20 Savvy Ways To Bring Art Into Your Bathroom

Whether you're a fan of pop art, prefer impressionist art, or happen to adore abstract art, you might be interested in finding ways to add artistic hints to the various rooms in your home. While it might seem rather obvious how to do that when it comes to your living room, bedroom, or even kitchen, the fact is you might find it a little harder to think of appropriate ways to add touches of creativity to your bathroom.

Frankly, while you surely want the space to be just as stylish as every other room in your home, it's important to remember that a bathroom primarily needs to be functional. That's why, while figuring out the design and look of the room, you'll need to consider aspects such as potential storage needs as well as both lighting and hardware, according to Frame It Easy. Beyond that, you might also want to do things like bring plants into the room to add some life to the space and perhaps opt for a few candles in order to enhance both the aesthetic of your bathroom as well as the mood.

Once you have all of that figured out, it's time to add artistic touches. There's a wide range of ways to do just that, and you're sure to find something you adore and will want in your own bathroom.

1. Framed prints

Hanging a canvas painting or a piece of original art in a bathroom can be a bit risky due to the fact that it needs to be able to withstand humidity, steam, and even splashes of water. That's why you may want to opt for framed prints that are more affordable and will be protected behind the glass.

2. A single sizable photograph

Using multiple prints in your bathroom can look lovely, especially if it's a large space. However, they can also make the area look cluttered. If your bathroom is on the smaller side or has limited space on the walls, a single large photograph can fill the space without overwhelming it.

3. Macrame wall hanging

If your home has a boho vibe or you love stunning handcrafted pieces, then macrame might be the perfect addition to your bathroom. Thanks to the fact that it can be made in pretty much any size, featuring either a complicated design or something simple, you'll definitely be able to find something perfect for your home.

4. Stand-alone sculptures

Sculptures are an option with seemingly endless possibilities. For instance, you could go with a sculpture of a meaningful figure or an abstract piece. There are also different materials to choose from like stone, metal, or ceramic — just be sure to choose a piece that won't be ruined if it gets wet.

5. Creative wallpaper

Using wallpaper in your bathroom gives you the opportunity to cover an entire wall — or every wall in the space depending on your preference — with art. Consider a wallpaper with a creative pattern, something with a funky visual effect, or one with a large image that will make it seem like a mural.

6. Bold and intricate tiles

If you like the idea of covering the walls of your bathroom with a creative touch, you might also be intrigued by unique artistic tiles. You can either fill small sections or the entire room with tiles that boast bold and intricate designs. They can be as colorful as your heart desires.

7. Artistic wall panels

When you think of adding wood panels to your walls, you might imagine simple boards that are installed vertically or perhaps even horizontally. However, by cutting boards on angles and securing them to the wall in a pre-planned design (and perhaps even painting them), you can end up with a stunning artistic panel installation.

8. Decorative mirrors

There is no doubt that a mirror can be a work of art. Another item for your bathroom that can be found in a wide range of materials, a mirror can be pretty much any color, shape, and design you can imagine. Just take a look at these metal sun-shaped mirrors and try not to fall in love.

9. Eye-catching faucet

You might not think about the faucet in your bathroom sink or bathtub as something that can be either impressive or artistic, but you'll definitely want to think again. Faucets can be designed like little sculptures or, as in this case, a piece with an added glow that makes it almost like a mini light-based art installation.

10. Handcrafted sink

Anyone who appreciates the opportunity to add sculptural items to their home will surely want a unique and artistic sink in their bathroom. To make that happen in a creative yet stylish way, choose a handcrafted sink such as one that is chiseled out of gorgeous natural stone, then polished to a shine.

11. Creative counter

Along with the stylish faucet and sink, the counter you choose for your bathroom can be as artistic as you want as well. While the overall shape could be unexpectedly creative, you could also opt for something that is fully painted with a striking design or has been carved by hand.

12. Unique light fixtures

When choosing light fixtures for your bathroom, you'll want to pick ones that provide the specific kind of illumination you're looking for, as well as ones that suit the style of the room. Beyond that, light fixtures can be creative shapes hung in interesting arrangements, making them wonderfully and even surprisingly artistic.

13. Quirky plant pots

If you love to have plants in your bathroom, then you'll know they can feel like living pieces of art themselves. On top of that, the pots they're in can also be works of art. Try opting for smaller pots that have designs painted on them or larger pots that feature creative patterns.

14. Unusual bathtub

Showers are a fabulous way to get a quick rinse or wash your hair, however, soaking in the bathtub is a wonderful way to relax at the end of the day. Your bathtub can also be an artistic addition to the room if you choose something with a unique design or unusual shape.

15. Shower curtain with a design

While it's unlikely that your shower curtain will be made out of canvas-like material, it can still act like a canvas when it comes to displaying art in your bathroom. With a large surface area, the curtain is the perfect place for an illustration, a pattern, or even an image of a photograph.

16. Artistic baskets

Basketweaving is an art form that goes back countless generations, and there are still plenty of creative people who are dedicated to the craft. It won't be hard to find baskets of all shapes and sizes for your bathroom that can not only be functional if you wish, but will also be beautiful.

17. Stunning stained glass window

Stained glass isn't just for older residences and stately buildings. You can also have one in your modern home. While you could opt to find an antique piece or have something custom-made specifically for your bathroom window, stained glass can provide you with added privacy from a piece of art that literally glows.

18. Embroidered bath towels

Using towels in your bathroom that feature touches of embroidery may not be that common these days, however, it will always be a sweet way to add a hint of creativity to a space. Of course, these towels will surely be too pretty and delicate to use for drying your hands and should probably just be decorative.

19. Stylish bath mat

When you chose the bath mat for your bathroom, you may have simply grabbed one that is the same color as the walls or one that matches the space in some other straightforward way. However, a bath mat can instead be a spot where you display a piece of art or creative pattern.

20. Striking screen

Whether you need a little extra privacy in your bathroom or simply have a large space to fill, a folding screen can be an ideal option. Screens can be artistic creations that boast extensive carving and eye-pleasing designs. Beyond that, they can feature painted wood panels, patterned fabric sections, and various other artistic details.