15 Savvy Modern Loft Bed Ideas To Double Your Floor Space

Those who live in close quarters — whether that's a studio apartment, tiny home, or just a small bedroom — may find that their bed takes up the entire room, leaving them little, if any, room for dressers, nightstands, etc. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to consider lofting your bed.

Traditionally, loft beds are a whole separate bed frame — essentially a bunk bed without the bottom bunk. This opens up a lot of floor space, allowing you to put a dresser, desk, couch, or other storage under the bed (via Loft Bed Deals). Loft beds are traditionally found in children's rooms or dormitories, but they're not exclusive to those environments. There are also more permanent styles of lofted beds, such as loft apartments and mezzanine floors. Tiny homes are particularly known for having built-in lofted beds, accessible either by a set of stairs (usually spiral) or a ladder. If you want to free up some space in your home, consider lofting your bed in any of the following modern and stylish ways.

1. Contemporary loft

Loft apartments are designed with high ceilings that help save space by allocating the bedroom to the top floor and the living room and kitchen to the bottom, offering all the perks of a studio with a more economic use of space.

2. Vintage style loft

While loft beds tend to be quite modern, or at least simple, in design, they can also have vintage charm. Look for antique or reclaimed wood for the base and ladder and consider suspending it from the ceiling for a more rugged look.

3. Geometric shapes

Make use of the rectangular nature of a loft bed in a modern-style bedroom or apartment. Choose only sharp, geometric-shaped furniture to pair with the loft.

4. Storage loft

Beds can also be lofted on objects. For example, there are some loft beds with dressers and desks already built in underneath, as opposed to empty space.

5. Clean simple loft

For a more mature approach to a traditional lofted bed, keep the colors and materials basic and clean, with simple lines and neutral shades.

6. Studio style

If you're putting a lofted bed in a small studio apartment, consider placing a couch under the bed as opposed to a desk. This allows you to separate your apartment into a dedicated rest area and a dedicated work area.

7. Rustic cabin

For a small cabin or guest home, consider adding a loft build-in for the bed, freeing up more floor space for a kitchenette, and adding a lounging area underneath the bed.

8. Industrial mezzanine

Mezzanines are essentially loft apartments on a slightly smaller scale and provide the perfect space for your bedroom. Add a bed, dresser, and maybe an armchair for a dedicated rest area.

9. Modern tiny home

Tiny homes also tend to have built-in lofts or lofted beds, which frees up incredibly valuable floor space. For even more storage, instead of a staircase or ladder to access the loft, add sturdy storage shelves with a railing, acting as makeshift stairs.

10. Tiny house attic

Every square inch counts in tiny homes, especially when it comes to beds. If you have a peaked roof, consider adding a lofted bed in this space.

11. Mini closet

Another option for what to put under your lofted bed is a mini closet, with enough space to hang coats, store shoes, and other clothing supplies and outdoor gear.

12. Loft with a view

Whether lofting a bed traditionally or building a permanent fixture, take advantage of the raised position by situating it near a window with a view.

13. Simple tiny house

Lofted beds don't have to be anything special to be both practical and decorative, especially in a tiny house. Save extra space while adding decorative appeal by incorporating ladder rungs on a door below the lofted bed space.

14. Eclectic loft

On the other hand, you can also make it very eclectic and unique, adding a statement ladder to the loft and having fun with accent colors and hardware.

15. Simple mezzanine

Mezzanines are already naturally eye-catching, so don't feel like you have to go above and beyond with decoration and design. A simple bedspread and guardrail will look great in a contemporary apartment.