5 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Kid's Disney-Themed Bedroom

Princesses, pirates, "Star Wars," and Marvel. Disney seems to cover it all when it comes to entertainment and capturing the attention and passions of both kids and adults alike. Whether your child loves Cinderella or perhaps aspires to be a superhero, Disney-themed bedrooms are a popular choice for many families. According to The Local Flea, there are literally hundreds of options to choose from when it comes to Disney theming. 

However, bedrooms that are inspired by Disney can go beyond a movie-themed bedding set or posters hung on the walls. If you take the time to really think about design options, you can implement some truly creative looks. From subtle to bold, you can decorate your child's bedroom without going overboard or spending a fortune. The end result will be a room you can feel proud to have as part of your home and that your child will adore spending time in. 

1. Shadow art

While it's simple enough to decorate with wallpaper or themed curtains, have you ever considered decorating with light? Shadow art is a fun and easy way to add an unexpected Disney element to a room, and you can make it either removable or permanent. According to Busy Moms Helper, all you need is a paper silhouette cutout, a lamp with a soft light bulb, and a projector. 

Due to the fact that Peter Pan's shadow is part of the classic film, it's a natural choice for this project, but you can trace and cut out any shape or movie character. Once the shadow is displayed, you can either fill it in with grey paint for a permanent look or simply keep the lamp and projector in place to serve as a night light at bedtime instead — you can just turn it on and off as you need it. 

2. Creative bed

Having one or two pieces of themed furniture can really make a Disney-themed room dazzle, and when it comes to a kid's room, a fun bed is where it's at. If you have a child in your home who lives for the Disney princess films, a magical carriage bed inspired by "Cinderella" could be a great choice. Carriage beds can be a simple metal frame or as elaborate as you dream. According to This is Why I'm Broke, you can even pay up to $47,000 for one. Yikes. 

What if your child isn't into fairytales? There are plenty of other Disney-inspired beds available for purchase online, from pirate ships to race cars. Pair it with some whimsical bedding for a decorative focal point that will delight your child and any sleepover guests. With such an inviting bed, bedtime won't come with any fight — at least not for a little while. 

3. Out of Africa

The "Lion King" is one of Disney's most visually stunning films and continues to enthrall generations of kids. Choosing an African-inspired room might be a great choice if you want to incorporate this theme. You can work some very Disney elements into it while also keeping it subtle enough that it'll be a motif your child won't quickly outgrow. Stick to neutrals and earth tones for carpeting and bedding, and get creative with sunset-hued walls. If you or a friend are talented in the mural arena, paint your favorite "Lion King" scene on an accent wall, or create a more subdued homage to the film with safari animal silhouettes. 

According to Mouse Hacking, a family suite at Disney's Art of Animation Resort is "Lion King" themed and is brimming with inspiration for your own bedroom décor. After all, where better to glean ideas for a Disney-themed room than from Disney itself? 

4. Galaxy gorgeous

Regardless of whether or not you have kids, you are likely well aware that "Star Wars" is a big deal. There are so many different options for "Star Wars" bedroom décor, both online and in local stores, that the sheer volume of choices can be staggering. But a truly unique bedroom will go beyond the wall decals and do something a bit more innovative instead. 

For teens, go with a completely black-and-white color scheme, a la stormtroopers and Darth Vader. According to Displate Magazine, a minimalistic "Star Wars" theme can make a room look sleek. If your kids are younger and want something a bit more immersive, hang LED light sabers on the wall, seek out special items like Death Star wall hangings, or use letter decals to place your favorite "Star Wars" movie quote on the wall. May the Force be with your new bedroom design.  

5. Bedroom wonderland

"Alice in Wonderland" is an unexpected bedroom choice amongst all of the Marvel, "Star Wars," and Mickey Mouse options out there. However, one of the best things about a Wonderland theme is you can make it as quirky and immersive as you want. Whether you purchase licensed Disney bedroom items or purchase Alice-themed pieces elsewhere, there are no rules when it comes to Wonderland. 

According to Lubbil, you can go with a Lewis Carroll vibe or go more for classic Disney. Some ideas include oversized playing cards climbing up a wall, a miniature funhouse mirror, an oversized clock, or artificial flowers in vases or on the windowsill. Classic Alice will lean more towards black, red, and garden greens. Cartoon Alice should incorporate the entire color palate, including pink, purple, yellow, orange, and as many other colors as you wish to include. With an Alice room, you'll truly create a world of your own.