5 Tips For Creating The Glam Room Of Your Dreams

Glam style is known for its lavish materials, elevated look, and a whole lot of shimmer. It speaks to both old-world luxury and high Hollywood glamour while still feeling fresh and unexpected. According to Signature Hardware, glam décor successfully combines both the ornate and extravagant with everyday functionality with beautiful results.

While all that opulence may cause hesitation when thinking of incorporating it into your own home, glam is also a style that works well with other trends, including neutral interiors and vintage-style rooms, as well as adds a dose of luxury and sheen to even sleek and modern rooms. By adding just a few key elements in terms of materials, lighting, and other decorative touches, you can create a glam-inspired room from the ground up or add hints of glamour whatever your décor scheme is. In addition, glam components often form a striking contrast with more rustic and industrial styles as well.

1. Luxurious statement pieces

Glam interiors are full of statement pieces, often with a hint of modern or vintage luxury. Pieces can include a beautiful sofa or settee, an elaborately carved fireplace surround, or a gorgeous vintage vanity from the 1930s. These pieces are never just haphazardly chosen for function, yet still provide functional aspects to the room, which demands they be beautiful, useful, and comfortable.

According to Curated Interior, velvet sofas offer an instant dose of glam to any design scheme, including those that are more streamlined and modern. While a heavily tufted version would fit well into a more vintage-inspired room, this gold-accented, charcoal sofa has a simpler, more modern profile that would shine in even the most contemporary room. You can also combine velvet with other luxurious fabrics like silk, satin, and embroidered pieces for an even more textured and opulent feel. In addition, velvet furnishings — including chairs, ottomans, and benches — instantly elevate any room to a glam level.

2. Lighting

Lighting is another key feature of glam rooms that checks boxes on both beautiful and functional. According to Hayneedle, glam style puts an emphasis on shiny metals (think silver, gold, and chrome), elements that are perfect to look for when choosing light fixtures. The atmosphere is everything when lighting glam interiors. While days may depend on an abundance of natural light streaming through large, dramatic windows, evenings are even more important, offering a chance to bring in glamourous touches like crystal and stained glass.

If your room décor tends more toward modern, you can bring in a vintage or antique lighting fixture for a great contrast, including chandeliers and crystal sconces. Alternately, vintage and antique-inspired rooms love a more streamlined ceiling fixture or lamp to keep the vibe fresh and avoid looking too much like a museum. Never underestimate the power of other kinds of lighting, such as candles, spotlights on artwork, and even disco balls to add interest to glam-inspired rooms.

3. Mirrors everywhere

Mirrors provide a great way to instantly add a note of charm. Not only do they reflect light and make spaces feel grander and larger, but they can also be beautiful objects in and of themselves. Perfect glam-style mirror additions include those framed in gold or silver, as well as more modern chrome pieces. In addition, many mirrors are now available in non-traditional, organic shapes and 1950s-inspired starburst patterns that instantly make an impact, Centsational Style notes.

According to From House to Home, you should think of mirrors as a great addition to any area of the house, not just expected places like bedrooms and bathrooms. For example, one placed above a sideboard in the dining room would instantly make the room more glamorous. Parisian apartments are filled with lavishly carved gilt fireplace mirrors, both old and new — a look that is easily replicated. For a larger statement in a mid-century interior, consider a gold-marbled wall of mirrors for a splash of '70s glam.

4. Beautiful accents

In addition to large-impact statement pieces, glam style revels in small touches. Accent pieces go a long way toward making a room drip with opulence. These can include beautiful vintage objects such as collectibles, old phones or cameras, and stylish items like boxes, baskets, and bowls, which provide storage and easy access to things while still being gorgeous additions. Likewise, accents like extravagant throw pillows, fur rugs, leopard print items, and gold or silver accents, including candlesticks go a long way toward creating a glam atmosphere.

As functional as they are beautiful, these accents add aesthetic value while also serving very functional roles. According to Alice Wingerden, you can take a furniture piece like a vintage vanity and instantly elevate it by adding antique perfume bottles, toiletry items, and beauty item containers on it. Be on the lookout for attractive, stylish ways of housing everyday items, everything from beauty items to unsightly things like cords and remotes.

5. Collections on display

While it's easy to walk into and out of a store with a new glam-inspired design element like a sofa or vanity, consider how the things you might already have can serve a similar function. While collections of beautiful objects like clothes, handbags, and shoes are usually tucked away out of sight, they are often the touch that a room needs to echo the glam style, an aesthetic very much focused on beautiful, utilitarian objects.

If you have a cache of beautiful vintage handbags, find a way to display them in your home. Ditto shoes and other accessories like jewelry or scarves. If you lack closet space or like to keep clothes where you can see them, a rack of your favorite pieces can be beautiful and functional and, according to Stylecaster, can become an important, rotating style element on its own. While a bedroom or wardrobe room might be the most predictable place, consider doing this in other areas of the home that are unexpected, like hallways and living rooms.