10 Easy Ways To Store Your Bed Throw Pillows At Night

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To create a cozy bed, you'll need a fluffy duvet, blankets, and, yes, lots of throw pillows. While some may think that bedroom throw pillows are useless, One Affirmation argues that they have several benefits. A small throw could provide the perfect back support if you sometimes sit up in bed to read or watch television. Aesthetically, they can carry a color scheme throughout the room to create a more cohesive design. And, if you chose to layer many pillows, you could create a more dynamic and textured appearance.

However, while throw pillows have excellent benefits during the day, what do you do with them at night? Typically, they take up too much room on the bed when trying to sleep, but throwing them onto the ground is unsanitary and could create a cluttered feel. Because of this, the best way to store your pillows at night is inside a container. Below, we've gathered 10 items to keep your throw pillows extra simple. These pieces are arranged in ascending order, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

1. Open basket

The cheapest option is to use a large open basket made of soft, plush material. The INDRESSME Cotton Rope Basket on Amazon currently costs $31.99 and comes in several colors. This basket could easily be placed in the corner of the room or at the foot of the bed.

2. Storage nightstand

Another option from Amazon is the TOOLF End Table storage nightstand, which sells for $39.99. Because this container is a bit smaller, this would be beneficial for those who only use a couple of throw pillows. You could buy one for each side of the bed or just one side.

3. Basket with a lid

An elevated version of our first pick is the Seaton Large Round Woven Storage Basket from Crate & Barrel, which has a lid, benefitting those worried about dust or dirt collecting on their pillows. This large basket is sold for $89.95 and comes in smaller sizes.

4. Rolling bin

You could store your pillows in a rolling bin with wheels to use the space underneath your bed. This option is sold from Williams Sonoma for $99.95. A huge benefit of this choice is that it wouldn't take up any of your bedroom's floor space.

5. Storage bench

You could add a storage bench to use the area at the foot of your bed. The Cortwell Storage Bench piece is from Ashley Furniture and currently retails at $189.99. Not only is this a great storage solution, but it could also improve the aesthetics of your bedroom design.

6. Corner ottoman

Similar to the basket with the lid, a corner ottoman would provide an elegant appearance, especially if it was tufted. The Upholstered Storage Ottoman is sold at Wayfair for $192.99 and could either be placed in the corner of the bedroom or the middle of a large walk-in closet.

7. Bench with baskets

Instead of using a storage bench that opens from the top, you could choose one with sliding baskets, like this Safavieh Wicker Storage Bench that's sold on Amazon for $46.75 (it also has multiple colors, each with a different price). This would provide your bedroom with both warm wood and textured wicker. 

8. A trunk

For a more rustic or industrial-style piece, you could choose a trunk. This wooden model, the Kettleby Storage Trunk, is from Ashley Furniture and costs $249.99. Those with extra large throw pillows could benefit from using a trunk, as most are oversized.

9. An armchair

If you don't want to add an actual storage container to your room, you could always place an armchair in the corner, where pillows could be stacked up at night. While you could choose any chair, the FLINSHULT dark gray option from IKEA is beautiful and retails for $499.00.

10. Bed frame with drawers

Finally, the most expensive option is to purchase a bed frame with storage drawers. This gray, tufted frame is sold at Mattress Firm for $686.78. Just like a rolling bin, this wouldn't take up any extra floor space in your bedroom.