30 Stunning Statement Ceilings To Give Your Space A Whole New Look

Do you have a ho-hum room in need of a little more personality? Look no further than the statement ceiling. Interior designers who embrace this trend refer to the ceiling as the "fifth wall" to demonstrate the possibilities to consider for the space — just as much as you do for the walls. Wallpaper, paint, stenciling, millwork, and textiles are just a few avenues to consider when adding some extra interest to the often-overlooked area.

According to Vogue, statement ceilings were once a luxurious sign of wealth but faded in popularity following World War 1 and were considered a thing of the past by the time the 1940s rolled around. "As the ceiling has been so ignored over the last 70 years, it's definitely about to have its renaissance again," interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard told Vogue in 2018. His prediction has undoubtedly come to pass, as bold statement ceilings are now all over social media and interior design magazines. Want to take a stab at the trend? We've rounded up inspiring examples to start your fifth wall journey.

1. Wooden slat ceiling

Sleek wooden slats in a light pine hue line this ceiling, lending the room an air of brightness in tune with nature. Modern drop lighting in a similar color adds to the eye-catching effect.

2. Rustic exposed beams

You can't go wrong with rustic exposed beams. This kitchen's ceiling features beams with a chic aged look, making for a rustic charm accentuated by the iron light fixtures.

3. Moody charcoal ceiling

This eye-catching ceiling is painted a deep moody gray, which makes a bold contrast with the white walls and draws attention to the beautiful millwork.

4. Cheerful pink stripes

This wild Palm Springs-inspired bedroom would make every night feel like a resort stay. Bold pink stripes across the ceiling tie in with pink accents throughout the room, ensuring they don't feel out of the left field.

5. Subtle contrast ceiling

Do you want to try this trend but are not ready to paint your ceiling hot pink? A subtle contrasting neutral still makes a statement while keeping the space serene.

6. Reclaimed wood ceiling

An interesting textural mix of modern and old-world charm results from this room, which pairs a brick wall and a reclaimed wood ceiling.

7. Painted wooden ceiling

Antique exposed beam ceilings get a dose of playfulness with colorfully painted decorations in this hallway. Wall decals or appliques could be similarly employed for those less talented with a paintbrush.

8. Buzzy gilded wallpaper

The owner of this statement ceiling opted for a light blue wallpaper with shiny gold bees on it in a fun homage to the beehive that had to be removed from inside the ceiling during renovations. A glitzy crystal chandelier ties it all together.

9. Elegant tiled ceiling

Tile isn't just for floors and backsplash! This elegant space has a ceiling with exposed beams and dainty patterned tiles, making for a charming old-world style.

10. Striped focal point

This living room draws attention to the cozy seating area at its center, with thick stripes extending from behind the couch up to the ceiling and the adjacent skylight, making for an exciting and inviting lounge space.

11. Tasteful pastel ceiling

A subtle pop of color is created with this soft mint-hued ceiling with contrasting white millwork. This is an easy-breezy way to infuse some calm color into a space unexpectedly.

12. Wavy painted ceiling

Groovy sky-blue waves painted against a white ceiling make for a fun and undeniably cool statement-making space. The disco ball is optional but encouraged.

13. Amber sunburst ceiling

Add retro brightness to your space with a bold amber-hued sunburst emanating from a light fixture at the center of the ceiling.

14. Bold ceiling with dark walls

A salmon-colored ceiling makes quite the statement, especially in contrast with the inky black walls. The surprising mix strikes a unique balance between playful and brooding.

15. Floral wallpapered ceiling

This vintage-inspired room is perfectly matched by retro floral wallpaper covering the ceiling. The rest of the space sticks closely to the color palette within the wallpaper, preventing the statement ceiling from looking too wild.

16. Luxe gold ceiling

This shiny gold ceiling is undoubtedly eye-catching, taking luxe to the next level. A unique chandelier with a floral motif completes the elegant-but-fun look.

17. Navy ceiling with white walls

A simple navy ceiling contrasted by stark white walls makes this bedroom feel like the fifth wall opens directly into the night sky.

18. Delicately detailed wallpaper

Chic, highly detailed wallpaper elevates this ceiling, making for an elegant topper to any parlor or living space. Retro but classic light fixtures complete the timeless look.

19. Circus tent ceiling

If you want to go wild, take inspiration from this circus-themed children's bedroom, which uses paint to give the illusion of being inside a circus tent.

20. All black bedroom

This inky black ceiling is matched by equally dark walls, making for an all-black bedroom that's surprisingly chic. Rather than make the space feel claustrophobic, it creates a relaxed, calm, almost cave-like environment for rest.

21. Mauve moment

This space makes a case for mauve as a chic stand-in for a neutral shade. The unexpected color draws the eye up without being overwhelming.

22. Exposed beams painted hot pink

This art studio features exposed beams painted a bold hot pink hue, matched by similar pink shades throughout the space. A similar effect can be achieved with any bold color of your choice, creating a fun and creative environment.

23. Dusty blue ceiling

This walk-in closet and dressing room feature a dusty blue ceiling contrasting with white walls, making for a calm yet chic atmosphere to start the day in.

24. Extra dose of sunshine

This home provides a welcome jolt of sunshine by painting the ceiling of this small space bright yellow, which contrasts nicely with the white walls below and the dark gray-blue walls of the adjacent hall.

25. Starry night sky

For those who wish to sleep under the stars every night, take note: shiny gold star appliques on a navy-blue ceiling make for a magical display. The celestial-inspired lighting fixture completes the look.

26. Art deco wallpaper ceiling

This fun pink and green retro-style kitchen is completed by a turquoise art deco-inspired wallpaper covering the ceiling. The result is equal parts unique and beautiful.

27. Mossy green ceiling

This statement ceiling is a bold mossy green in a moody dark hue, paired with gold accents for an elegant result.

28. Botanical ceiling

Opt for a tropical botanical printed wallpaper for a more sophisticated but fun take on the statement ceiling. White walls provide a nice blank canvas for the ceiling to pop against.

29. Textured pop of color

Another green ceiling takes it a step further by using a textured painting technique, making for a ceiling that appears almost suede-like in texture.

30. Tropical blue and green bedroom

This bold blue and green tropical palm frond patterned wallpaper ceiling transitions into white walls with three broad, colorful stripes, making for a cohesive color palette.