10 Ways To Incorporate Macrame In Your Home

When it comes to choosing the perfect artwork for your home, you could always consider a form of textile art like macrame. A craft that's been around for ages, the word itself goes as far back as the 1200s when the Arabic word "migramah" was used before the art made its way across North Africa and Europe, according to My Modern Met. It then became trendy again in the 1970s before the now-retro art sparked another spike in popularity in recent years.

Macrame is made up of rope and string that's twisted, tied, and knotted in a range of intricate and attractive ways, sometimes adorned with beads. A seemingly simple art form, macrame can be both decorative and functional. Indeed, while My Modern Met notes that it can be used to create accessories and attire, there are also plenty of ways that it can be used as attractive décor. For instance, check out the following ways to incorporate macrame into your home.

1. Pick out some macrame plant holders

If you've ever seen macrame in someone's home or have spotted it at an artisan's market, then you might know that macrame plant holders are incredibly popular. On top of the fact that it's an attractive way to hang plants from the ceiling, it's also an alluring option because there are seemingly endless variations when it comes to the design. They can be large or small, long or short, and also have the potential to boast almost every kind of knot and embellishment you could imagine.

2. Hang decorative macrame pieces

Macrame doesn't always have to serve a function outside of simply looking stunning. Many artists create pieces that are merely meant for decorative purposes. If you have a larger space on a wall that you need to fill, then you might want to consider hanging up a wider macrame piece to suit the space. You could also hang up multiple macrame pieces at different heights in one area to create a visually delightful display. All you need is a few nails, screws, or perhaps some removable hooks if you don't want to ruin your paint job.

3. Put out macrame pillows

Putting out extra pillows is a great way to make your home cozier and can add a creative touch if you choose something that's made from an intriguing material and in an artistic way like macrame. These pillows use the same ropes and knots that always make the artform so lovely, but are also made in layers that are woven together to create a pillow cover. Pop a favorite pillow — or even a less attractive one since it won't be seen — inside of the cover and toss your macrame pillow on a bed, sofa, or chair.

4. Set out a macrame footstool

Embrace a more unusual effect by setting out a macrame footstool. A great way to bring new life to an older piece of furniture, all you need to do is grab your footstool or perhaps pick one up from a thrift store (you don't want to spend a lot on something you're going to cover up) and hide any rips or stains with new fabric if necessary before sliding a macrame cover on top. Just keep in mind that it's best to use soft rope so that will be comfortable under your feet.

5. Make macrame candle holders

Macrame pieces don't have to be massive to make a big impact. Just take a look at these adorable macrame candle holders that would surely catch anyone's eye. A way to spruce up candle holders that might have dulled or be chipped, macrame pieces that surround a candle holder can display a range of knots, twists, and even loose fringe. If you're new to macrame, this could be an ideal smaller project to try. Just be sure to be careful because you obviously don't want the macrame rope to burn.

6. Hang an indoor macrame hammock

You might enjoy taking a nap in your backyard hammock when the weather is nice, but have you ever thought of hanging one up inside of your home? To make it ideal for an indoor space, you simply need to choose — or make — a macrame hammock that's both attractive and cozy. If strong rope is used along with a comfortable woven design, then the entire hammock can be made of macrame. Or, if you prefer, the body of the hammock can be made from a full piece of fabric while macrame is used for embellishments.

7. Choose a comfy macrame chair

If your home doesn't have enough room to accommodate an indoor hammock but you'd still love to have a piece of furniture with the same kind of look, then a macrame chair might be your best bet. Similar to the hammock, you can make one completely out of rope or merely use macrame to add some extra charm to the piece. A macrame chair can be placed wherever you like to kick back and relax, not to mention swing a little if your seat happens to be suspended from above.

8. Use macrame frames for pictures or mirrors

You can add a sweet accent to the photos, mirrors, or art pieces that you put up on the walls of your home by using macrame frames. Best of all, they can be made in whatever size or shape that you may need. You can also incorporate complicated macrame designs or something a little more subtle into your frames in order to suit what you intend to place inside each one.

9. Put out a macrame vase

If you typically have fabulous flowers or houseplants throughout your home, then you likely know that they can look absolutely amazing on their own. However, you can also show them off by placing them in a macrame vase. You could select a larger piece that covers an existing glass vase so that you can keep your flowers in water or you can choose a more shallow bowl shape that has enough space to safely accommodate a pot for your plants.

10. Set up a macrame tent

While a macrame tent certainly wouldn't be a practical choice if you were heading out on a camping trip in the great outdoors, it can be an amazing addition to your indoor décor. Depending on your needs, a macrame tent can be just large enough for you to sneak into when you want to enjoy a cozy vibe or it could be somewhat smaller so that it's ideal for a child. Or it can be purely decorative, its sole purpose being to enhance your space or make you happy.