The Price Of Mattresses Has Gone Up Drastically

The price of purchasing a mattress has seen a significant increase over the past several years. Beginning in October 2020, the price of innerspring mattresses began to rise steadily, according to recent data compiled by House Digest. This data examines the change in the Producer Price Index (PPI) for mattresses, beginning in 2018. By April 2021, the price for innerspring mattresses had risen by 11% and continued to rise an astonishing 27% by July 2022. Other types of mattresses, including crib mattresses and the popular foam variety, have seen their prices ascend rapidly as well. By September 2021, the price of mattresses in this category had risen 10%, and prices rose further to reach an increase of 17% in July 2022. What factors are contributing to this steady price increase?

One reason is that post-pandemic shopping has driven prices higher as the demand for home goods has increased, according to The Wall Street Journal. When people were confined to their homes, they postponed many purchases due to their inability to leave the house. As restrictions were lifted, many individuals decided to make the purchases that they had delayed, and they capitalized on the chance to renovate the spaces where they were spending the majority of their time. New home purchases were also on the rise, providing individuals with the need to update their home furnishings, including bedding.

Change in pricing for mattresses

Yet the greater demand for mattresses by individual consumers is not the only force that has been driving prices higher. The commercial market has seen a rising demand for mattresses as well (via Grand View Research). As the tourism sector continues to rebound, hotels have been attracting visitors with the lure of luxury bedding. Healthcare centers are also expanding, as they enlarge their capacity for new patients by increasing the number of beds available.

Finally, another reason that the price of mattresses has been increasing is because of the higher price of materials. Bob Naboicheck is president of Gold Bond, a mattress producer in Hartford, Connecticut. The company has been in business for 123 years, and yet issues that arose as a result of the Coronavirus posed new challenges for the business, per Bedtimes Magazine. He points out, "In 2020, when the pandemic started, a lot of companies were scrambling to get the components they needed to build beds." He goes on to say that pocketed coils "were almost unavailable because the fabric was being diverted for use in making masks...It made an even difficult time more so." As worldwide events continue to evolve and affect supply and demand for various goods, the market for mattresses will most likely continue to evolve as well.