Make Any Room In Your Home Feel Luxurious With These 20 Jewel-Toned Rugs

If you want to make your home a place that's both cozy and stylish, then you might want to find the perfect rug for your space. Ideal for warming up a cool floor, it can also make your home look more vibrant and luxurious. For instance, you can add a pop of elegant color with the help of a jewel-toned rug.

If you're curious about what jewel tones are, the name actually gives you the answer: rich shades that are inspired by gems. Think along the lines of ruby reds, sapphire blues, amethyst purples, and emerald greens just to name a few, according to the color experts at Benjamin Moore. Thanks to the fact that these stones often adorn fine jewelry and priceless treasures, they hint at affluence and extravagance. When these colors are used in home décor, they can add the same kind of posh touch to your abode. With that in mind, check out these jewel-tone rugs that might be just the thing your home needs to bring luxurious style into your rooms.

1. Rippled ruby-red and white rug

The ruby-red color of this rug is wonderfully rich. At the same time, the white and pink lines that are also woven throughout keep it from being too dark while giving it a unique rippled look. The narrow line of fringe at either end also gives this rug an extra level of visual interest.

2. Sapphire blue and white rug

You might find yourself falling in love with the soft sapphire blue shade that's been used as the base for this rather large rug. However, you might also adore the intricate and artistic white design that balances the darker color while also adding an almost regal touch to the piece.

3. Rose quartz pink rug

There are plenty of stunning pink stones, including pink sapphires, morganites, tourmalines, and, of course, pink diamonds, according to The Peach Box. This rug opts more for a shade of rose quartz which can offer your space a lighter jewel-tone accent. Pair it with blue and gold décor to finish off your stylish home.

4. Amethyst and ruby purple rug

If you appreciate shades of purple, then you might be intrigued by this amethyst rug. With a ruby red undertone that ensures the color remains rich, it has subtle details that are slightly darker and make this item even more interesting. Ideal for any chic space, it would also work with a boho aesthetic.

5. Garnet yellow and white rug

Stones like citrine, garnets, and diamonds can seem to have captured the sun with their gleaming yellow colors. The vibrant golden shade in this rug has been toned down with the help of a white design that would suit a bright and airy room or lighten up a dark space while not overwhelming either.

6. Emerald green and white rug

Bring a luxe look into your home with an emerald green rug. This option features light-colored sections that enhance the gem-like shade. While this rug is on the smaller side, it adds just enough to a room where you'll find equally chic décor.

7. Plush turquoise blue rug

Turquoise may not be the most expensive stone in the world, but it might boast one of the most beautiful hues thanks to its eye-catching shade of blue. This plush turquoise rug adds a bright pop of color to the room that features gold accents, which are another luxurious touch in the otherwise relatively minimalist space.

8. Ruby red shag rug

This rug has a deliciously luscious look to it thanks to the ruby red color that might remind you of a fine wine. On top of that, it would also feel just as luxurious thanks to the fact that it's a fluffy shag rug that would pamper your feet every time you step on it.

9. Turquoise, emerald, and garnet rug

Why opt for a rug that sticks with a single jewel tone when you can have a piece that is made up of at least three? This item that can enhance any modern room uses lines of turquoise that are interwoven with emerald green and garnet yellow as well as tiny touches of ruby red.

10. Pink topaz-colored rug

If you've always dreamed of having a stunning pink precious stone, then you might think that your dream has come true when you find out about pink topaz. This rug offers you that same enticing color, which takes on a deep tone in the shadows and comes alive with a sumptuous vibrancy when hit by light.

11. Aged multi-color jewel-toned rug

Along with a turquoise blue base, you can find various jewel tones in this rug such as red and yellow. The design also includes black, which separates and anchors the jewel-tone colors. Beyond that, it has an intentionally-aged look that is incredibly trendy and will enhance anything from a classic style to a modern look.

12. Artistic floral jewel-toned rug

The deep sapphire navy blue that's been used for the background of this highly decorative low-pile rug will anchor your living space with a rich color that gives off wonderfully regal vibes. That's not to mention the artistic floral design that's made up of even more royal-worthy jewel-inspired shades.

13. Aquamarine blue rug

A lighter option for anyone who wants to keep their elegantly-styled rooms open and airy, this aquamarine rug that's also the shade of a light sapphire is rather low, which means that it's relatively subtle. On the other hand, it's quite a wide rug which will allow you to use it in a spacious area.

14. Pink opal rug

As sweet as bubble gum or cotton candy, this shade of opal pink can add a posh detail to your home. Just take a glance at this rectangular rug that's been used in a stylish nursery. Granted, it would look just as good in a room that's meant for adults or teens.

15. Emerald green low-shag rug

This emerald green low-shag rug will surely make you feel like you're strolling through a soft meadow whenever you walk around your room. While this particular piece is large enough to fill the space beneath a bed, you could use one that's smaller or a different shape if that suits your home better.

16. Yellow and red jewel-toned rug

Faded in a way that gives it a charming amount of character, this jewel-toned rug primarily relies on pleasing shades of bright yellow and deep red. To prevent what could end up being a ketchup and mustard-like pairing, white has been added to the stunning flowery design.

17. Rich red and black rug

The rich ruby red color that's been used for this sizable jewel-toned rug will make it a sleek centerpiece that can suit a range of bold contemporary spaces. The random black spots that also make up the item's design can connect the piece with other dark accents in the room.

18. Wonderfully deceptive jewel-toned rug

At first glance, this fringed rug appears to include a lovely shade of purple, which is a wonderful jewel tone in itself. However, if you look a little closer, then you might notice that it's actually an exquisite and intricate design that includes both red and blue, which creates an impression of purple from afar.

19. Rug with two jewel greens

An angled strip of white separates two jewel greens on the surface of this rug. A smooth option with an arguably simple design, it might catch your eye if you're looking for something that's classy yet contemporary. It would also work well in a bright room, but might be too much for a dark space.

20. Regal red jewel-tone rug

Leaning toward a burgundy or maroon, this red rug could be used in rooms that embrace a baroque style or regal ambiance. The elaborate design that combines the dark ruby red shade with both white and black might make this rug your favorite item in the room.