5 Classy Ways To Incorporate Twilight Into Your Home Decor

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Whether you were a Twihard or just enjoyed the moody aesthetics associated with the books and movies, incorporating "Twilight" in your home is a fun way to connect with the epic love story. Using pop culture within your space doesn't have to involve movie posters and cheesy merchandise. Because of its Pacific Northwest setting, "Twilight" is an accessible concept to channel. Think forest-inspired décor, rustic signs and ornaments, themed artwork, and cozy additions that make your dwelling feel like a respite hidden in the wilderness.

The first novel in Stephanie Meyer's bestselling series came out in 2005 and instantly created a vampire/werewolf-loving fanfare that still lives in the hearts of readers and watchers today. The books revamped a long-standing obsession with supernatural creatures, breathing new life into the genre and making them sexier and more approachable than before. People fell in love with the brooding vampire family, the Cullens, and they grappled with Bella, Edward, and Jacob's love triangle. According to The Berkeley Beacon, Gen Z still thrives on the silly but addictive nature of the storyline, making it a favorite. The series is a nostalgic look into the early 2000s, but the story will stand the test of time. With that in mind, you don't have to wait to watch the movies again or dust off the books from the shelves to revisit the town of Forks. Instead, check out the following décor suggestions to bring a little piece of this series into your everyday life.

1. Twilight-inspired art

Wall art inspired by "Twilight" doesn't have to be relegated to vintage movie posters. If you want to incorporate this theme in your home, or more specifically, on your walls — the trick is to find more artsy depictions of scenes or locations to hang. Etsy has a plethora of minimalist pictures featuring Forks, La Push, and graphics of favorite quotes from the series, such as this Twilight Inspired Art Print Set. The prints are subtle and classy, which makes them even more appealing to Twihards, who loved the elegant and understated Cullen home. According to Sebastien Coell Photography, wall hangings are also easy to care for and don't overfill your home, taking up space that can be used for other pieces.

Framing these minimalist pieces and hanging them above your couch or living room furniture is ideal if you want to show off your purchases. While some people might not get the references, others will admire how stylishly you were able to include "Twilight" in your home décor. There are a number of prints that also show scenes from books and movies but display them in a classy manner rather than an overly cheesy one. You can also find simple forest scenes on canvas or in print form and use those since much of the series takes place in the Pacific Northwest forest. 

2. Modern furnishings

One thing most people associate the most with "Twilight" is the Cullen home, which was an expansive and immaculate house nestled in the woods that exuded style and charm. It was clean, crisp, and well-decorated with a minimalist aesthetic. If you're looking to recreate this aesthetic, adding modern furnishings, such as this Modern White Couch from Amazon, in your living areas will create this ambiance. Simple leather chairs that don't feel too large or imposing are a great option.

White sofas or chaises also look elegant, and according to Upstaged by Design, the daybed featured in Edward's bedroom was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe who is known for his modernist designs. Pair large area rugs in darker colors beneath living room furniture, and keep the color scheme to browns, whites, and blacks. This will help you stick to the Cullen's color scheme, which was super understated but lavish. You can add small pops of color if you prefer a slightly eclectic look, but with this design, less is definitely more.

3. All about accessories

Another easy way to bring "Twilight" into your aesthetic without overdoing it is to focus on themed accessories. Signs, candles, and even engraved wooden spoons can all be found on sites like Etsy and Amazon. If you have the books already, Amazon also has dust jackets that feature a forest design and looks incredible when all displayed together. Place them on a focal bookshelf or surface so visitors can admire them whenever they come over. The candles on Amazon have fun names like "Team Edward" or "Vampires Playing Baseball," the second one being obscure enough that non-fans might just think you have quirky scent preferences.

Etsy also has handmade Twilight Book Page Paper Roses, and the petals are from pages of the "Twilight" series. These can easily be added to your walls or placed on shelves to add a bookish aesthetic. If you buy multiple flowers, they can be turned into a wreath or bouquet and featured on your dining table or front door. According to one reviewer on the Etsy page, they are a simple way to transition from a younger "Twilight" décor to a more adult vibe.

4. A solid book collection

While not everyone is a big reader, one of the most prevalent themes of the series is Bella and Edward's love for books. Edward has a big stack of books in his room, while Bella is usually reading or discussing things she has researched. It can feel like an underlying theme, but if you're looking to reference "Twilight" without leaning too into trademarked items, stocking up on books is the way to go. If you already have a bookshelf, place the "Twilight" series at the forefront of it to draw attention there. Add in smaller ornaments that relate back to the series to accent the novels.

You can also re-create Edwards shelves, which sit stacked vertically on top of one another, creating a floating look that is minimal but notable. By building up a big book collection, you are subtly observing the love of literature by the main characters without going over the top. According to Audible Blog, Stephanie Meyer's books all reference famous works of fiction, including "Romeo and Juliet," "Pride & Prejudice," and "Merchant in Venice." Add these in for a special hidden treat for other Twihards.

5. Throw pillows & cozy blankets

Throw pillows and blankets are always an option for incorporating your favorite book or movie into your home. While some can be gaudy and too theme-forward, others can have small, simple quotes or photos on them that depict the storyline without overdoing it. Etsy has a variety of throw blankets and pillowcases that feature familiar designs from the series that can sit alongside your existing décor, such as this Twilight Square Pillow. Amalia Home Collection notes that larger pieces within your home are harder to change or swap out, but pillows are easily interchanged and updated to represent your current interests or past favorites, like "Twilight." That's why opting for using these as décor is a great choice and will save you time and money.

Choose from an artsy print of Bella's truck outside her dad's house in Forks, which is rustic and can compliment a variety of palette schemes, or a soft blanket that looks similar to her famous purple bedspread. Other pillowcases have famous quotes in fun fonts that blend in well with other cushions and don't feel overbearing. These are ideal for displaying your favorite movie or book moments in a subtle way. You don't have to hang movie posters all over your walls to share your love of "Twilight" — just a few well-placed momentums and ornaments can turn your home into a little piece of Edward and Bella's love story while still remaining your own personal dwelling.