Furniture You Should Never Buy At Kohl's

If you're looking to furnish a new apartment, your son or daughter's dorm room, or add an extra bookshelf to your living room, you are probably hoping to find a special deal on the items you're looking for. In the latest retail report from KPMG, furniture purchases stood out as a category where consumers were still willing to spend money even in a challenging economy (via Furniture News). Paul Martin of KPMG Retail observes that when comparing numbers year-over-year, "Online retailers saw sales decline in every category apart from furniture, as consumers head to the shops more frequently in search of bargains to manage daily expenditure."

Consumers are becoming more selective about where they want to spend their money, and they're looking for quality items to make these purchases worthwhile. Kohl's is a reliable store that is filled with exceptional discoveries, but even great stores can have an occasional miss. The furniture department contains a few items that don't live up to their promises. Here are several pieces of furniture at Kohl's that should be avoided.

Novogratz Owen 6 Drawer Dresser

Almost half of the reviews of this Novogratz Owen 6 Drawer Dresser give it a one-star rating. Despite the attractive black finish and gold hardware shown in the product images, the dresser is a disappointment in real life. Multiple reviewers mention how the pieces were scratched before they even began assembling them, and the assembly process seemed to scratch them further. Other reviewers claimed that it took them almost a full day to put the piece together, only to discover that the alignment was off and the drawers didn't open or close properly. One reviewer wrote, "If I could give negative stars I would. The product itself came all scratched up and marked. We attempted to put it together and none of the drawers actually close."

Other reviewers echoed the sentiment that the piece was made of materials that were of poor quality and did not justify the price. Another reviewer commented, "Extremely difficult to put together, missing holes, already scuffed/damaged in the box. Would not recommend buying. Would have returned if it wasn't such a hassle."

Protocol Porta-Lounger Inflatable Lounger

The Protocol Porta-Lounger Inflatable Lounger is an inflatable lounger that's portable and only takes 10 seconds to set up. It's made of a nylon fabric that repels water, and it even comes in a carrying bag with a handle. It's supposed to inflate with "just a few gusts from wind or a fan" and claims to be able to hold up to 700 pounds.

Unfortunately, the reviews on this product indicate that it doesn't measure up to its promises. Most of the reviews state that it was difficult to inflate, if not impossible. Many reviewers tried to hold the lounger in the air and run in circles to capture the wind as the product description indicates, but they had little success getting air inside. They also tried using a fan, a car-operated inflatable pump, and even a leaf blower in their determined attempts to inflate the lounger, but still to no avail. Those who were able to inflate the chair slightly reported that it immediately deflated, or even popped, once someone sat on it. This inflatable lounger seems like a good idea but doesn't follow through on its promises.

Zenith Slimline Rolling Organizer

The concept of this rolling organizer is very appealing. Who doesn't need a little extra space to put things away in the bathroom? The Zenith Slimline 2-Shelf Rolling Organizer is painted white and features two shelves with chrome dividers, so there's room for lotions, cosmetics, brushes, or anything else you need to get ready each day. There's also a towel rack on the outside of the unit to hold a hand towel. The organizer is set on wheels so it should be convenient to move around the bathroom as needed.

Unfortunately, these features don't live up to their description. The wheels don't seem to work very well, which makes it hard to move around the room. Several reviews mention that the measurements of the product don't match up with how it appears once it's assembled. One reviewer stated that if this product had been in the store, they might not have purchased it due to its small size. Other comments mentioned that the quality of the materials and the stability of the unit didn't deliver on the expectations based on the price they paid for the product. 

Lifestyle Solutions Westin Sectional Sofa

It seems like this Lifestyle Solutions Westin Sectional Sofa offers more problems than solutions. While the description sounds appealing, with its button-tufted back and rolled arms, good luck getting the arms to attach to the sectional. All of the reviews are three stars or less, with every reviewer commenting that the instructions they received were useless or they didn't receive any instructions at all. One reviewer included pictures of the hole that was present in one of the sofa arms when the box was opened. 

Despite its size, another reviewer insisted that they were determined to return the couch. Another person pointed out, "I received this couch yesterday and was so excited to put it together in my new apartment. Well, a total nightmare. The side arms are extremely hard to attach. The instructions are not instructional at all. The color is not all that in person. There was a rip and a button that was tan on one of the pillows. I'm totally disappointed in this item." While the price may be appealing, this sofa is lacking the expected level of quality.

HomeVance Juniper Ridge Bunk Bed

A few of the comments regarding this HomeVance Juniper Ridge Bunk Bed are concerning given the fact that they carry potential safety issues. Despite its attractive photo and description, with a built-in ladder, wide slats on the top bunk, and its availability in a number of colors, pause before adding this bed to your children's room. A few reviewers were disappointed in the color of the bed as compared to the photo, and one person claimed that the paint began chipping off almost immediately. In addition, one review pointed out that the instructions were confusing and the parts did not line up properly. Not only that, but reviewers also noted cracks and dents in the structure, posing a serious safety hazard.

One reviewer explained, "I don't generally write reviews but don't want others to be as disappointed as I was. I received the bunk beds yesterday and the first thing I noticed was that the yellow was much different than what was shown in the photo. It's an orange-yellow, not a pale yellow that is shown in the photo. I could work with the color because that wasn't really the problem. The bed legs had a structural crack on one of the legs and a one-inch dent in another. Poor quality." This kind of poor quality could pose a serious risk to anyone sleeping in this bed, and this piece of furniture should be avoided at all costs.