How To Steal Sienna Miller's Rustic Cottage Home Decor Style

Sienna Miller currently stars in "Anatomy of a Scandal," but when she wants to escape from the fast-paced world of political dramas, she retreats to her historic cottage just outside of London in Buckinghamshire, England. At first, she planned to rent the 16th-century home, but when she saw the home in person, she knew she had to buy it, she tells Architectural Digest as they tour her home. The charming rustic cottage is tranquil outside and cozy inside.

Along with her friend, Sienna Miller redecorated the cottage with a comfy rustic touch. The home features rough-hewn beams on the ceiling, a main feature of older rustic homes, according to Canadian Log Homes. Paired with the original details of this old home are modern touches that make the space feel comfortable and full of personality. One look at this home and it's not hard to fall in love. Find inspiration in Sienna Miller's stunning cottage.

Use steel glass doors to bring in natural light

Natural light makes a home feel more open and airy. Historic homes are notorious for being a little cramped, but large windows can help visually expand the space. Leading from the kitchen to the outdoor garden are stunning Crittall doors from the 1920s. Crittall is a 160-year-old company that pioneered the steel window company, according to Steel Windows and Doors. Though the doors are historic, they are timeless. Featuring a simple grid of black steel holding square windows, they look modern though they're nearly a century old. The vintage touch adds character and also allows light to flow into the home.

Steel doors are still used in interior design today. The simple and timeless look allows them to fit into any decor style. And they don't only have to be used as exterior doors. Adding them to the interior of your home can help create separation between spaces while still allowing light to shine through. Use them inside your home as glass partitions in between rooms like the kitchen, living room, and dining room or the primary suite and bathroom, suggests Rhino Steel Doors. Steel doors can also make stylish shower doors or show off a wine selection.

Add a French range in the kitchen

Sienna Miller's kitchen has a beautiful mix of old and new. One feature she loves is the French range in place of a modern one. Having the room and space to cook large meals was something Miller always wanted, a benefit of the beautiful French range. These are often associated with chefs and can be customized to fit your kitchen needs, says Curated Interior. They offer a luxurious and timeless appearance that makes them a sought-after appliance for many home chefs.

The two top brands are La Cornue and Lacanche. Sienna Miller has a Lacanche stove in her kitchen. And many people opt for this brand because of the minimal design, which works well in most kitchen designs. La Cornue has a distinct design that's more ornate than its competitor. Many people love the stylish detail it adds to their kitchens, and there is definitely no denying its charm.

A fireplace for coziness

The centerpiece of two of the main rooms is a large fireplace on the back wall around which comfy chairs, a sofa, and a dining room table are set. Fireplaces create a natural gathering space no matter what room they're in, and they provide an instant cozy feature. Original to the historic home, Sienna Miller's fireplace burns real wood, but more modern homes may opt for electric or gas fireplaces instead of the wood-burning variety. No matter the fuel source, a crackling fire contributes tremendously to a home's comfy atmosphere.

And if your home doesn't have a fireplace that's original, no worries. You can build a fireplace in a living room, dining room, bedroom, or anywhere in your home. The average cost ranges from $1,050 to $3,780, according to Home Guide, with prices varying on what kind of fuel the fireplace takes. But if you're looking to recreate the look of a historic fireplace, that might mean a masonry fireplace, which can range between $3,500 and $5,600 to build the box and add all the necessary functional and aesthetic components.

Eclectic and collected art pieces

Sienna Miller embraces living in an old cottage, but she also adds some modern touches that infuse personality into every room. She displays beautiful art on the walls of her home to add some visual interest to the space. Miller points out in a home tour with Architectural Digest that one painting she has displayed is from a local artist. You, too, can support local and small artists with platforms like Etsy. You can also check out local fairs or stores that might carry pieces from locals.

Instead of choosing one style, Miller likes to mix contemporary art with antique pieces to create an eclectic and collected feel. To do the same, you can head to consignment stores, thrift stores, or antique shops, suggests Moving. You can also look at art auctions, galleries, and online marketplaces to find unique pieces for your home. These stores are the best places to find older varieties of art. An art consultant or an interior designer can also help source art that's right for your space.

Graphic wallpaper

Another way to add an accent to your home is with graphic wallpaper. Sienna Miller features dancing women on the walls of her bedroom. Wallpaper is a great way to show off personality and make plain walls look a little more interesting. For years, wallpaper was deemed out of style and dated. But in recent years, this decorative detail has become a must-have feature in many homes. Homeowners are opting to use it in place of painted walls or to create a focal point in a room.

With a busy print that may overwhelm a room, you can opt to display it on one wall, suggests A Beautiful Mess. But you can tie it into the design by painting the neighboring walls the same color as the wallpaper's background or main color. While floral, botanical, and graphic wallpapers are often the more popular choices, you can choose figures that add a classical art element over a traditional pattern.