5 Tips For Perfectly Organizing All Your Pot Lids

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Staying organized in the kitchen is extremely important for a number of reasons. According to Auguste Escoffier, a well-organized space will help you be more efficient when cooking. Further, designating every item to its own place will give your kitchen a cleaner appearance. And, an orderly area could help you feel calmer when working in the kitchen.

Maybe you're struggling to organize your pot lids. This could be because they usually have a round shape and an extended handle that makes them difficult to corral together. However, it's important to keep your lids in order, for the above reasons.

When it comes to arranging your pot lids in an orderly manner, location is the most important factor. There are a few places you could store your lids, including placing them inside a cabinet or drawer, installing them on a cabinet door, or displaying them on a hanging organizer or a shelving unit. Below, you'll find tips on how to store your pot lids.

Inside a cabinet

The first place you could store your pot lids is inside a cabinet. If you like an orderly and clean-looking kitchen, this could be a great option for you.

There are a number of organizers you could use to corral your lids in the cabinet, per A Clean Bee. The first is a freestanding lid holder that is not installed. These can be especially beneficial for those who are renting, as you won't have to drill holes into your cabinet. However, they may not be the most secure for the same reason. These organizers sometimes come in an accordion style, which expands to meet your specific needs — you could order one on Amazon, if desired. If you'd rather have an organizer that's installed into your cabinet, you could choose a model that slides out and also holds your pots and pans. This is typically more convenient and makes your items very accessible; however, it is also more expensive, and you'll need to drill holes into your cabinets.

Another solution you could try is using a mail sorter to hold your lids, per Epicurious. When deciding upon this option, they suggest making sure it has some weight on the bottom to ensure that it is secure.  Additionally, be sure to choose one with enough slots to accommodate all your items, and make sure the lids can fit inside it.

Inside a drawer

If you have a deep drawer, you could also choose to organize your lids there. Home Depot recommends using drawer dividers to keep your lids separated from other items, such as your pots and pans. 

Or, Organization Junkie says that you could use tension rods to keep your lids upright. This would provide easy access to all of your lids, and it would keep them from sliding around when you open and close the drawer. Additionally, this option is completely customizable to your needs, as you can place the rods closer together or further apart to make them work for you. They are also very easy to install and don't require any drilling. However, you will need to make sure that your drawer is deep enough to still close while all your lids are stored. If you're looking for some tension rods, Amazon sells a pack of six at a cheap price.

Inside a cabinet door

If you're limited on cabinet and drawer space and you also don't want your lids on display, you could add storage to the inside of your cabinet door. Home Depot recommends using a magnetic strip if your lids are magnetic. Or, you could add a magazine holder to the inside of your cabinet door as well. Another solution is to use hooks; however, this may not be the most space-saving solution, as only a few lids will most likely be able to fit. If choosing this method, you'll need to use two to three hooks per lid, or you could use some made specifically for lids, like these sold on Amazon.

You could also choose to get an over-the-door organizer specifically made to hold lids — one of these racks has high reviews on Looria. People say that it is easy to install, convenient, and holds up nicely. These holders will also make your lids extra accessible, which could prove very useful for you. However, you'll need to make sure that your cabinet door can still close.

On a hanging organizer

Home Storage Solutions 101 says that choosing to display your pots, pans, and lids in the kitchen could be a good choice for those who have beautiful cookware. This could also be useful for those who have limited cabinet and drawer space. However, those who love a minimalist and clean kitchen probably won't love this option.

One way to display your lids is on a ceiling or wall pot rack. According to The Kitchen Blog, these are often seen in industrial-style spaces. They are great space-saving solutions and make everything extra accessible. You should note, though, that they could damage your walls or ceiling, and your pots could suffer if placed too close to a heat source. Another solution is choosing to hang your lids on a bar or a rod installed along your backsplash, per A Clean Bee. However, just like a pot rack, these could take away from the aesthetic of your kitchen and may cause damage to your pots and pans.

On a shelving unit

Finally, you could also choose to place your pots, pans, and lids on a shelving unit. This solution may be the most convenient, as it will allow you to keep the lids on your pots and pans and it will make them easily accessible. However, this option is not very aesthetic, as all your cookware will be on display.

Home Depot suggests choosing a corner shelf with multiple tiers. If you're looking for one to purchase, Amazon has one that could be placed in the corner of your kitchen. Or, you could place your items on a wire rack against an empty wall in your kitchen. To improve the look of your space, you could also arrange them in baskets and then put them on the open shelving. If you'd like to separate the lids from the pots, Home Storage Solutions 101 suggests using a large dishpan to keep them together and easily accessible.