HGTV's Jasmine Roth Says Never To Cover Up This Vital Home Feature

When it comes to making changes to your furniture and the layout of a room, there are a lot of reasons to make those updates. According to Decorating Den, a new layout could help you to make the room feel like it's bigger or even help to give you a bit of a boost in your mood, especially if the steps you take add to the comfort of the space. Rearranging furniture could be fun to do, too.

The key isn't just to make some moves but to do so with careful attention to the end result and what those changes may do to the space. According to Jasmine Roth, noted for her series "Help! I Wrecked My House" on HGTV, there are some mistakes that you simply want to avoid making when changing up the living room or other areas of the home (via Realtor). Some of those mistakes are even considered important no-way changes to the space. Here's what she says is the biggest concern.

Avoid blocking natural light

Perhaps you purchased a big-screen TV, one that is going to require a significant amount of rearranging of furniture just to make room for it (and you may even have limited wall space to put it). Jasmine Roth says that TVs shouldn't block the window, though, no matter how tempting it may be, because it will limit the amount of natural light coming into the space. Healthline notes that natural light helps keep seasonal depression at bay, increases Vitamin D absorption, and improves sleep.

Even if that seems to be the best or only place to put the TV so you can see it, Roth suggests it's a mistake. In an episode where a property owner built a removable wall treatment over a window to hang a TV, she states, "In order to bring more light into the room, we'll remove that wall and rearrange the furniture." What about the seating to allow for good TV viewing? Roth recommends buying a curved sofa that improves the overall view of the TV, keeping the window open and clear (via Realtor).