25 Chic Rooms With Two Beds That You'll Want To Share With A Friend Or Family Member

There are various reasons why you might want to share a bedroom with someone else and yet still have your own bed. Whether you split a small space with a roommate, have children who need (or prefer) to share a room, have a vacation home where guests may want to bunk together, or are a couple that requires a little more surface area to roll around on while getting your nightly slumber, two beds can be beneficial.

As for couples who snooze apart, the idea may seem a little surprising at first, but due to issues around troubled sleep and the importance of regular rest, having individual beds can help address that problem, according to The Washington Post. On top of that, if two people have different or conflicting schedules, they may not want to bother their partner every time they have to get into or out of bed. In fact, Eric Marlowe Garrison, a certified sex counselor and chair of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, told The Washington Post, "[I'm] a huge proponent of couples sleeping apart ... [F]rom twin beds in the same room near each other to double master bedrooms."

As not everyone has a spare bedroom available in their home, you might be intrigued by the following chic rooms with two beds that you would definitely want to share with a friend or family member.

1. Industrial room with chic beds

You might fall in love with the cement-like walls and minimalist low-pile carpet that's been used in this room, which boasts an industrial vibe and floor-to-ceiling windows. At the same time, the white blankets and pillows with sleek black lines that have been used on the pair of beds are wonderfully chic.

2. Beachy style in the city

The view outside of this room's window may give away the fact that it's in the middle of a big city. However, it still features a fabulous beachy style. Both the light-colored wood flooring and rug have a sandy tone as do the two beds and curtains. The art only adds to the ambiance.

3. Sophisticated room with two beds

A room that's both elegant and sophisticated, the lined wallpaper and complementary wall arrangement look amazing while also making great use of the available space. Beyond that, the beds face the wall, which gives them a view of the TV while having enough room between them to give each person their own space.

4. Room with stylish details

While this room could be on the simpler side, there are various details that take its style up a notch. Along with the minimalist yet posh bedframes and black furniture, the room also features silvery bedding, a white carpeted section next to a smooth wood floor, molding on the walls, and a faux brick wall.

5. Beds with a shared headboard

This room may have two comfy-looking single beds that have been positioned with enough of an between them to fit a pair of nightstands with small lamps, however, both sleeping spaces still share a single headboard. Extending along the wall, the headboard is an easy and effective way to add visual interest to the bedroom.

6. Refined yet cozy room

The accents in this room — such as the floral arrangement, bedside lamps, and bedding — could make this an exquisitely refined space. Yet, instead, the earthy tones that have also been used for the beds, walls, and carpet keep the room feeling warm and comfortable.

7. White room with dark curtains

Almost everything in this room is white, which keeps things bright and airy. Indeed, the single light shade allows the two beds in the room to blend into the space without feeling cramped. The dark curtains at the window also pull your eye to the outside area, which helps the room look bigger.

8. Retro room with single beds

Thanks to the classic wooden single beds and adorable patchwork bedding, this room leans toward a trendy retro vibe. The white wood paneled walls and matching ceiling ensure that the overall look is bright while the rug and lamps both share a blue color that keeps the style cohesive.

9. Two beds and textured wall

The rich green wall in this stunning room has a textured look that might make you want to run your hands over it. It also features an attached headboard that's made up of lines, making it attractive but not overwhelming. Finally, it brings the beds together visually while they each still enjoy their own space.

10. Single and double bed

While this room may offer anyone who stays in it two beds to choose from, at least three people could actually stay here together (or more if they're willing to snuggle up). That's because a single bed has been tucked in one corner while a double bed sits in the main section of the space.

11. Two mahogany wood beds

Make your shared bedroom a place that boasts a traditional, old-school, or stately style by opting for mahogany beds. In this case, the rich reddish-brown wood has been used to create pieces of furniture that each have a solid base while the ends of the beds feature fabulous carving, perfectly round knobs, and lovely feet.

12. Creative country charm

Whether you love a classic country aesthetic or prefer a look that aims for a contemporary country vibe, you might fall in love with this room. The matching beds show off creatively curving metal headframes while the blankets look like sweet quilts. Tiled floors and wood furniture cap off the atmosphere as does the antique light fixture.

13. Wood room and high beds

When you glance at this room, the attractive wood details on the wall and ceiling as well as the matching built-in shelves, desk, chairs, and table might catch your eye, which is totally understandable. However, if you were lucky enough to spend a night or two here, then you'd also notice the luxuriously high beds.

14. Bamboo wall and distressed floor

This duo of wonderfully wide beds is just as spacious as the room itself. On top of that, while the bedframes and accompanying furniture — like the nightstands, desk, and chairs — appear to be vintage, there are a few distinctively modern accents. That includes the purposefully distressed hardwood floor and simple yet striking bamboo wall piece.

15. Cozy dark purple room

If you would like your (and your buddy's) bedroom to be a place that immediately lulls you to sleep, then this may be the kind of style that you've been looking for. With purple walls that make the space dark and cozy, it's hard to imagine not enjoying a dreamy slumber in this pair of beds.

16. Beds by a brick wall

These walls — including the one brick wall — have been painted a bright white, which makes the space seem nice and roomy. The light color also provides the perfect backdrop for the deep purple details such as the pillows, chairs, headboard, and curtains. Sticking with a contemporary vibe, each item adds to the posh setting.

17. Room with dark wood beds

The light green paint on the walls of this room creates a comfortable atmosphere as do the light-colored curtains and floor. At the same time, the dark wood beds are both dramatic and stunning. With carved legs and high backboards, they also have large pieces attached to the wall, which make them even more striking.

18. Beds with black and gold

In this wonderfully modern space, you might find yourself drooling (in a dignified way, of course) over the pair of beds, floor-to-ceiling windows, and sections of the wall that are all black. However, you'll surely be just as impressed by the curtains and bedspreads, which are both gold, as well as by the white leather wall piece.

19. Room with lots of storage space

Another shared room that opts for trendy retro bedding, this one also has details that totally set it apart. The large units around each bed not only match the wood of the bedframes but also provide an enviable amount of storage space thanks to plentiful shelves and cupboards.

20. Bright and sunny shared room

The large windows let in a lot of light, which makes this room wonderfully bright. On top of that, yellow décor and sun-shaped art make it an even sunnier space. Depending on additional accents, this could either be a fantastic room for kids and teens or a cheerful abode for adults.

21. Compact two-bed room

Whether you're setting up two beds in the same room on a temporary basis or simply don't mind being close to your roommate, this residence proves that even a small space can accommodate multiple people when necessary. In this case, a compact design fully takes advantage of the available space and fits everything that you need.

22. Clean wood paneled wall

The light wood panels that have been installed on the wall of this lovely room create a clean line behind the beds. The accent also eventually leads your eye to the large windows and sliding glass doors. Finally, the matching pillows and bedspreads add to the clean look.

23. White regal room

If you like a style that makes you feel royal but aren't interested in traditionally dark furniture, then this option might be for you. Boasting a particularly baroque style that fulfills any regal desires, the beds are not only incredibly intricate but are also painted white, which prevents them from overwhelming the space.

24. Table between two beds

This bedroom uses the room in a way that creates separate pockets of space. While a couple (or someone who likes to roll around in a big bed alone) has a double bed on one side, a single bed is on the other side. In the middle, a table with two chairs acts as a divider.

25. Beds beside a stone wall

The blue paint in this room and bedding that uses a similar shade are all undeniably chic as is the tiled floor that is practically pristine and the handy yet attractive wall cutout at the head of the beds. Additionally, the section of stone wall offers a natural and aged touch that you'll surely love.