3 Creative Ways To Use A Cake Stand As Decor In Your Home

Not long ago, the tea room was the center of society. In the late 1800s, it was where friends met and gossip was shared, and all of this could happen without a chaperone, per Heritage Collection. The best part was that this social interaction took place over dessert, were cake stands became the centerpiece of all the activity. This is where decadent desserts were on display, in their rightful place, at the center of the table.

As the popularity of afternoon tea continued to rise, many ladies began to acquire their own cake stands in order to host tea at their homes. These cake stands were originally created from refined materials such as silver or porcelain, and they may have risen two or three tiers. TeaTime says that a cake stand is a treasured piece of history.

By the 1930s and '40s, the magazine claims that many homes would have at least one stand in a design and style that complemented the interior decoration and the hostess' personal preference. As a result, these staples have again risen to prominence in home décor, as they have demonstrated a delightful versatility in representing style and preference. Whether an antique stand with an etched glass floral design or a DIY wooden pedestal with a shabby chic base, a cake stand can be an extraordinary piece of décor in your home.

1. Holiday décor

As ladies began to host afternoon tea in their homes, the feeling was that the social draw of the event took precedence over its formality. According to High Tea, the goal of serving high tea in one's home was to provide an opportunity to gather with friends and family. This type of engagement is what celebrating the holidays is all about, and a cake stand can serve as a creative way to decorate for the occasion. As people reunite and enjoy the festivities together, a display of holiday décor on a cake stand is a beautiful way to celebrate the theme of each season.

During the autumn months, an assortment of small pumpkins or gourds can be featured on a pedestal as a cheerful reminder of the transition to cooler temperatures and crisp fall mornings. At Christmastime, use a cake stand to display a fragrant assortment of pine cones and greenery for festive and colorful decoration, or brighten up a room with a small collection of scented candles. Arranging holiday décor on a cake pedestal will make the decorations stand out and take the place of prominence during each festivity.

2. Fruitful display

Another creative way to use a cake stand as décor in the home is to fill it with colorful fruits of the season. For example, you can adorn a pedestal with lemons and oranges to decorate for a summer garden party or place an assortment of red, gold, and green apples beneath a glass dome to represent the changing colors of autumn. This display becomes not just décor but can actually transform your presentation into a true work of art.

The precedent for arranging beautiful food as adornment for the table or the home comes from Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, an Italian poet and artist who founded the Futurist movement in 1909, according to The New York Times. He believed that food could be arranged in an artistic manner to bring beauty to a setting. He describes "the invention of appetizing food sculptures, whose original harmony of form and color feeds the eyes and excites the imagination before it tempts the lips." Likewise, a cake stand can provide the opportunity to transform a colorful presentation of fruit into a creative masterpiece.

3. Farmhouse chic

Decorating with a rustic or antique cake stand will combine the elegant comfort of the modern farmhouse style with the timeless sophistication of coastal grandmother chic. CNN describes how to cultivate this kind of relaxing atmosphere by filling the home with organic materials and decorating with soft tones. Place a rustic wooden cake stand on a fireplace mantel, layered with white cotton buds for a beautiful and natural texture. An antique cake stand made from milk glass could be positioned on a sideboard, with mismatched tea cups or silver arranged on top, in keeping with the afternoon tea aesthetic.

Author and designer Sarah Silm describes to The Detroit News the process she follows as she decorates her French country chateau in southwest France. She loves to visit flea markets and antique stores, looking for the right pieces to add to her décor. "Authentic interiors take time," she explains. "Just as we grow and evolve, so should our homes." She goes on to explain that her purpose is to help her readers "express themselves authentically, without the need for an interior designer or big ticket items... It's just a matter of finding the 'you' and making it 'yours.'" Using a cake stand to display your own treasures is the perfect way to make your home an authentic reflection of you and your personal style.