5 Unexpected Ways To Decorate Your Kid's Space-Themed Bedroom

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If your child is obsessed with rockets or the planets, imagine the joy on their face if you decorated their room with an outer space theme. When you think about this theme, you probably imagine glow-in-the-dark stars pasted onto a white ceiling. Maybe you picture images of astronauts or constellations framed and hung on a gallery wall, or perhaps your mind visualizes your child's rocket ship toys displayed on a bookcase. According to Rex London, these are all great ideas for how to give your kid's bedroom an intergalactic feel.

However, these design ideas are pretty predictable, and perhaps you want to take a slightly unique approach. You could design a room that wows your child and others by incorporating some special features. Below, we've gathered five most unexpected ways to transform your kid's bedroom into the celestial dreamland they desire. These ideas will surely excite your child about their bedroom's appearance.

Include a rocket ship bed

The center of your child's bedroom will most likely be their bed. When creating an outer space-themed room, most people use bedding that features constellations, astronauts, or a rocket ship. However, you could buy or build a full rocket ship bed frame to take the design up a notch. According to Wisegeek, the design of the bed frame is extremely important, as it's one of the main features of any bedroom. You could make the headboard appear like a rocket ship or a futuristic piece of furniture.

Instructables Workshop has step-by-step instructions if you want to create a full rocket ship bed frame. Their model is gray with red details and three portholes. Or, you could follow Ana White's steps, which create a plush headboard with USA across the side of the bed and flames coming out of the bottom. If you're not into DIYing projects, you could buy a bed frame from Amazon for just over $100.

Add star lights

Lighting is essential when designing an outer space-themed room because it will make the creation come alive. Laser lights or projectors could be used to create the look of real stars in the room. According to Connections By Finsa, lighting should create an experience and change the atmosphere. Therefore, before you choose the lighting, you should decide how you want the room to feel. If you want it to be exciting, something like this galaxy projector on Amazon may be up your alley. Or, if you want your child's room to feel more relaxing, you could choose a model with muted twinkling lights.

BlissLights also says that these projectors could be a great alternative to wall paint, as they will change the appearance of the walls without making them permanent. This could be an excellent choice for those who don't think this theme will last very long in their kid's bedroom.

Don't forget the ceiling

Painting the ceiling is a great way to make your space extra unique, and it could be essential in an outer space-themed room. Wisegeek says that when creating this theme, the ceiling is crucial to making the intergalactic feeling come to life. And Interior Fun adds that your child will see the ceiling when lying in their bed, so if it's decorated, it will make the theme more exciting.

They say that hanging planets or stars from the ceiling can transform the whole room. Or, you could choose a fan design with planets and stars. If you already have a fan in the room, you could use Fan Blade Design's blade covers. Wisegeek recommends painting or wallpapering the ceiling to look like a starry night sky. Or, you could use glow-in-the-dark stars placed in random areas or made to look like constellations. If the room's walls are a deep blue or purple, painting the ceiling with this same tone would envelop the whole room in outer space.

Focus on the inside of the rocket ship

Typically, celestial rooms appear as though they're encompassed entirely in outer space, with stars, constellations, and planet decorations. However, another way to interpret this theme is by making your child's room appear like the inside of a rocket ship flying through space. To do this, Interior Fun recommends painting the ceiling and the walls either gray or silver. This will make the room appear like it is the inside of a rocket. Then, you can include fake portholes that display the stars and planets. These could be wall stickers, such as ones from Amazon, or they could be painted on the wall.

Another critical element of the room is the furniture, so choosing futuristic white or gray pieces will make the design come alive. You could also select an astronaut comforter for the bed so your child feels like they are on a galactic mission, and West Elm has a duvet cover that does just this. Or, you could gift your child an astronaut costume to wear when they play in their room. 

Send their favorite animals to space

To make an outer space room extra personal to your child, you could mix the theme with their favorite animal. When doing this, you would be combining two pieces into one. Saturday Park says when incorporating themes, it's essential to make sure the room still appears cohesive. Therefore, begin by building the main theme first — in this case, it would be outer space. Once you've made the room appear celestial, you can add in the other unique elements, which would feature their favorite animal, and make sure that they match the rest of the room. 

For instance, maybe your child loves both outer space and dogs. If so, you could use their stuffed animals as decorations by dressing them in astronaut suits, which could be found on Amazon. Then, to bring this theme to life in the rest of the space, you could use wallpaper designs or fabrics of puppies in outer space, which could be found on websites like Spoonflower.