How To Use Paint-By-Number Kits As Home Decor

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Paint-by-number kits were invented as a way for the Palmer Show Card Paint Company to increase the sales of their paint products, states My Modern Met. The sets as we recognize them today were not the first version. In fact, Dan Robbins, creator of modern paint-by-number kits, was inspired by a practice Leonardo da Vinci used with his students. Using numbered patterns to help aspiring artists understand the depth of colors in a painting, da Vinci created the first crude version of a paint-by-number kit. Robbins used this knowledge of art history to create a much more detailed kit that included everything a person needed to be a painter. Paint-by-number kits were a huge success when they hit the market with advertising that stated, "Every man a Rembrandt." Although many critics in the art world were offended by this simple process of painting, Andy Warhol was a big fan of the kits and even collected them.

The popularity of paint-by-number kits has fluctuated since they became popular in the 1950s, but they have now expanded to include canvases in any size for almost any member of the family. They also offer more benefits than just creating décor for your home. According to, this type of painting offers meditative effects because it requires the painter to remain focused on one thing, which also helps reduce stress and anxiety. Help calm your mind while decorating your home with these paint-by-number ideas.

DIY Fine art

Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, "Sunflowers," is on display at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The corresponding paint-by-number kit was discussed in the film "Mona Lisa Smile" when the instructor, played by Julia Roberts, assigned a kit to each of her students. Although the instructor agreed with the early critics of the kits, the results of her students' paintings were the very opposite of repetitious (via IMDb).

While some may spurn the thought of creating your own copy of fine art, few in the world can afford originals, and most of those paintings are in museums. There are only a few ways to display your favorite pieces of fine art, like those by Monet or Rembrandt, in your home. You can purchase a framed print or try your hand at your own painting with the help of a pattern of numbers. Is this kind of artwork cheating? Ledgebay says absolutely not. It's only cheating if you try to pass it off as an original or your own unique art. And, no offense, but no one will believe you own an original Van Gogh. As the saying goes, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so grab a kit and pay homage to your favorite artist with your own version of your favorite work of art.

Kid's room designs

Every parent is proud of their child's artistic abilities, and kids' rooms are the perfect place to display their works of art. You can encourage your little one's creativity by introducing paint-by-number kits to them as early as preschool. Canvas by Numbers states that these sets can help your child become even more creative. By using a pattern, children subconsciously learn the elements of art while being introduced to a more extensive color palette than they might use on their own. The process of painting also improves fine motor skills as the child focuses on staying within the pattern's lines.

When you are looking for paint-by-number kits for your children, the most important consideration is their age. For very young children, look for kits with simple lines and few intricate details, like this cute Giraffe Paint-By-Numbers on Amazon. Avoid any kits that require mixing colors since that's too advanced for little ones. Make the process extra fun by letting your child help decide what they want to paint. Are they obsessed with mermaids? Sloths? Cats? Whatever they like, there is probably a kit they will love, and you will love how proud they are to hang the finished piece of art on their bedroom wall.

Enhance your gallery wall

Add a whimsical element to your gallery wall with a paint-by-numbers kit. If you are looking for a large foundational piece for your focal point, select a larger canvas. Or, if you just need to fill a space with something unique, this Canvas Flowers Painting Kit is a standard size of 16 by 20 inches. For those who love the idea of a hand-painted family portrait, you can turn a favorite photo into a painting with a custom kit, like the VATO Photo to Custom DIY Paint-By-Numbers on Amazon. If you have never painted before, consider starting with something simple like this Fashion Anime Girl DIY Paint-By-Numbers. As you paint, don't worry too much if you stray outside the lines. Once the painting is complete, no one will know where those lines were, anyway.

There are many kits to choose from, so you can have fun selecting the right piece for your gallery wall. Working on your paint-by-number canvas may be the perfect way to rest your mind at the end of the day, but Smiling Colors suggests you should not try too much at once. All art is a process, so don't expect to complete your painting in a day. Just work on it when you have time and need a break from the world (and those ever-present screens!).

Unique kitchen decor

Standard kitchen décor can be a bit of a bore, so why not add some interest with handpainted art? Whether you're into encouraging words or your obsession with coffee, there's a paint-by-number kit to fit your kitchen design.

For those who like to wake up and be reminded to make the most of their day, this encouraging paint-by-number kit would make a lovely addition to a farmhouse kitchen. If your style is more "don't talk to me until I've had my coffee," then this coffee-themed LukFun Paint-By-Numbers coffee-themed painting might be for you — you can even drink coffee while you're working on your coffee painting! If you have a bar area, there are some beautiful options to bring interest to your space. This Wine Heart Painting Kit is a dynamic piece, while TINDAY Paint-By-Number Wine Glass is a little more classic. As you shop for kitchen kits, remember that some sets come with numbers that must be mixed. If you are not comfortable with mixing paint, look for ads that state no mixing required or something similar, states Best Paint By Numbers.

Wall murals

Some folks say, "go big or go home." We say, "go big in your home." A wall mural makes a beautiful statement in your space, but if you are not a muralist and are not ready to fork out the big bucks to pay one, there are paint-by-number kits for your whole wall. Although you may not have to pay for the painter, you may need to work with an artist to create a design you love, like this small mural from Vintage Revivals. After working with a designer, you can use a projector to project the image and numbers on the wall. Copy the lines with a pencil, and you have a whole paint-by-number wall.

This project is not for a beginner, but if you have some painting experience, this is such a fun way to add interest to a space. There are some DIY kits on the market, like this Forest Friends Paint-By-Number Wall Mural from Elephants on the Wall, which would be perfect for a kid's room or play space. They also have several more grown-up designs like this Large Tropical Leaves Paint-By-Number Mural. Unlike small kits, you choose your colors for these designs, so you can make them truly unique.