30 Open And Airy Tiny Homes That You'll Want To Live In

A few years ago, the idea of moving into a 400-square-foot home may have seemed totally unreasonable to many. But after financial and cultural turmoil brought about by the pandemic, and as more folks try to eliminate debt, tiny houses are more popular than ever, reports Insider. Not only does the tiny house minimize mortgage payments (if not eliminate them completely), it can help with paring down clutter while allowing homeowners to live contentedly with only the essentials. 

And with more tiny homes being built all the time, we've seen how beautiful these spaces can be. With strategic construction, window placement, and some solid design principles, tiny houses can be light, open spaces, whether they're built on the back of a trailer, converted out of a backyard shed, or even the result of a restored vintage school bus. We've found 30 of the dreamiest, airiest tiny houses to get you inspired and to show that you really can live large in a tiny house. 

1. A house to worship

Stained glass doesn't have to just be for chapels. Incorporating it, or some strategically placed contact film, into a window or two makes for a heavenly tiny house.

2. Beachy van life

The sea glass green and natural wood tones keep the beach vibes within this tiny house van even when it's cruising through the desert. 

3. Sophisticated and lush

Rich camel leather, sheepskin throws, matte black hardware, and a gorgeous walnut-toned table make this tiny home completely dreamy. 

4. Boho paradise

The sunny, airy conditions of this tiny home work as a perfect environment for cultivating happy, healthy plants. Plus, who doesn't love a little green in their house?

5. Raw material edge

Don't rush to cover up wood and other unfinished materials. They don't need to match exactly to add a ton of rich details to the space. 

6. Feminine and feathery

Thin, gauzy curtains, a feather pendant light, and natural sunlight add up to an unbelievably relaxing and feminine tiny home. We especially love the layers of fabric and decor that make it extra cozy. 

7. Western whimsy

This tiny home van will have you listening to John Denver and looking for the perfect suede full-brim hat. Why not lean into the western vibes while you cruise in your tiny home on wheels? 

8. Embrace the unexpected

Did you ever imagine you'd see a pizza oven in a tiny house? The builders of this Florida-based abode know how to dream big with plenty of unexpected and amazing details. 

9. Warm and serene bus

While a school bus may be the last place you'd think about cuddling up at night, with clever renovations, it can be a perfectly warm and cozy space. 

10. Mountain mavericks

Private tiny chalet, anyone? This darling shiplapped tiny house is perfect for crashing after a night on the slopes, or curling up with cocoa and watching movies. 

11. Cozy tiny life

With a tiny house this cute and open, you may start wondering what more you need than a comfy couch, stove, sink, and place to hang your hat at the end of the night. 

12. Color lovers

Minimalist color palettes are popular in many tiny homes but consider layering multiple colors to make the space feel a bit more sophisticated and unique. We love the mossy green curtains and sapphire blue couch seen here. 

13. Bright and breezy

Touches of pink textiles and pretty patterns make this bright and airy space feel grounded while giving off major world traveler vibes. 

14. Masculine and warm

A simple gray couch, a barn door, and a luxe king bed offer a masculine edge that is still inviting and warming. 

15. Zen'd out tiny house

We're in love with this geometric wood slat barn door. The multiple shades of wood tones and board widths are natural and look stunning layered over one another. 

16. Not too tiny, tiny house

Tiny houses actually come in many sizes. We love that this one accommodates a full-sized kitchen and island, ideal for families. 

17. Rugged luxury

Add some less-than-perfect pieces, like natural pieces of lumber, palette pieces, and even found logs and sticks to your design to lean into the woodland vibes. Plus, this can be a more sustainable choice. 

18. Easy minimalism

Wood, white, and fur. There are some simple things that just can't be beat. We love the way the wood trim of this home leads the eye to the A-frame structure. 

19. Functional and fabulous

We love the Murphy desks found in this school-bus-turned-tiny-home. Being able to store them away gives these furry friends more foot room, but they can easily be put back into place as a work desk or table to enjoy a morning coffee. 

20. Moody modernism

Having an open and airy tiny house does not mean everything needs to be painted white and made of linen. In fact, using gray hues and stone textures can give the tiny house sophistication and a uniquely contemporary finish. 

21. Chic and clean

We are especially impressed by the sized-down cabinets found in this tiny home, which offer plenty of storage even without going full-size. Plus, that couch is calling to us. 

22. Cottagecore tiny house

Use wood plank siding inside your home to give it that rustic charm of a cozy cabin in the woods. Chunky knit cardigans and Taylor Swift are optional. 

23. Stay open

While it may seem impractical to opt out of doors and walls, doing so can keep a tiny home feeling luxurious. Plus, there's something romantic about studio living in your tiny home. 

24. Glam finishes

One of the major perks of the tiny home is that furniture and built-ins are typically much smaller, so you can use higher-end finishes without breaking the bank. A brushed gold sink, marble countertops, and even a luxe suede loveseat all become much more realistic in a tiny house. 

25. Ultra cozy at Christmas

While tiny houses may not be ideal for a full-sized Christmas tree (though we don't doubt it can be done beautifully!), there are plenty of stunning ways to incorporate the holiday without losing floor space. This hanging, natural garden is one of our favorites.

26. Clever use of cupboards

If you don't have the budget for a carpenter to come in and install custom stairs in your tiny home, consider getting some cupboards installed, each increasing in size, so you can have some stairs that work as storage and don't require building from scratch. In addition to clever stair storage, there are lots of tiny home hacks for maximizing a small space

27. Keep your hobbies

When faced with the idea of tiny living, many folks wonder where they'll store the supplies they need for their favorite hobby. Designer Denise Bayron didn't shy away from this in her pursuit of sustainable tiny house living, giving herself a functional and gorgeous sewing table. 

28. Consider every side of the stairs

We love the detail here on these unique stairs. In addition to storing the kitchen cupboards, the steps also include horizontal drawers, allowing for maximum storage with space that would otherwise be wasted. 

29. Souped up school bus

We'd gladly ride this school bus every day. This clever conversion has plenty of gorgeous wooden countertops and plenty of natural sunlight. 

30. Maximum cozy, mini house

It's always incredible to see how different people prioritize what their tiny homes simply must have. In this case, a lush couch to snooze on and watch movie marathons was a must, and we don't blame them!