20 Maximalist Living Rooms That Incorporate The Trend Perfectly

Maximalism, the opposite of minimalism, is all about being over the top. According to The Manual, you can expect to find lots of color, pattern, and textures in spaces with this style. Much like eclectic designers, those who embrace maximalism are daring enough to mix elements that most believe shouldn't go together.

Additionally, while some assume that this style is synonymous with clutter, that's just not the case. In fact, designing a maximalist space requires careful consideration (perhaps even more than other styles). To create some sense of order, many of these spaces actually pay closer attention to things like symmetry and balance. Further, cohesion is created through a color scheme, a color tone (like bold or faded shades), or a repeating pattern.

If you're a collector or love dramatic designs, you'll probably adore the following images. Below are 20 maximalist living rooms that embody different characteristics of this complicated style.

1. Not cluttered

This is a great example of how maximalism doesn't equal clutter. While this room mixes many colors, shapes, and sizes, it doesn't feel overwhelming. 

2. Neon explosion

Many maximalist lovers use bright colors in their designs, such as the neon green wall paint and bright pink blanket in the living room above.

3. Symmetry & balance

This living room demonstrates how symmetry can play a part in maximalist designs. The space has matching purple chairs with yellow pillows. It also has a color-coordinated bookcase that provides a more orderly look. 

4. Extra eclectic

This space has an eclectic gallery wall that displays many different textured pieces such as deer mounts, flat artwork, a clock, and other sculptures. 

5. Striped wallpaper

Many maximalist spaces use patterned wallpaper to bring in more color and texture. The striped design above provides the room with a more complete feeling. 

6. Large gallery wall

This large gallery wall extends between two areas, which makes the whole home feel cohesive. It also uses many different pieces of all different shapes and sizes. 

7. Unique furniture

Using unique furniture pieces is sure to make your design stand out. For instance, the above living room has a bright orange couch and a pink panther coffee table. 

8. Bold colors

A great way to bring in lots of bold colors is by choosing a different color for each furniture piece, like in the space above. You could also bring in additional colors by choosing funky pillows, art pieces, and rugs. 

9. Following a color palette

However, that doesn't mean you have to use every color in the rainbow. Instead, you could limit yourself to a palette of just two or three colors. If you do this, mixing and matching patterns will provide your room with more interest. 

10. Collections galore

Many maximalist designers are collectors by nature; they love seeing groupings of one item placed together. You could display collections of items on your fireplace mantel, coffee table, or wall.  

11. Fun light fixtures

To create a more dramatic design, maximalists sometimes group multiple pieces of the same thing in a room — for instance, using varied light fixtures in one area. 

12. Moody design

You don't have to use bright colors to create a maximalist feel. Deep, moody shades could make your living room feel more sophisticated, and black paint behind a gallery wall will make each of your pieces stand out. 

13. Colorful cabin

Some maximalist spaces create a mismatched appearance by decorating with pieces that normally wouldn't be used in their home's style. For instance, the cabin above, which would normally be filled with wooden and leather furniture, has lots of bright colors and patterns. 

14. Decorating with books

Books are a great way to bring in lots of color and design. The above living room has many piles of books displayed along a thin wooden table. 

15. Luxurious look

Maximalist homes don't have to feel rustic or look like every piece was thrifted. Instead, for a luxurious look, they could mix golden elements with black and white patterns. 

16. Mostly one color

If you're really fond of one color, you could use that in most of your design and add a gallery wall or mixed patterns. For instance, the above room has dark blue walls and rugs but also incorporates other accent tones. 

17. Mixing patterns

Mixing patterns in your pillows, blankets, or rugs will provide the eclectic feel you're looking for. You'll get bonus points if you also choose items made from different materials. 

18. Captivating artwork

A quick way to make your living room feel more maximalist is by hanging an eye-popping piece of artwork on the wall. The above piece has an interesting frame and an abstract design that showcases lots of colors. 

19. Jungle theme

You could choose to incorporate a theme into your maximalist space as well. This jungle-themed room has an eclectic checkered floor against plenty of greenery and patterned pieces. 

20. Neat & tidy

Here's another example of how maximalist areas don't have to feel cluttered. Though the room uses many different colors and patterns, the sharp lines and grouped items make it feel clean and composed.