15 Stunning Organizing And Storage Products You'll Want To Put On Display

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You may be used to what seems like an endless cycle of purging, cleaning, and organizing, and yet things still end up cluttered and out of order. This may be because it's time to invest in some organizing and storage solutions to help you keep chaos at bay. But that doesn't mean you need a dozen bulky, unattractive plastic drawers and tubs! There are many stylish and classy organizing products that you won't dread looking at on your countertop — in fact, you may even want to show off the stunning organizers and storage items we've put together. 

Not only can proper storage organization look great and enhance your home decor, but getting organized is actually good for you mentally. SelectHealth notes that staying organized can reduce stress, improve sleep, and even make you more productive at work. Plus, it's always nice to not have your morning routine interrupted by a bunch of misplaced and lost items. Check out some of our recommendations for keeping your house clean, clutter-free, and classy. 

1. Rotating makeup tray

This Clear Acrylic Cosmetic Stand can hold makeup, skincare products, and beauty tools without showing dust and grime. It's also available in a few shades of pink acrylic, but we recommend against the black, as it can show fingerprints and gunk. 

2. Bamboo lidded pantry jars

If you love the look of Mason jars in your pantry but hate how bottom-heavy and fragile they are, these Stackable Bamboo-Lidded Pantry Jars are a happy medium. Each lid has an air-tight seal so your pantry goods will stay fresh. 

3. Vinyl organizer

Vinyl is massively cool to own, but difficult to store thanks to its unique size and shape, and putting it in stacks makes it impossible to sort through. This midcentury modern Tabletop Record Organizer is chic and makes it easy to pull out your favorite albums. 

4. Stackable farmhouse metal crates

These Stackable Wire Baskets can be used around the house for a variety of organizing needs, but we especially love them for produce. Because the bottom is a metal grid, unlike a typical bowl, and lifted a few inches off the counter, produce is less likely to spoil. 

5. Slim Storage Cart

Utility carts are enormously helpful for kitchen, bathroom, and craft room organization, but can take up space in your floor plan. If you have a slim dead space that nothing seems to quite fit in, this Narrow Wheelable Utility Cart is a great choice. 

6. Macrame Hanging Wall Baskets

When produce looks like a work of art itself, it deserves to be on display. These Woven Produce Baskets are gorgeous and perfect for a boho chic vibe and come with three wall hanging mounts. 

7. Utility cart with detachable tray

This 3-Tier Utility Cart With Detachable Tray requires no tools to assemble, which makes for easy setup. Plus, the detachable tray can turn this cart into a prep area in the kitchen, give you a sturdy place to set your coffee mug, or cover up less-than-cute storage items. 

8. Wooden pill organizer

Store your daily medications, vitamins, and supplements in this chic Natural Beech Wood Pill Organizer. It has a magnetic closure that will prevent capsules and tablets from spilling out, so it's great for travel or just sitting atop your bathroom counter. 

9. Multi-tiered portable jewelry box

Keeping jewelry organized can be a drag, especially when you find your earrings thrown around and your necklaces in a tangle. To make storing it less stressful, invest in a Portable Multi-Compartment Jewelry Organizer. The lovely color options and glam hardware are just bonuses. 

10. Collapsible Storage Bins

Collapsible storage bins are a great way to organize bookshelves and dressers without having to invest in new furniture. The rope handles on these Rectangular Storage Bins add a homey rustic touch, and detachable labels allow you to find what you need at a glance. 

11. Glass Spice Jars with Pre-Printed Labels

Find your favorite seasonings in your spice drawer or cabinet at a glance with these Glass Spice Jars with Pre-Printed Labels. This set comes with 24 jars and lids, a funnel for easy pouring, and 492 labels in three varieties.

12. Glam rounded magazine rack

If you tend to be someone who hates tossing magazines in the recycling bin, or like to have them handy in the restroom, get a magazine holder to keep your paper goods in order and off the countertops. We like this Gold Metal Wire Magazine Organizer because it's petite and stylish. 

13. Stackable shoe rack/coffee table

Entryways and hallway closets can quickly become cluttered beyond reason, making it difficult to find your favorite pair of shoes. This Stackable Wooden Shoe Rack helps to add extra storage and levels to any narrow space. 

14. Leather Valet Tray

Do you always find yourself patting at your pockets wondering where you put your keys? This Faux Leather Valet Tray can make those frantic searches a thing of the past. Plus, the rich leather tones and metal button snaps lend a refined, masculine edge. 

15. Acrylic and bamboo desk organizer

To really help yourself focus during the work day, get organized with a desktop organizer. This Bamboo Tray With Acrylic Dividers can help clear the clutter off of your desk and create a sleek and functional place to set your phone and tablet.