20 Small Dining Room Tables That Won't Take Up A Lot Of Space

If you want to make a statement in your dining room, then you want to ensure you choose the perfect table for the space. In order to do that, you may want to track down a piece of furniture that's both well-made and has a look that you won't tire of sooner rather than later, according to The New York Times. On top of that, your dining room table needs to fit both your budget and the room where you intend to put it.

In fact, the size of your potential new dining table is apparently the most important factor to keep in mind. Beyond that, there are certain aspects of the dimensions that you'll need to figure out. As West Elm explains, you'll want to measure at least 3' of clearance around the perimeter of your dining table. This allows enough space for people to comfortably sit at the table, as well as move around the table, when necessary.

You'll also need to make sure to have enough room for larger chairs if those are your preference. Of course, bigger chairs may overwhelm the area, as can a table that is either too thick or a dark color, per the Times. Granted, that depends on the overall design and particular details. For instance, take a glance at these small dining tables that won't take up a lot of space but do boast a lot of style.

1. Simple circular black dining table

Leave plenty of open space in your dining room by using a simple circular table. This example has enough room for two people to sit and eat comfortably, although a third and fourth person could likely fit if needed. While the table is fully black, the thin design keeps it from appearing to be overwhelming.

2. Two-legged, two-color dining table

Roomy enough to offer snug space for four people — or five if you want to pop someone on the end — this gray-topped table is attached to the wall and only uses two black legs to keep it propped up. The legs are also flat which means that they don't take up a lot of the area.

3. Wood table with paneled base

The wood top, which boasts a gorgeous grain, is enough to make you fall in love with this chic table. However, the fact that the relatively small piece, which has enough room for you and three friends or family members, also features a white base with thin panels makes it even more stylish.

4. Compact rustic wood dining table

This rather compact dining table uses two shades of wood for its stunning design. The circular top is a lighter color that's been left with a few raw touches to give it a lovely rustic look. The bottom uses a darker wood that's just as raw to make up an artistic angled design.

5. Modestly-sized marble and gold table

The size of this table is the only modest thing about it. Along with a fabulous black and gray marble that's been used for both the top and two wider legs, it also features multiple thin gold legs. Ideal for a sleek and modern space, it would also work in a variety of chic rooms.

6. Contemporary table with angled base

From above, this small contemporary table looks like it has a simple design due to the square off-white almost beige top that has rounded corners. Yet, all you need to do is glance at the base to see that this piece has a unique and attractive base.

7. Small table with built-in benches

This table has been tucked into the corner of the back of an L-shaped kitchen island to take advantage of available space. It also has built-in benches while additional chairs could be used if needed. This option could work with a variety of styles from a comfortable modern abode to something with classic country charm.

8. Petite glass-top dining table

Although this pretty and petite dining room table can only fit four people, the design is on the more complicated side. Along with a circular top that's made of clear glass, the bottom section has both paneled legs that are curved at the top and metal legs that are tucked inside.

9. Slim table with subtle stylishness

This table looks larger than it is thanks to the slim post that acts as its base. It also offers tiny details that increase its stylishness, including a slightly curved rim around the top as well as the fact that the post narrows in the middle before flaring at either end.

10. Counter extension small dining table

Because this table has been added on as an extension of the kitchen counter, it creates a clean line and doesn't clutter up the adjoining dining space. However, it also has a design and features colors that are different from the counter which helps to visually define and separate both areas.

11. Wood and metal dining table

The idea of a design that uses metal might sound like it could be too imposing for a small space, but it doesn't have to be that way. Instead, this dining table keeps things open with thin metal legs and angled bars as well as a wood top that's both thin and a lighter shade.

12. Wood table with crossed legs

X marks the spot, as they say. Although in this case, an X can be spotted on the floor where the wood that makes up the base of this table extends diagonally and meets in the middle. The legs also lean in as they reach up, which leaves space to comfortably pull your chair in.

13. Small table with metal posts

The glass top of this table has a shiny surface that pairs well with the metal legs. Beyond that, by using rounded posts that are rather thick for this size of a table, they become the funky focal point. That means this table would perfectly suit an edgy room or space with an industrial style.

14. Mini yet swanky dining table

Opt for a mini table that's seriously sophisticated. This swanky design would look incredible in a classy residence or could be the one posh piece in an otherwise laid-back abode. The curved column legs and marble top are both incredibly elegant while the white color prevents it from filling the area with a looming shade.

15. Rounded marble dining room table

By getting rid of any sharp corners, this small dining table will give you and up to three guests plenty of room to move your chairs around. At the same time, you won't have to worry about a lack of style thanks to the marvelous white marble with gorgeous gray veins.

16. Granite and metal dining table

If marble won't quite work in your home but you like the thought of using a natural stone, then you might want to consider a table that has a granite top. This small table with a metal base uses a kind of granite that matches the wall color which helps it blend into the décor.

17. Small wood board dining table

The bottom of this small table is arguably hefty if you compare it to the rest of the design. However, the white-washed wood helps it from weighing down the room visually. The compact wood boards that have also been used for the dining surface are a light shade that suits the area with off-white walls.

18. Mini dining table with curves

Whether your home is filled with trendy accents or you flaunt an interior style that's completely unique, this table might pique your interest. The thin white top includes just enough room for a small group to dine together while the single outer leg has a curve that follows the one on the tabletop above.

19. Contrasting and compact dining table

The black bottom of this table creates a fashionable contrast to the lighter wood that has been used on top. On top of that, square legs stand under a rounded tabletop to create even further distinctions between the two sections. Additionally, the compact size means that it will likely fit nicely into any room.

20. Small table with L-shaped legs

Another table that uses clear glass with shiny metal, the narrow chrome posts featured here have been made into subtle L-shapes that you'll see are upside down. This creates support for the top of the table as well as a unique touch to the small yet super-slick piece.