Why Keeping A Tiny House Sparkling Clean Is Harder Than You Thought

When you think about living in a tiny home, your expectations may be slightly unrealistic. Perhaps you imagine that your house will always look like the perfectly designed spaces on HGTV. Or, maybe you haven't considered how many belongings you would have to part with to live in such a small area. The reality is that living in less than 400 square feet comes with some significant challenges, and one of them is learning how to keep your house clean. 

According to Never Too Tiny, the cause of a messy tiny home (or perhaps any sized home, for that matter) is inadequate planning. If you don't have a set plan for how you're going to keep your home clean, your space is sure to dissolve into chaos. Below, you'll discover why keeping a tiny home tidied is more complicated than you might think. You'll also find a few tips on keeping any small space in tip-top shape.

Why maintaining cleanliness is hard

According to Never Too Tiny, there are lots of reasons why tiny homes are challenging to keep tidy. These include having too many possessions, not preventing dirt from entering your home by taking off your shoes at the door, not using the right cleaning supplies, and crowding your space with too many furniture pieces. Quicken Loans emphasizes the problem of clutter in tiny homes. When you live in such a small house, even having just a few things out of place can make your space feel chaotic. They also point out that because tiny homes are not as open as standard houses, they can be more difficult to clean, and you'll need special equipment, like a small vacuum, to get into some of the tighter nooks.

However, Never Too Tiny also points out that, while it may be more complicated than you thought, it will most likely take less time than cleaning an average home. Further, because the area is compact, you won't need as many cleaning supplies, which could save you money. And your little space could also force you to think more creatively about how you should store your possessions, which could improve your problem-solving ability.

Tips for keeping small spaces clean

If you live in a tiny home, small house, or cramped apartment, you'll need some tips on how to keep your space clean. Luckily, The Tiny Housing Co says cleaning a wee area doesn't have to be a dreaded chore and shouldn't take all day. You could even learn to enjoy cleaning your house by implementing the following tips.

First, you should focus on switching your mindset to a more minimalist point of view. If you continue buying things you don't need, you will have a cluttered space. Instead, make sure that everything you buy has a purpose and a place where it can be stored. Additionally, Tiny House Expedition says to purchase cleaning supplies that can easily be stowed away in small areas. Finally, LifeStorage says that putting things back into their rightful places immediately after they have been used will keep your space from breaking down into a huge, seemingly unsolvable mess.