The Best Color Palette For An Ethereal Home Decor Style

Have you ever imagined what floating on a cloud would feel like? Serene and soft and comfortable, with a stunning view? If this sounds like your dream home, then the ethereal aesthetic might be the right choice for you. An ethereal aesthetic combines purity and beauty with inspiration from the divine and nature, according to The Other Aesthetic. Think of it as a combination of a fairytale and heaven. However, that doesn't mean you have to put fake clouds all over your room.

The ethereal aesthetic is similar to the light and airy home style that's currently popular. But, while light and airy features more neutral tones, the ethereal palette brings in a few more natural colors and textures. Ethereal also has more delicate connotations, with florals and lace adding dainty details. If you're looking for the most relaxing way to decorate your home, combine an ethereal color palette with tasteful decor throughout your space.

Creating an ethereal color scheme

An ethereal style draws a lot of inspiration from the heavens and nature with an emphasis on softer colors. When choosing tones, think soft, pastel shades. Whites, blues, and pinks are all great places to start. You can also bring in nature from the outside in and use soft greens like sage and delicate earth tones to help ground the space. According to The Mill Shop, there isn't a set palette for ethereal homes, as it's more about creating a feeling. Because of this, you can incorporate shades of your favorite color to make your dwelling feel more personalized.

However, remember that the goal is to create a light and delicate aura, so you don't want to incorporate too many dark or intense tones. A deep navy blue can be reminiscent of the night sky, which can work for a celestial and ethereal look. But, you might want to pair the dark navy with white and other soft hues so the space doesn't become too dark. Pops of dark colors can add some visual interest to a room without overwhelming it, however, so don't be afraid to get creative and embrace contrast.

Incorporating ethereal elements and colors

Ethereal is an overarching category for aesthetics such as fairycore, angelcore, balletcore, royalcore, and soft girl, according to The Mood Guide. However, instead of thinking of these aesthetics in their specifics, think of the textures and colors that evoke the feelings these categories encapsulate. Fabrics like tulle and lace and embellishments like pearls and embroidery can combine to create an ethereal look when paired with subdued, heavenly colors. Delicate floral tones like lavender can also add some life to an ethereal room's design.

Cultivate serenity using pillows, bedspreads, and tablecloths using a natural, soothing color. You may opt for grand, vintage-looking furniture with ornate details, but avoid garish colors as these subtract from an ethereal aesthetic. Large, overstuffed furniture can create the feeling of being surrounded by clouds, especially when opting for light-colored furnishings. Bring in soft, glowing lighting throughout the room to help create a calming effect. For art, you can bring in classic, romantic paintings that depict figures and nature with soft lines. Or opt for celestial-inspired art that draws inspiration and colors from the heavens.