of your home with an indoor water fountain. While it can be as big and as intricate as your home will allow just like this luxe space's sizable example, even a modest fountain can make it seem like you're sitting beside a babbling brook or flowing waterfall.

8. Full-size tree

Plenty of people love to spend time at a park or in their backyard sitting under a tree while reading a book, chatting with a friend, or having a picnic. If you have a room in your home with a high ceiling and lots of natural light, then you can do the same inside with a full-sized tree.

9. Smaller decorative tree

Not all rooms can accommodate a full-size tree even if they lean toward the luxurious. But that doesn't mean it can't capture the same vibe with something a little smaller. While this mostly white bathroom boasts a decorative tree in a pot, the pink leaves make it just as stunning as something much bigger.

10. Indoor-outdoor room sea-view

This stylish room, which boasts a minimalist aesthetic, allows nature to become part of the space by removing any barriers between the interior and exterior. Thanks to sliding glass doors that fully open and furniture that faces the outside, the room becomes an indoor-outdoor space that makes the water and sky beyond an extension of the home.

11. Room built around a boulder

While natural aspects can be added to a space at any time, this stunning room has been designed around nature. Instead of removing the large boulder that surely existed before the home, the bedroom and bathroom combo uses the rock as a partial divider as well as a truly unique focal point.

12. Rich wood wall

While the stone tiles on the floor and grassy green wall add their own hints of nature to this chic bathroom, the wall that's fully covered with wood lets the natural material stand out and truly shine. The shades of this wood are also so luscious and rich, that they perfectly suit such a luxurious space.

13. Marble touches

There are seemingly endless options when it comes to the kinds of stone you can use to bring nature into your home. This posh space has chosen to go with not just one, but multiple kinds of marble. While two shades and grains of marble adorn the walls, a lighter marble on the floor grounds the room.

14. Natural stone texture wall

While this home features painted hardwood floors as well as both clean and worn brick walls, it's the natural stone textured wall that truly sets this room apart. Light and bright thanks to its white color, the intentionally rough surface makes it seem like a natural formation that's merely been incorporated into the stylish abode.

15. Oversized potted plants

While having a little greenery in each room can be a lovely way to add hints of nature to your home, this luxe space takes that idea over-the-top with oversized plants. By using larger palms that stretch upward and filling the lower area with smaller plants all in matching pots, it's like sitting in a sleek jungle.

16. Extravagant floral arrangements

You can enjoy a garden-like feel by keeping fresh flowers in your home. Of course, if you want an enviable residence, then you might want to opt for extravagant floral arrangements like this gorgeous bathroom. If real flowers are a little too hard to keep alive or too pricey, then faux flowers can offer the same look.

17. Low leafy flower wall

This contemporary and elegent yet comfortable room keeps things relatively open by using a low wall as a divider in the center of the space. At the same time, the wall boasts a green leafy section which acts as the base for delicate flowers which stretch out of the top.

18. Plenty of plants

This bathroom is gorgeous enough thanks to the fact that it takes a boho-chic aesthetic and gives it a refined touch. However, on top of that, it also uses numerous plants to fill the light-filled area. Found mainly in pots on the floor, one has also been hung up using stylish macramé.

19. Open-air shower

This bathroom already offers those who live in the abode an uncluttered space, and yet it creates an even more uninhibited area with an open-air shower. This stunning set up lets in natural sunshine, fresh breezes, and glimpses of greenery. Of course, this works best in homes that are located in warmer climates that don't get snow.

20. Cactus and grass in stones

This modern bathroom skips the pots for its plants and instead has set them right into the floor. Using two kinds of cacti and some spiky grass, this space has just the right amount of greenery to make it pop not to mention give it a funky natural accent.