A Guide To The Coastal Grandmother Decor TikTok Trend

TikTok trends are nothing new, and one of the latest has taken the home decor world by storm. The coastal grandmother trend is suddenly popping up everywhere — there's even a Spotify playlist dedicated to it. BazaarVoice describes TikTok trends as a "community-wide conversation" across the platform, where people express themselves about the trend and engage with each other on the topic. That's what this aesthetically-driven trend has become in its own right.

The term coastal grandmother itself was coined by a TikTokker — Lex Nicoleta (via Russh). She first posted about it in late March and described it as a mix of Martha Stewart, Nancy Meyers, and coastal vibes. For example, Diane Keaton in Nancy Meyers' film "Something's Gotta Give" is the epitome of coastal grandmother style. Similar to coastal decor, this trend has reached many facets of life, including the way people dress and how they decorate their homes. Keep reading to learn about how you can align your home with this distinct aesthetic and lifestyle.

The coastal grandmother trend explained

The coastal grandmother trend is a recent TikTok phenomenon, so there's a lot to learn about this style. According to Glamour, there are over a billion views of coastal grandmother videos on YouTube, further highlighting the popularity of this trend. The lifestyle refers to easy, breezy coastal living, either by the water or overlooking the sea. Although you certainly don't need to live anywhere near the water to tap into it, necessarily. It's always summertime for the coastal grandmother.

If you want to embrace the coastal grandmother trend for yourself, stay away from tight bodysuits and body-con dresses. This style goes in a completely different direction, focusing on loose and breathable clothing made of a material like linen, a neutral color palette, and blending comfort with sophistication. The coastal grandmother lifestyle is about investing in quality items, simple styles, and a laid-back lifestyle. It showcases an appreciation for the finer things in life, like chaise lounges, expensive candles, and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Is this trend just for grandmas?

You don't have to be a grandma to tap into this trend. Anyone can embrace this trend, regardless of age, income, race, gender, or proximity to the deep blue sea. Although grandmothers inspired the style, you don't have to be one to participate.

The Guardian notes that the aesthetic draws inspiration from movies directed by Nancy Meyers, famous for including airy, sophisticated, and simple interior design in her films. Some of these romantic comedies include "It's Complicated," "Something's Gotta Give," "The Holiday," and "Father of the Bride." The characters in these movies are all perfect coastal grandmother role models. Think of leading ladies like Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. However, part of the trend's allure is putting a modern twist on it. As TikTok has exemplified, plenty of young people — particularly millennials — love having an excuse to emulate a Nancy Meyers movie with their clothes and home style.

Coastal grandmother inspiration

Draw inspiration from pop culture to become an authentic coastal grandmother. The coastal grandmother trend leans heavily into the Nancy Meyers movie aesthetic. According to Frederic Magazine, a Nancy Meyers set is carefully curated, and the home is one of the main focal points. In the magazine's conversation with Academy Award-nominated method designer Beth Rubino, she said, "Other writers write to the characters moving through a space, but her characters live in the environment, and spend extended periods of time in them. She's a visual storyteller."

In Meyers' films, the kitchen serves as the true heart of the homes and sets with high-end appliances, a large island in the middle of the room, and an airy, open aesthetic that inspires envy (via Bustle). Another noted hallmark of Meyers' aesthetic is clean lines and neutral hues. As you can see, it's certainly possible to draw inspiration for decorating your house with the coastal grandmother trend from pop culture. Many would argue that it's actually where the style started, making it even easier to find your inspiration.

Coastal grandmother essentials

There are certain must-have pieces for making your home a coastal grandmother sanctuary. Having all of the essential elements brings the look together, so you want to get your shopping list set and seek out all the right pieces. According to Sanjadjordjevic, certain accents complete the coastal grandmother look. For instance, natural materials, throw pillows, large candles in hurricane vases, and rugs can bring a room together for this aesthetic.

The style relies on the idea of comfortable luxury more than it does on fancy decorations. This tip means that you will want to rely on larger furniture pieces that are simple, comfortable, and well-made. For instance, think of a fluffy sectional couch in a cream color, similar to the one you'd see gracing the inside of a Restoration Hardware store. A large, weathered wood table with comfortably upholstered chairs would look perfect in a kitchen or dining area. You can get creative here but always come back to the idea of comfortable luxury.

Coastal grandmother accessories

There's no shortage of accessories you can use to curate your coastal grandmother look. According to HGTV, you can tie the look together using smaller decor pieces and accessories that add depth to the room. As Lex Nicoleta, the honorary TikTok founder of the phrase coastal grandmother trend, said to HGTV, "If someone were to purchase three things to achieve the coastal grandmother look, I'd recommend a blue and white ginger jar, a slipcovered sofa and rustic textiles. It's that mix of new and old. Pop by your local antique shop to decorate a coffee table, open your curtains and let the natural light pour in, arrange a bouquet of your favorite flowers."

Softly flowing curtains and an abundance of baskets are also essential to this look. These accessories are functional and look great, making them easy to utilize as you see fit in your coastal grandmother space.

What colors fit this trend?

Neutral tones rule when it comes to this trend. According to Elle Decor, neutrals present an air of sophistication mixed with a sense of luxurious comfort. Many people assume that neutral equates to beige and beige alone, but that couldn't be further from the truth. You can actually incorporate a rainbow of neutrals to achieve your desired look.

As Dorothee Junkin of DJDS said to Elle Decor, "A neutral color scheme usually relies on a layered composition of subtle and muted color tones. It is helpful to keep an eye on the individual color tones to ensure that there is enough contrast for the eye to distinguish the various layers." You'll want to take advantage of this color palette while ensuring enough contrast in your space to make it interesting and pleasing to the eye. Shades of gray, taupe with pink undertones, white, beige, cream, and even mauve tones fall under the neutral family tree.

Elements of a coastal grandmother kitchen

A significant part of a coastal grandmother home is making sure your kitchen fits the aesthetic. According to Lucy Cuneo, you can add Nancy Meyers' style to your kitchen. One way to curate the aesthetic is to use real-life food as accents. For instance, a bowl of fruit can serve as an arrangement to compliment the space. In Nancy Meyers' film "The Intern," green apples feature in the kitchen. Lemons and oranges appear in the kitchens of "It's Complicated," "Something's Gotta Give," and "Home Again." Finally, a medley of grapes, melon, and mixed fruit are in "The Parent Trap" and "The Holiday." Other tips for creating the perfect Nancy Meyers aesthetic in your kitchen include hanging pendant lights (via The Spruce). While the kitchens in Nancy Meyers' films feature recessed lighting and large windows, they also feature pendant lights as functional focal points.

Another element is open shelving or glass-front cabinets. These can be tricky since they require a fair amount of cleaning and attention to keep your items organized and aesthetically pleasing. After all, everything is right there in the open. However, it could be fun to stock these shelves with a well-curated collection of plates, mugs, and other kitchenware. Finally, creating a coastal grandmother kitchen means incorporating plants into the design. Add overflowing potted plants or a convenient herb garden to your windowsill to get the job done. Oregano and thyme are some of the herbs that will grow the best in your kitchen. Of course, you could always fall back on a vase of freshly cut flowers.

Creating a coastal grandmother living space

Your living space will feel like a relaxing oasis once you implement coastal grandmother design. The living room is another area of your home where the aesthetic shines. According to Ideal Home, linen curtains are one way to create the desired look since they are reminiscent of the breeze that flows through windows off of the coast. These should be in neutral tones in either solids or an understated pattern.

Another element to bring into your living area is the correct lighting. Instead of harsh overhead lighting, use floor lamps with soft-shaded bulbs. In this room, neutral paint colors should be used on the walls, playing on off-white tones. As far as textiles go, linen and rattan reign supreme, helping to create a nautical and refined aesthetic. Finally, seek out elegant artwork to cover the walls and unique, artisan accents to build the warm and inviting space you're aiming for under the wings of this trend.

The dream coastal grandmother bathroom

Make the most of the neutral hues and airy look of this trend in your bathroom. According to Amara, simple patterns are essential for curating this aesthetic. For instance, striped tiles or textiles in neutral tones are always a winner. A striped rug or towels could be the perfect touch for your coastal grandmother bathroom. As Amara's Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Sam Hood said, "The design should remain simplistic and natural; you shouldn't be afraid to make use of some simple patterns ... Just remember to stay within your color palette and don't go too dark."

Remember to use a neutral color palette in this space. It is likely a smaller space that you want to remain light and airy. Choose the best neutral paint colors for your bathroom by understanding how light sources in the room affect the colors on your walls, tiles, and fixtures (via Hampton Redesign). Remember that, by nature, bathrooms are reflective and tend to bounce light around the room. Additionally, you'll want to ensure that the color you choose matches the grout of your tiles. Once you consider those factors, you can select your paint color. If your bathroom gets little daylight, consider brightening it with a neutral shade with a warm or yellow undertone. Think about using a neutral gray or blue for your bathroom, as they tend to pair nicely with this space.

Decorating a coastal grandmother bedroom

Could tapping into the coastal grandmother trend be the key to your comfiest bedroom ever? Of course, your goal when you design your bedroom is to make it your own personal oasis. This style can be taken to the next level when you go with a coastal grandmother look and feel. According to Real Homes, a bedroom with this theme should be devoid of clutter and simplified. Use elements like rattan baskets and organizers to keep things neat around your room. Add neutral tones and a fluffy comforter or duvet to your bed, and layer with pillows to incorporate simple patterns and let your personality and flair shine. You can also add a cozy shag rug, breezy curtains, or artfully placed throw blankets on your bed.

Using this theme in your bedroom could even help you sleep better. As Alison Jones, a Sleep Expert at Sealy UK, said to Real Homes, "Our environment can have measurable effects on our sleep and this latest trend lends itself well to creating a relaxing setting that your brain associates with a calm and serene mood." There you have it, designing a beautiful coastal grandmother bedroom can do you a world of good and not just from a design point of view.

Where to shop for coastal grandmother pieces

There are a lot of places to source coastal grandmother furniture pieces and decor staples. Just because you're going for a refined and sophisticated look doesn't mean that everything you buy needs to be expensive. You can surely curate this aesthetic on a budget. According to The Spruce, HomeGoods is a great place to source many accents, textiles, and furniture pieces that complement the trend. You can find printed throw pillows, vases for flowers and greenery, lighting, and even coffee table books at this budget-friendly store. The hunt for these items is half the fun!

Another way to shop for this trend is to shop locally, which benefits your community and the planet. Shopping within your community creates more local jobs, helps the environment, and allows you to celebrate what makes where you live unique (via Independent We Stand). Remember that you don't have to buy every coastal decor accent or piece at once. These should be curated over time to allow you to build the aesthetic you're dreaming of, piece by piece.

Materials to focus on for the coastal grandmother aesthetic

Several materials make up a coastal grandmother-designed home, including linen, rattan, and cotton. Consider these the authentic trademarks of the look since they are versatile and adaptable. As interior designer Rhiannon Johns said to Stylist, "You don't have to be by the coastline to recreate the beachy 'coastal grandmother' look, but adding soft, flowy decor can create the scene you want to achieve. Swap out your dark curtains for lighter shades to turn the natural light in your home into a focal point. Relaxed, flowing curtains are essential to the beach house aesthetic, especially when they catch the summer breeze."

When decorating your home, opt for natural materials since they are highly durable and stand the test of time while incorporating texture naturally. Look for flowing cotton curtains for your living room or linen pillowcases to make the most of the coastal grandmother aesthetic.

Antiques are important to this style

Weaving in some timeless antiques can rev up your coastal grandmother style. According to Daily Hive, you can visit local thrift shops to find antiques for this trend. Pieces with gold finishes or ceramics are great additions to a coastal grandmother home. Consider investing in quality antique pieces like a chest, bookcase, or dining table. These elements are a great accent to the trend and can become a much-loved piece of history in your home.

To source antiques online, first cross-reference other websites. When you find something you like, determine if the pricing is accurate and fair (via Bon Traveler). Antiques can be expensive, so look up similar items from the same period to ensure you're not getting ripped off. You can also spend time researching the product or brand. This tip will help you determine the item's worth and make it feel more meaningful to you if you decide to buy it. This step will require some time but will be worth it. Some good websites to visit include Etsy, 1stDibs, and Chairish.

The differences between coastal grandmother and grandmillennial style

The coastal grandmother trend is reminiscent of another popular style known as grandmillennial. This trend took the internet by storm in recent years and remains popular today in fashion and decor. However, these two trends feature distinct differences. According to The Turquoise Home, grandmillennial was started by Emma Bazilian back in 2019. The term refers to the rebirth and resurgence of traditionally classic styles. Bazilian herself described the trend and said, "Ranging in age from mid-20s to late-30s, grandmillennials have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be "stuffy" or "outdated" — Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, embroidered linens."

Grandmilliennial home design is also known as granny chic. Essential elements include skirted tables, block prints, needlepoint pillows, embroidered linens, mixed patterns, monograms, ornate chandeliers, pleated lampshades, toile, chintz, and plaid. A mixture of blue and white is the trademark color for this style. While there are some similarities between these two styles, coastal grandmother decor focuses on being simple, clean, and uncluttered. Coastal grandmother doesn't incorporate as many patterns or bold colors into its look as grandmillennial does.