The One Thing To Add To Your Bathroom To Instantly Make It Feel Invigorating

Your bathroom should be the ultimate haven, a spot to relax, decompress, and pamper yourself after long, stressful days. When it comes to designing or revamping it, there are a number of things you can do to make it feel like a respite. If you're looking to give the space an invigorating feel, a simple change can transform the entire atmosphere. While shower curtains might not seem like the biggest change to implement, these pieces actually have a huge impact on a bathroom's overall aesthetic.

If your shower or bath still boasts a curtain, don't fall into the (plastic) trap that leaves the vibe feeling more like a dormitory and less like a grown-up washroom. After all, you want to channel spa ambiance, not college communal stalls, so exploring different options will allow you to turn it into something truly engaging and desirable. Gone are the days of PVC, and the age of material-based shower curtains with fun designs is hopefully here to stay. According to MyDomaine, these are terrific focal points within bathrooms, especially smaller ones, so branch out and try this trend that's wowing homeowners.

In citrus we trust

Citrus has been considered a fruit of prosperity for years, specifically in art. According to Fine Dining Lovers, citrus was used in Renaissance paintings to exemplify wealth and opulence, but since then, it has also come to provide an invigorating feel when used in any room. Whether you add fake oranges and lemons on a table or hang a picture featuring limes and grapefruits, you're undoubtedly energizing and revitalizing the space. This applies to a shower curtain that features citrus fruit as well.

Choosing a bright, retro-inspired curtain will transform your bathroom from drab to fab, and opting for fabric-based options over plastic brings a mature edge to the atmosphere. Cotton curtains are great for providing an elegant tone, while still looking clean and fresh whenever someone enters. You can protect the fabric with a plastic liner that sits behind it, keeping water from soaking through. Add weights or magnets to the bottom of the liner to keep it from floating up when the shower is on.

Picking the right curtain

These days, online shops and brick-and-mortar retailers are full of citrus-inspired creations. When it comes to buying a new shower curtain, the world is truly your oyster. Case in point: Decide if you're looking for a moodier depiction that still displays pops of color. Or, perhaps you want something more subtle with an excess of white space between each fruit. 

Either way, take the time to assess how your bathroom is styled, then pick a curtain that will match any existing décor, without the need for a total revamp. If you're in the mood to redo the whole space, use the curtain as inspiration for a color palette and accent options. The Entertainer notes that using citrus décor is great for creating a summery vibe in your bathroom, especially if you want those feels year round.

Regardless of what print, color, and style you lean toward, the bright hues of citrus fruits mixed in with dark or neutral tones will provide your bathroom with an invigorating ambiance. The thought of zesty tastes and smells immediately works to energize the mind and body, so you'll feel present and refreshed as you prep for your day or decompress afterward.