5 Best Feng Shui Front Door Colors To Help Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

You could be driving through the city or even a rural neighborhood when you spot it: the seemingly perfect home with an exquisite, welcoming entryway and a front door that practically calls your name. Some homes, it seems, are built with ideal curb appeal, while others (maybe yours) don't warrant nearly as much attention. What can you do to enhance the face of your home and draw in more positive visitors and good fortune? According to principles of feng shui, boosting that curb appeal could be as simple as changing the color of your front door, notes Comfy Living

Feng shui originated in ancient China. Considered the art of harmoniously arranging environments, it centers around five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood) and four directions (north, east, south and west). In accordance with these elements, one arranges objects with different shapes, colors, and materials to guide chi (energy) around the space and create perfect harmony between elements. When items are arranged to enhance and complement each other's chi energy, the environment should foster a sense of peace, health, and good luck (via National Geographic). Understanding the directions, elements, and colors associated with your front door can help you bring good fortune, good friends, and positive attention into your home. 

White for fresh starts

There's something classic about an all-white front door. In addition to looking timeless, white can also be the best color to inspire joy around your home, provided your front door faces west, northwest, or north. According to Listening Medicine, the north direction is associated with career, business, and travel, while the west represents creativity and the inner child. Mind Body Green explains that, in feng shui, white represents new beginnings, innocence, freedom, and wholesomeness. Painting your north- or west-facing front door in white invites happiness, fresh opportunities, and good fortune into your career and creative pursuits. 

What should you do if you have a door that faces north or west, but you aren't particularly fond of white paint? Some acceptable alternative colors include light shades of beige, gray, or blue. In feng shui, the north is also tied to the element of water, and the west is linked to metal. For these north- or west-facing doors, it's important to avoid bright colors and stay away from brown, orange, purple, or red. These colors are associated with fire and wood elements, so painting your water-element door with one of them could cause energies to clash. 

Red for good luck

Per Mind Body Green, red is an intense and daring color and is, therefore, considered very lucky. Red is particularly useful in regard to feng shui for redirecting the energy around your home, but it can also be used to draw attention, good luck, and admiration. For those with a south-facing front door, painting it red is a surefire way to improve your curb appeal, but the color red should be used with caution. As you might imagine, red is a strong, high-energy color; if used carelessly, a red door can lead to increased anxiety in your home. 

South-facing doors are the best candidates for red paint because the south direction is associated with the fire element, and it represents a person's fame and reputation. You'll want to be extra careful if your door faces southwest or southeast, as these directions affect your love life and financial well-being, respectively (via Listening Medicine). To honor the fire element of your south-facing front door, this is where you can use those bright colors like red, orange, yellow, and purple. Avoid colors associated with the water element, including blue, gray, white, and black. A red front door is a powerful tool, so use it wisely!

Yellow for optimism

According to Peace Love Feng Shui, yellow symbolizes health, optimism, focus, and warmth; it represents an opportunity to bring good vibes into your home. Wonderful qualities to have in a front entrance, right? Yellow is an excellent color for west and south-facing doors. The west and south directions represent metal and fire elements, respectively. South-facing doors (fire) will benefit from any shade of yellow, but west-facing doors (metal) should be painted a light, soft yellow for the best results.

Mind Body Green says that yellow is the most cheerful and uplifting color you can use in feng shui, but it's not without its grounding properties. Yellow inspires intellect and creativity, encouraging passersby to look at your home with thoughtfulness and happiness, imagining the bountiful life that goes on inside. Because of this, yellow is an excellent option for bringing more curb appeal to your home. If a bright, sunshiny hue is not for you, feng shui only warns that you should avoid door colors like black, blue, and earth tones. These colors bring water and wood elements to your fiery front door, causing confusion and conflict.   

Green for abundance

In feng shui, the east direction is associated with family, community, and the element of wood. Green symbolizes vitality, prosperity, and balance, explains Peace Love Feng Shui. Painting your front door green, especially if it faces the east, is meant to bring peaceful and healing energy into your home. Green doors may invite new opportunities for growth, and depending on your direction, could increase your knowledge or wealth (via Listening Medicine). A green front door will also improve your curb appeal by drawing your local community to you. They'll feel like they can depend on you, and will happily offer their support in your time of need.

If green is a little too bold for your tastes, look for other colors that feel warm and earthy. Beige, brown, or natural wood stain are perfect for wood-element front doors. For an east-facing front door, you'll want to avoid colors associated with fire, including red, orange, purple, and pink. These colors can "burn up" the lively wood element and bring bad feng shui to your home, making you feel drained, disconnected, and unbalanced. 

Black for sophistication

Black is one of the luckiest colors in feng shui, absorbing and attracting positive energy. Peace Love Feng Shui points out that wearing black can create feelings of calm, power, and luxury, and the same principles can apply to your home's front door. Black is especially effective at boosting curb appeal for north-facing doors, associated with the water element, career, and business. If your door faces slightly northwest, painting it black is said to attract more helpful people into your life and bring opportunities for travel, notes Listening Medicine.

When people see your black door, they'll feel a sense of grounding and respect, but also mystery and curiosity. Neighbors may wonder what life is like inside your home, and they'll admire your strength and confidence. Black is considered fortuitous, but it can also be associated with death and mourning, worsening depression. If you'd prefer another color on your north-facing door, stick to hues from the water element, including blue, gray, and white. On a northern, water element door, it's important to avoid the fire and wood colors like red, pink, brown, and yellow.