Why You Should Be Using A Hybrid Mattress On Your Bed

Sleep is incredibly important for our health. It's how we repair and reset for the next day, and getting poor quality or not enough sleep can negatively impact just about every part of our bodies, explains News in Health. A lot of decisions go into making your bed the perfect space for you to get your rest — pillow fill, different types of sheets, duvet covers, and, most importantly, the mattress. There are a few different types, with the most common being either an innerspring or a memory foam mattress, but have you ever considered looking for the best of both worlds?

Healthline recommends an innerspring mattress if you want a more affordable option. These mattresses contain metal coils surrounded by layers of cushioning to provide that trademark springiness. Foam, on the other hand, contours to your body and is, essentially, just a block of latex, polyurethane, or memory foam. These options are great if you're on your own, however, a hybrid mattress can offer a winning compromise when there's more than one person to accommodate.

What is a hybrid mattress?

Hybrid mattresses contain springs just like traditional innerspring mattresses, but, as explained by Saatva, they also have a thick foam top that mimics the feel of a memory foam mattress and adds an extra layer of comfort. This top removes some of the firmness of innerspring mattresses and places hybrids in the medium-to-firm category, which makes them appropriate for stomach, side, and back sleepers. Foam mattresses bring that same comfort, but they don't offer the support of springs and can cause back pain if they're too soft. Hybrid is just the middle ground between these two extremes.

The other side of the equation regards cost. Hybrid mattress are usually more expensive, however, if you're looking to make a long term investment to help improve your sleep, the cost can be easily justified. After all, we spend about a third of our lives asleep, so why not dish out a few extra dollars to get the best rest possible?

Is a hybrid right for you?

Because they're a happy medium between the two mattress types, hybrids are a good fit for most people, regardless of your typical sleeping position, notes Saatva. As long as you don't need an extra-firm mattress for back issues, the combination of springs and a soft top provides the perfect balance between structure and comfort. Hybrid mattresses are also particularly helpful if you're living with a partner and you need an option that works for both of your sleeping preferences. Each sleeper can feel comfortable without compromise — or an expensive split king.

Many people automatically assume they have to choose between foam and springs, but a little research can show that there's an option that does indeed give you the best of both worlds. Next time you upgrade your bedroom, look to this lesser known third option if your goal is to strike a balance, and consider making a long term investment that will undoubtedly improve your quality of sleep.