The 5 Best Over-The-Door Storage Solutions For Every Space

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Utilizing the back of a door is an excellent use of space suggests Buy Time. The average home has around 19 doors, according to Wusf Public Media, affording a lot of unused space that could be put to good use. Moreover, that number multiplies dramatically when you add in cupboard and wardrobe doors. There are plenty of options these days for storing almost anything on a door.

Depending on the space you have available, or the items you need to store, you will need to consider a few things, such as the height of your door and the method of attaching the hanger — will you be able to reach the top pockets? Will the door close when the hooks are in place?

If you are looking to increase your available storage, but don't have the space for additional items of furniture, check out these versatile over-the-door storage options that can be used throughout your home.

Multiple pockets

This MISSLO hanger from Amazon is perfect for hanging over a bedroom door or closet door. And at $11.99, it's very competitively priced. It is designed for shoes — and is ideal for that purpose, but it could also be used for makeup, underwear, winter hats, gloves, scarves, or stationary — the possibilities are endless.

Having over 29,000 reviews — putting it at a healthy 4.7 stars out of a possible 5, it is well-liked. There are 24 pockets altogether and they are made of mesh, so it is very easy to see what's inside each pocket and is perfect for finding things quickly and easily. One Amazon customer commented that the mesh helps keep her shoes well-ventilated, while another said it would work perfectly for organizing toys in a child's bedroom. There are four hooks at the top, so it is evenly weighted, but could also be cut lengthways into four separate hangers, which would be perfect for traveling or organizing things separately.

Deep pocket organizer

The ULG storage solution from Amazon requires a little more space behind the door you are planning to utilize, as it is quite wide. It would be perfect for use in a pantry or an office door. It has four very deep pockets, which would be great for keeping bulky items off the floor, and it has six side pockets too — three on each side, which would be good for smaller things, and can carry 33 pounds in weight. The four large pockets have mesh walls, so it's simple to see what each one contains, and It comes in dark grey or light grey.

It has 4.5 stars out of 5 and costs $24.98. Amazon user Heidi23 mentioned that this is a great choice for college dorms, which can be lacking in storage space, while another customer said that she used this for her kitchen and she puts fruit and vegetable in it to free up countertop space and it's perfect for the purpose. 

Wire rack

This wire rack listed on Amazon from Closet maid has the added bonus of being adjustable. Its stable design is perfect for storing glass jars and spices. It has eight baskets, which can be height adjusted depending on your requirements. It can be hung over the door or fixed in place onto the door itself if you prefer. It's a little more expensive at around $50, but it is made of steel and is very sturdy, and has over 29,000 reviews — receiving almost 5 stars.

Closet Maid says that they are the premier solution when it comes to different ideas for storage. An Amazon reviewer said this is perfect for her little girl to put away shoes, and find matching pairs by herself, and she bought another one for her bathroom to store toilet rolls. Another customer named Carrie commented that the rack is "Sturdy, extremely practical with the option to shorten the height to fit the door."

Towel holder

This towel holder listed on Amazon from Youhoda is made from cast iron and is very sturdy. it is adjustable and it can be used over the door or fixed to the wall if preferred. It consists of three bath towel holders and three hand towel holders and each towel holder can be used individually or in sets. It costs $23.99 and boasts 4.1 out of 5 stars. This holder is versatile and can be used in a kitchen for bottles of wine, or in a gym room to hold weights and yoga or exercise mats.

Reviewer Nicholei Sinclair says of this item, "I wasn't sure what to do with my towels in my apartment but I wanted them to look nice for my guests but at the same time be functional! I love this item!!", while another user named Chelsea commented, "I love the versatility of these racks. You get 6 racks in 2 different sizes. They can be attached to each other or hung up individually. Assembly is very easy... Amazing value for a 6 piece set. Highly recommend!!!"

Hanging baskets

If you need to have the over-the-door hanger on display then you will be looking for something less utilitarian and more decorative and aesthetic. Amazon has this woven hanging basket from Gorifei. It comes in yellow or navy and can be two or three tiers, priced at $19.99 and $39.98 respectively. The baskets can be detached and used separately and also it is easily folded flat while not in use. It doesn't require any assembly so it can be used straight out of the pack — unlike some similar options — and it is perfect for use in any room in the house.

It received a 4.4-star rating and one customer noted that the baskets keep their shape well while remaining functional. Another Amazon customer named Christie said the baskets are "adorable" and "Cute" and "[the] baskets are bigger than I expected. Will be in my nursery for holding soft toys."