How To Make A Carpet Work In Your Bathroom

While you might have carpet in your living room or bedroom, you may also be wondering if you can use it in your bathroom. There are various reasons why you might want a carpet in your bathroom, according to Carpetright. Carpeted floors can add to the overall style of the space and make the area feel more complete. Moreover, the flooring can suit the colors you've already chosen for your décor, while the attractive texture can add to the aesthetic.

Beyond that, Carpetright notes that carpeting can make your bathroom a cozy place. Thanks to the soft surface, your floor will always feel both fluffy and toasty under your feet. In addition, having a carpet in your bathroom can make the floor less slippery and hard. This can potentially prevent a misstep and tumble. While you certainly don't want anyone getting injured in your home, it may be even more important to keep accidents from happening if you live with little ones or older roommates.

If you're now intrigued by the idea of having a soft surface underfoot whenever you get out of the tub or shower, then you'll surely want to find out how to make carpet work in your bathroom.

You need to choose the right kind of bathroom carpet

Deciding to have a carpeted bathroom might be the right choice for your home, however, you'll need to choose the right kind of carpet. According to Kennington Flooring, your best option will likely be to install a carpet that is specifically made to be used somewhere like a bathroom. Created in a way and with materials that will keep your carpets from succumbing to unfortunate stains, they can also be safe to have around water and won't be ruined or become stinky when they get wet. Additionally, they can include a protective barrier that prevents moisture from damaging whatever is underneath your carpet.

Donnelly Watson Carpeting & Flooring Specialists suggest that when it comes to the carpet itself, you should try to find one with a relatively low pile. The lower and tighter the pile, the less space there will be to trap water which can lead to odors. You'll also want to keep water from getting under your carpet, which means that you'll need to make sure that it's properly installed with something that won't loosen or unstick. Finally, let your bathroom air out after each shower so that your carpet won't be regularly subjected to humid conditions. While that might leave you excited to find your own bathroom carpet, there's a complementary option that you might also want to consider.

The alternative for carpet-like benefits

If you like the idea of making your bathroom floors cozy and warm, then you might want to also consider another option that offers you the same kind of benefits as carpet. If that piques your interest, then you'll likely be interested to find out about underfloor heating. This heating system is installed under the tiled sections of your bathroom, and it can be warmed up whenever you desire, per Soakology. This will mean that your feet will be just as warm — if not warmer — than when standing on a carpet. 

Another bonus is that heated tiles are easy to clean which can be a fabulous feature for a space like a bathroom. Although having underfloor heating might sound like something that's only found in the kind of fancy abodes that belong to rich residents, Soakology points out that they don't tend to cost as much as they used to. In fact, you can install underfloor heating in your bathroom for around $10 to $12 per square foot, according to Warmly Yours. That works out to around $600 for an average bathroom.

For the ultimate luxury, you could carpet part of your bathroom floor while leaving the remaining areas tiled with underfloor heating. In fact, the combination could make your bathroom the coziest space in your home.